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MacDonagh  +   1213d ago
That's pretty cool. Will be checking it out.
snowb420  +   1213d ago
I signed up again this year. Haven't raised any money yet though...
JPSJeffOrt  +   1213d ago
Our site is running a marathon event at the University at Albany (NY) School of Public Health- As part of our fund raising efforts, Uber Entertainment (Super Monday Night Combat) has offered a Steam code unlocking ALL the pros in the game (a roughly $90 value), for the top donator/earner. We also have a TON of other game codes from developers such as Robot Entertainment, Spiderweb Software, Mommy's Best Games, and Arcen Games to give away!

Details to sign up for our team are here:

Or donate directly here:

You don't need to be AT the event to win- just be a member of the team OR donate to a team member, and YOU could win!
torgo  +   1213d ago
Hey, that's us!

Thanks for the mention!
Christopher  +   1213d ago
Please tell me your username is from Manos the Hands of Fate.
torgo  +   1207d ago
Yes, yes it is
JPSJeffOrt  +   1213d ago
Thank you for posting our information to the main article!
SeraphimBlade  +   1213d ago
I've registered myself. I was gonna play XCOM all day anyway. If I'm gonna get us all killed by aliens, I may as well save some kids in the process. :)
Cat  +   1212d ago
They'll build statues in your honor.
MattyG  +   1212d ago
Hey guys, check my page out and maybe donate a bit!
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