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wageslave  +   2952d ago
In other news, Xbox 360 is dominating American software sales. And, America is a vastly larger market.

In otherwords; who cares?
socomnick  +   2952d ago
lol well said Japan is unimportant to me. :)
destroyah  +   2952d ago
do you two EVER
stop sucking on microsoft's penis? what bunch of no life homo virgins
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FACETIOUS  +   2952d ago
Japan is retarded
KidMakeshift  +   2952d ago
It's not surprising. Japan doesn't have many quality 360 games that aren't made by western developers. Japanese exclusive (temp.) 360 games are quite sub par for next-gen (Onechanbara, Bullet Witch, Far East of Eden, Senko no Ronde, Vampire Rain, etc.)

The only strong titles they have are worldwide releases like Lost Planet, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, etc..
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Ikanago  +   2952d ago
In my opinion, Microsoft would need to create first party development studios in Japan that cater to Japanese gamers by making the types of quirky novelty games that many Japanese people like. Nintendo and Sony both have Japanese dev studios that make games specifically for that market.

MS takes the approach of selling its Western games in Japan and hoping for the best. It's not a surprise that these types of games don't sell in Japan, as they're not all that appealing to the mass majority of Japanese gamers.

Since it seems that MS doesn't care about making games exclusively for the the Japanese and it shows, they get no sales there.

BTW, While I'm no expert, I have lived and worked in Japan and speak fluent Japanese...just for the record.
KidMakeshift  +   2952d ago
I thought they kinda have with Mistwalker Studios. Plus they have Capcom, Squarenix, Bandai Namco, Tecmo, Sega backing up their system.

I think hardcore gaming in Japan has taken a backseat after Nintendo introduced casual gaming
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lawgone  +   2952d ago
Good analysis...bubble up
Ikanago  +   2952d ago
Right...but those are 3rd parties that make games for MS (Bandai, Namco, Capcom, etc.).

Nintendo has both a Kyoto and Tokyo studio. SCEI has their JAPAN Game studio headed up by Kaz. Both of those studios make certain games specifically for the Japanese market (we never here about them here in the west cause they never come out here).

It's the same here in America where we have games that Japan will never see. I think MS would need to do something similar with a studio in Japan. Having Square make a few games isn't enough, because they're still basically trying to compete in Japan by supplying the country with the types of Euro/American games that sell well HERE. And many of them don't sell all that well in Japan (this is true too of SONY in Japan with Western games like Ratchet / Resistance).

Plus, there's a lot of brand loyalty in Japan which no doubt factors into sales there as well (same reason why MS sells so well in US).

I'd bet that if MS had an internal Japan development studio that focused on quirky cutesy casual games marketed and sold specifically in Japan, they would be in much better shape.
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KidMakeshift  +   2952d ago
They just need to make Koei exclusive to their system

And force them to make Guitaroo Man 2
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Skerj  +   2952d ago
Yeah I can't believe Dynasty Warriors: Gundam sold so well. When I played it was like "wow, 2 sh*tty franchises combined into one super sh*tacular game!! YAY!!". That game made Ninety Nine Nights look like Devil May Cry 3, apparently everyone didn't share that sentiment though.
jackdoe  +   2952d ago
You've got to remember one thing. Madden 08 was complete garbage and Americans snatched it up right away. So in that regard, we are the same.
KidMakeshift  +   2952d ago
Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Bladestorm, Kessen, Romance of The Three Kingdoms all sale like crazy in China, Japan, and Korea. If you made those exclusive to the 360 I think pure pandemonium would erupt.
NinjaRyu  +   2952d ago
I agree. I think Microsoft needs to have those kinda Game studios in japan as a 1st party studios. However I don't blame Microsoft for having any Japanese 1st party this console round. Microsoft had a 1st party studio back last console round and it didn't help them much in japan.In fact I'm also starting to lose faith in Japanese type game studios because of how unfair their acting towards Microsoft. Also I Microsoft had a bad relationship with a very well known RPG studio. That might also be another reason why they don't try as hard with those studios anymore.(well at least without bring bags of money to the table.)
Ikanago  +   2951d ago
I agree. MS is unlikely to invest in starting up internal Japanese game studios because (up to this point at least) their existing partnerships and new IPs have produced next to zero hits in the territory. It's a risky move for them to be sure.

But, I don't think MS can realistically get ahead in Japan with their existing strategy of pushing popular Western hardcore games over there and hoping for them to skyrocket in the J-charts.

If Japanese developers only sold their quirky cooking-simulators and slot machine games here in the West, their profits would tank as well. J-studios know this and so they develop Western-Japanese hybridized games that blend action and anime like MGS, DMC, FF, Biohazzard, etc.

Realistically though, I think MS would need to put themselves on this trajectory of developing Japanese style games in-house NOW, to potentially see payoffs for their global brand in the next console cycle.
Mr Marbles  +   2952d ago
who cares, its just Japan, I wish MS would stop selling the 360 over there, use the resources on US, Austrailian and EU gamers, why even write this BS, the bigger story is the 360s absolute dominance in software sales in the more significant markets, this is just anti MS BS LOL.
chrno6  +   2952d ago
Some of you are just bitter that 360 are not doing well in the region. I bet many people outside America do give a damn about the sales. By the logic of some you here, I am living in Canada then why should I care about US sales?
shortax  +   2952d ago
Come on
nobody is saying japan is any less of a country or anything. They are just saying lets admit failure there and focus resources elsewhere. Stop trying to put an anti-american spin on this.
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Skerj  +   2952d ago
I had high hopes for LO too, I'll still pick it up but I have a feeling it's going to suffer a similar fate as BD did at my house. They paid a bunch of renowned JRPG craftsmen to "manufacture" an RPG and it was missing a certain je ne sais quoi that the great ones have. Well actually now that I think about it, no I can put my finger directly on it. Character development, a decent storyline, and a FRESH battle system.

Lost Odyssey appears to have the first two, I'm still iffy on the battle but as long as the story holds up I don't care.
jackdoe  +   2952d ago
Reasons why Lost Planet and Eternal Sonata are being ported to the PS3.
Skerj  +   2952d ago
Screw Lost Planet, I wanted Dead Rising or a sequel. I played the hell out of that game and would like to see more. I suppose the next logical evolution to it would be an entire city, the mall has been done and done quite well.
jackdoe  +   2952d ago
Dead Rising was developed for Westerners and since it did well here, Capcom considers it a success. Lost Planet wasn't, it was aimed at an Asian audience, they even got a freaking Korean pop star for the main character, and did poorly in Japan, their target audience. Thus they need to establish the franchise.
KidMakeshift  +   2952d ago
I hate when they spend millions for voice talent then completely omit it in the American version. Instead, we get the same bad voice actors doing their best at sucking ass.
KidMakeshift  +   2952d ago
The developers said that Dead Rising was originally a sequel to Shadow of Rome.
Fux4Bux  +   2952d ago
Yeah all they've managed to do is carve out a small niche of Japanese gamers who like western games. Probably %95 of the 360 owners there own all the systems too.
DJ  +   2951d ago
Japan likes good games
Resistance, Gears of War, and even Ratchet and Grand Theft Auto are popular there. Lost Odyssey isn't much to rave over, hence the low sales figures.
Homicide  +   2951d ago
Lost Odyssey sold well for a 360 title, but it still flopped.
bootsielon  +   2951d ago
Look at the amerikids saying "who cares america is only important lolzrossosors"
Dipsh1ts, that's why people hate America (not that they should, but that is why)

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