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Blastoise  +   1383d ago
Wow this games getting even worse scores than amy lol
gamernova  +   1383d ago
I don't know about this game but dang haha
voodoopickle  +   1383d ago
im honestly wondering if he ever played postal or postal 2. he just described the game play of all of them. this is what postal is, and what it will always be
Myst  +   1383d ago
People have just been stomping all over this game my gosh...
Korix  +   1383d ago
The review seems very unprofessional. It very much looks like the reviewer never liked the idea of the Postal games to begin with and just wanted to give a 1/10 rating to some game, just to be part of the "critical" 1/10 scoring reviewers. It seems childish.
Sure, it's probably not GOTY material, but it's certainly not worth a 1/10 score either.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1383d ago
For some reason the worse the reviews the more I want the game...

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