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danswayuk  +   1393d ago
Skyrim DLC needs to bring more story, more water action and more abilities in water.
OmegaSaiyanX  +   1393d ago
Reminds me of that dog >.<
The one you find that is homeless as the owner died some random quest somewhere that I found whilst exploring.
Drove me nuts as all it did was constantly bark! >.<

Also the dogs that you do come across in the game all look the same.

There isn't that much variety in Skyrim when you really look at it, its a great looking game and plays very well but wish it had more variety of comments, wildlife, people etc.

Also one of the biggest gripe I have is the dragons are far too easy to kill and the balance with enemies is all wrong, the falmor are extremely tough and they are just using cheap rubbish stuff just with boosted stats until you pick it up and its low makes no sense.
wallis  +   1392d ago
The thing behind dogs is they're meant to be a particular breed that's very popular in Skyrim.

Also I'd say skyrim is more varied than oblivion. Whilst not as exciting as morrowind or shivering isles it shows a lot of carefully thought characterisation in the environment. From swamps to lush open meadows it lays down a variety that still stick within the overall theme of "Jesus H Christ it's cold here".

And yeah the balance is a bit off on things like that. If you look at games like stalker which put a lot of effort into creating an ecosystem I think it's a shame that same sort of system isn't in skyrim. Stalker had different aged monsters with slightly different appearances and behaviour all within the same species. It would be cool to legitimately hunt in skyrim through careful intuition and not randomly bumping into the same deer over and over again.

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