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caseh  +   1343d ago
The Wii came in at half the price of the Xbox and PS3 on release and picking one one in the first few months of was next to impossible.

Nintendo already have the fanbase of Wii owners, as long as they get the price right I expect it will do well. The hardware itself in terms to its graphical prowess over existing or next-gen consoles is pretty much irrelevent.

Look at Wii sports, it looked like sh*t but that didn't stop the masses from thinking it was the best thing since cheese slices.
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svoulis  +   1343d ago
I agree to a point. My only issue is that you kind of hit the nail on the head about the whole Cheese Slices.

The fact that anyone who owned a Wii primarily played Nintendo exclusives and Wii sports proves it.

How much of those cheese slices are you going to want to eat before you look over at the chicken and say I'll try something different and end up liking it better.

Nintendo is actually losing their fanbase (according to reports) and I don't think its because they are Nintendo but because they are in fact "Nintendo" Completely predictable releases not really catering to hardcore audience and mainly focusing on family mini games (aside from Mario and Zelda)

THe Wii U will sell well, it is new and has a neat controller. People will buy it on the aspect alone, but will that be enough to keep them playing it. Honestly you need good games to be played or you wont be playing games on that console.

My Wii has collected some dust since I last played it. (Skyward Sword) I am a passionate gamer and I play games more than I do anything else (besides work). Needless to say there hasn't been anything capturing my attention to warrant me to say "wow, I need this game for the wii"
caseh  +   1343d ago
I bought a Wii just for Twilight Princess, played it through then gave it to my girlfriend and bought her Zumba for it.

That pretty much says it all for Nintendo products over recent years, for me at least. I grew up with the NES and SNES, past this point they started shifting away from the 'hardcore' gamer (I hate that term) and after playing a handful of the better games for the Gamecube I moved onto PC and PS2/3 as my main choices for games.

The whole 'hardcore' bullsh*t that people throw about is actually 'mainstream' gaming. There's nothing hardcore about Fifa, Halo, CoD or Uncharted. I'm one of those gamers who wants to play Batman or Battlefield 3 and get the best experience from it and that means the hardware needs to be able to cut it.

The Wii crowd are a whole different ball park, its about playing rockband, guitar hero, Wii <insert title here> games or in my experience watching my girlfriend mince about on Zumba. Just like the DS, if you flood the market with enough titles you eventually cater for everyone and I think thats what put the Wii where it is now.

I could waffle on about this for ages but i'll cut it short. Nintendo know what they are doing, for people like you and me it doesn't cater to our core needs - a ton of releases that are f*cking awesome. Instead it has a bit of everything for everyone, some of their core titles like Mario, Zelda and Metroid for the fans and then a ton of shovelware for everyone else.
svoulis  +   1343d ago
Hardcore gaming to me isn't about playing COD or BF3 day and night its about playing all types of games and just gaming in general. When I say hardcore gamers I mean people who spend a FUPTON of money on games. I mean hundreds of dollars a month.

I own all the consoles because I love gaming and I play all the good games for each console, and by good I mean what I like.

The issue I have with Nintendo is that the only "good" they keep giving is Zelda and Mario games. I think there were like 3 other titles I really enjoyed on the Wii besides Mario or Zelda games.

Madworld, The Conduit, Metroid. Maybe a few others but nothing compared to what I own and have played on PS3/360/PC.

I am just saying as a gamer I want to really like the Wii U. My Wii is the color of dust because thats in-fact what its covered in.

I just hope the Wii U can break Nintendo s mold and show us something new and amazing not just a tablet controller with current gen graphics.

I want great games.
Valenka  +   1342d ago
Either way, I never would have considered the Wii U to be a repeat of the Wii--it seems to offer quite a different experience. It's like the Xbox and the Xbox 360, as well as the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 - not repeats, but steps forward in terms of innovation and whatnot.
stephmhishot  +   1342d ago
I don't even necessarily think WiiU needs amazing third party support.

Hear me out, unless developers really take the time to use the new WiiU controller in creative and innovative ways, do we really need the same game available on three different platforms?

While you can get away with just having a 360 or just having a PS3 this generation, I don't think the WiiU could ever be someone's sole console unless Nintendo proves it can cater to the hardcore internet gamer. Keep in mind, MS has pretty much perfected social online gaming this generation after getting experienced with it with the original Box. Sony has gone through their growing pains with PSN this generation and will learn from their mistakes with the next generation of PSN. Nintendo is in their first true go-around with a network and it could be messy at times.

Thus, even though the WiiU is going to sell, and almost everyone who had a Wii is going to have a WiiU, it is almost a niche product in a sense. A complimentary console to your PS/XBox consoles. Its going to have the nostalgia with Mario and company, and have the party games to play with your casual gamer friends, but I don't think it can be anyone's sole console of choice at this point.

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