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bwazy  +   1164d ago
Definitely the closest thing to a Zelda the PS3 will ever get. And that is NOT a bad thing, it's an awesome game.
Blastoise  +   1164d ago
3D dot game heroes?
bwazy  +   1163d ago
Meh, top down vs 3rd person RPG, take either as you wish.
dboyman  +   1163d ago
Having both is the best way to go! ;)
-GametimeUK-  +   1164d ago
I am not happy with the asking price for this game. I am not doubting the game isn't worth £16, but I can get it for Wii for around £3. not only that, but these HD remakes when sold alone go for around £8 to £12. I could get the ICO collection at launch for £20 which works out at £10 each and is much better value for money.

I refuse to give Capcom my money when they have priced a game so high for no other reason than they know its a classic. MGS3 is a classic, but I still get it for £12 off the store.

Shocking prices. I need to play this game so it looks like the Wii version is for me.
Cam977  +   1160d ago
Same here, because of Capcom's greed, I'm sad to say I'll have to miss out on this gem.
wishingW3L  +   1164d ago
I have tried playing Okami many times but the game bores me to death.
dboyman  +   1162d ago
Loved the game. But Instead of a HD remake on PS3, I would rather see a version on the PS Vita, with Touchscreen use enabled. Painting with the touchscreen would be be a blast!!!

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