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HarryEtTubMan  +   2988d ago
Uncharted is awesome
Rice  +   2988d ago
ITs more than awesome, its horribly awesome............. Man i wish i could buy this guy, but i have to spend all my money on christmas shopping... dammit
rofldings  +   2988d ago
Hey look,

It's AAA now according to xbots,

But now they'll say, "it's not 99 on metacritic/gamerankings ... NOT AAA!"
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ericnellie  +   2988d ago
Hold on a sec --
Who really cares if fanboys of other systems say "it's not 99 on metacritic/gamerankings...blah , blah, blah"!! The game is going to be phenomenal.....if anyone talks trash about Uncharted, it's out of jealousy, envy, and hate. My unbiased opinion for what it's worth based on what I've seen is -- the game will be great, story line, graphics, physics, gameplay, and last but not least...and extremely fun adventure;) I'm getting it!!!
toughNAME  +   2988d ago
is length a requirment for a game to be AAA?
but anyways...congrats Sony I didn't think you'd pull this off till 08
Blademask  +   2988d ago
Oddly enough Bioshock is AAA.
toughNAME  +   2988d ago
lol Bioshock's length goes into the double digits:P
Blademask  +   2988d ago
Yes, i beat it in 13.

I beat Uncharted in 15. Found 56/60 Treasures as well.[I doubt anyone else can say that] And I'm on my second time around to find the rest of the treasures.

Its keeping me busy until Mass Effect shows up next week.
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gamesblow  +   2988d ago
I don't know... Ask Gears of War, Halo 3 and Bio shock.... I beat all of them in under 9 hours. I beat Uncharted in 11 hours and 24 min my 1st time thru... I also challenge anyone and I mean anyone to beat Crushing in under 12 hours. It's next to impossible.

This, however, is now the 16th review not added or that will not be added to Gamerankings and meta that is 9+ It makes the 25th review out there that has not been added overall. Gotta love the bias media around the holidays.
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Marceles  +   2988d ago
I beat Uncharted in 7 hrs and 31 mins, collected 17 treasures, and got 330 points...I zoomed through the game but I'm beating it again so I can get all the treasures and achievements.
Mighty Boom  +   2988d ago
And you idiot fanboys said Mass Effect had alot of reviews! D1ck heads.
Blademask  +   2988d ago
Isn't it about time for Fanboys to all shut the hell up? Both Sides.
The PS3 can make AAA games that have the best graphics out on a console system. I didn't say it, Gametrailers did.

There is no PS3 Memory problem, Naughty Dog really stepped up to the plate with this Load Free/HDR/Animation intense game.

Multiplats are fine, when capable developers make them. Look at Infinity Ward and COD4. Or Epic with UT3.

The 360 Has 12 AAA Games, and great online services.
And Has Halo3, sold a ton of copies.

You guys are now just arguing for the sake of being different.
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Kratchet  +   2988d ago
Uncharted is the best game i have played ever. Replay value, fun gameplay, nonrepetitive. Awesome game.
Grassroots  +   2988d ago
So what it was a AAA caliber game at 88 percent anyways, and anyone that has played the game realizes this. Now that it's a 90 percent I guess it more official, and a first party game has made it. Well Ratchet should count to but a 89 percent just isn't good enough for people to accept the game for the quality it really is.
akaFullMetal  +   2988d ago
its true, the fanboys on each side think for some reason, that a game has to be at 90 to even begin to be a AAA game, me on the other hand think its a great game uncharted, about to finish it, taking me about 13 hours, and found 45 pieces of the lost treasures, and yea, im actually going to play this again, most i dont play over, but this and ratchet, im actually doing it, and that is something i dont do that often
Danja  +   2988d ago
actually it's the 360 ownes who started this whole "game isn't AAA unless it averages 90%"....just check the threads and see who brings up..Gamerankings and metacritic...

it took me 14hs to complete Ucharted and it took some ppl a little longer so I don't know why ppl ppl keep saying the game is short...and funny enough it happens to be the ppl's who haven't played the game..!
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ngg12345  +   2988d ago
R&C TOD deserved AAA
I hate gamespot, and gamestm for lowering it below a 9.
shmee  +   2988d ago
well GA*SPOT and 1up are the worst websites

all those are MS biased anti SONY websites . It is good that authorities sacked all editors of GA*SPOT . Now it can become the true GAMESPOT it was years ago
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2988d ago
Ok how does shmee still have 3 bubbles?
Rikitatsu  +   2988d ago
is the best game this year
Mr Tretton  +   2988d ago
ugh.....enough Uncharted links. We get it. It's a good game.
Marceles  +   2988d ago
I love this game. PS3 game of the year
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Blademask  +   2988d ago
You have too many bubbles.
I disagree.

Btw.. done and done... lets see how it works out. (august)
gtgcoolkid  +   2988d ago
I love this game. I have already played this game twice and now trying this on hardest.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2988d ago
GOTY for me...BY FAR!
Baba1906  +   2988d ago
it arrived yesterday at the stores in europe, and im soooooooo in love with it. its the best experience i had playing a game for a long long time. its so hard to put the controller down. i wish i hadnt so much to do for the university.
Relientk77  +   2988d ago
This game rules it deserves all 9/10 reviews and up
solidt12  +   2988d ago
This game is a must by and it has good replay ability because of the treasure you can find to gain Rewards which is the equivalent of Xbox achievements.
hotshot127  +   2988d ago
oh so NOW all of a sudden the same game that i have been playing is tripple AAA.
fanboys are bullshi*

well in that case, rachet averages over 90 too but metacritics or gamerankings didnt finish putting up the reviews
Jamaicangmr  +   2988d ago
I started playin Uncharted yesterday and i gotta be honest this is quit simply THE BEST GAME I'VE PLAYED IN A LONG TIME. Great A.I.,Gameplay,Story,Acting, Sound and OMFG the Graphics are something to behold. I offen found my self just looking around. This is as close to perfection as anything i've ever played. Naughty Dog must have sold their collective souls to the devil or something because this game as just raised the bar a few notches. 9.9/10

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