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Noble Spartan  +   1770d ago
But Spiderman does need alot of space and freedom, But snadbox style wasn't utilised well...Spider-Man 2 the first game to do that was great and worked well. AFter that mind numbing bad games came out with awful repitive and dull missions. Spider Man got alot of potential more so then other heros due to this abilities.

Just turn Spider-Man into a first-Person game like Mirrors Edge haha now that would be mind blowing doing arcobatics in the air in first-Person haha
Kingdom Come  +   1770d ago
Ultimate Spiderman came after "Spiderman 2" and that maintained the awesomeness.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1769d ago
Ultimate Spiderman? wasn't that the one where you could play as 4 different spideys and Venom?

If yes, I really did not enjoy that game.
Kingdom Come  +   1770d ago
The only linear Spiderman games of which I have enjoyed were the original "Spiderman" & "Spiderman 2: Enter Electro" for the Playstation 1 & "Spiderman" for the PS2. However, the greatest Spiderman games of all time were easly "Spiderman 2" for the Xbox or Playstation 2 and "Ultimate Spiderman", both open-world and two of the greatest games of all time. Simply fantastic entries to the super-hero genre. I want a glorious return to the open-world approach, "Web of Shadows" was quite a poor entry, but had some intriguing ideas, unfortunately its execution was awful...
ZombieAssassin  +   1770d ago
If they just take what they did in Shattered Dimensions and Improve upon it i'd be happy as that was the best spider-man game since Ultimate Spider-Man. I'd rather just something like an Ultimate Spider-Man 2 as it was my favorite one yet.
cr33ping_death  +   1769d ago
Spiderman's rogues gallery is my second favorite behind Batman's so i would love for this next game to be something special.

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