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QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1373d ago
A new console should be worth ten points.
-1 if priced over $350
-1 if it has a stupid name (have you seen some of the "project" names?)
-1 if you have less than a dozen titles lined up for release within a month of launch.
+1 for backwards compatibility
+1 for msrp<$300
+1 if available worldwide by the end of the calendar year
/2 for every strobe light used during the unveiling.

So a $400 system with only six launch titles available and the name "adeptus" is unveiled with 9 strobes and comes out in September.

1/64 of a point.
Chaostar  +   1372d ago
Funny stuff but also some good points, I've implemented a few of your ideas.

Just out of curiousity, how do you feel about laser light shows and hiding things under a velvet cloth to be revealed dramatically?
coolbeans  +   1372d ago
+10 for making me giggle like a school girl in anticipation for the unveiling.

A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1371d ago
Are you kidding?! I'd say that's an automatic win

Or at least +100 points, your call.
QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1371d ago
The laser lights count the same as the strobes. A velvet cloth gets a +1. A cheap cotton towel gets a -2. A pretty girl gets a +1, but a -1 if she's dressed like a streetwalker.

You're unveiling new hardware. Keep it tasteful.
BiggCMan  +   1371d ago
I don't care about who has a better showing, who has the most bragging rights, or any of that. I just enjoy watching E3, sitting back and relaxing for the best week for gamers each year. I don't care about companies, I care about seeing new stuff, dumb, boring, or fantastic. It's just pure fun, but everybody has to turn it into a contest. I know a few guys who say E3 will be terrible if Versus 13 makes no showing. I mean wtf is that? Just enjoy all the news coming our way, regardless of if it interests you or not. That's how I feel about it anyways, maybe I will write my own blog post here about it.
thorstein  +   1369d ago
If the velvet cloth is also wrapped around a scantily clad female...
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1371d ago
Looking back on your previous years carrying forward the good name of science, I'd say you have your hands firmly place below the bunsen burner..

But remember, basic research is like shooting an arrow up into the air and painting a target where it lands.
Chaostar  +   1371d ago

If you're trying to say that the 'targets' are moved after the results come in then that simply isn't true, the rules are there for all to see and will not be changed after E3. In fact I'll vow right now to have the final rules up before 12pm(gmt) the day before E3, just to be fair.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1371d ago
No no, you misunderstand, Its a saying in the scientific field to do with basic research.

What you're doing isn't really research, you're on methodology and experimentation now..

Keep sciencing... I approve

Edit; the saying was kind of irrelevant but hey I'm having a weird evening.
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Chaostar  +   1371d ago
Oh OK, thanks then :)

Please understand when I say science, I'm using the term VERY loosely and pretty much nothing I say should be taken seriously ^_^
RockmanII7  +   1370d ago
E3 is an opinion thing, a winner can't be determined by numbers. System A might get a AAA game you're super excited for, and System B might get two AAA games you might consider buying. I think the best way to judge who won E3 is to have a bullet point summary of each conference and scale 1-10 how excited you are about each announcement, then tally up the points and whoever has the highest score wins. Still, I remember you making a similar blog around last E3 and I find your dedication to your scale admirable. Hope all your E3 hopes and dreams come true, peace.
Chaostar  +   1370d ago
If only everyone, media included, thought that way.

However, when differences of opinion clash, there needs to be a way to settle arguments without the bias of opinion. Think of it like a game of football (not hand-egg); two teams can play each other and team A could play fantastic, while team B doesn't put too much effort in. Team B could still put a cheeky goal past team A and technically win the match but technically they were not the 'better' side.

So I guess it's all mostly for the purpose of settling bets and petty arguments, I'm not trying to change any opinions.

I like your method of opinion based tallying but that would only decide who you think won E3 personally. Also if you ran with that method and added together everyone's opinions of who won, the whole thing would boil down to little more than a popularity contest.

Again though, I'm like you, I don't care who wins, my opinion will not be affected by these numbers and neither will yours or anyone else who has the sense to make up their own mind :)
d3items  +   1368d ago
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