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Infest  +   1397d ago
theEx1Le  +   1397d ago
*sigh* Too bad, I wanted to buy this game for my ps3. I have a pc that can run it great but I think I will give this a miss now. Hopefully down the line they can incorporate it in but if they try to charge for it then I will be back to giving it a miss.
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kevnb  +   1397d ago
its just not worth it to waste money on console versions at the moment. Shelf life is too short, gamers are all playing the same exact games. They must of been able to get the ps3 and xbox versions up and running without too much effort.
Oh well, you guys still get first party games and japanese love.
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theeg  +   1397d ago
sniping with a controller is about as accurate and enjoyable as sniping with a wii mote as far as im concerned,

kb/m is the only way to play a first person shooter

that said i like my controller for third person action and platformers and raing games if i cannot have a racing wheel, which is, of course the best way to drive!
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Ares84HU  +   1397d ago
I'm still getting it. It's a fun game.
kmanmx  +   1397d ago
Its odd to see console players get shafted for once. It's usually PC players that have to put up with ports..
TekoIie  +   1397d ago
Things is where are they when an article like this comes along. Why aren't they praising the devs for this???
evilbart  +   1397d ago
why couldnt they just add it,may have to give this game a miss now
Bathyj  +   1397d ago
Enjoyed the demo, and dont care about online, so I might get this.

Need to play the demo abit more, I hope the game rewards stealth. A sniper game with that "last known location" tactic like Splinter Cell Conviction is a cool idea. Could lead to some sneaky gameplay with use of misdirection.

Plus the bullet hits are awesome. Cant wait to line up two headshots with one bullet. Shot a guy in the groin the other day. I swear I felt it myself.
isarai  +   1397d ago
Why? hopefully it'll at least come as DLC later, i mean i'm in it for the SP and co-op but the competitive in the first game was damn fun, i just don't get why only on PC?
Letros  +   1397d ago
Read the's a publisher decision, PC version is being published by the devs themselves so they are including it.
ddurand1  +   1394d ago
no buy

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