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Ducky  +   1173d ago
"The game can’t make up its mind. It promotes killing creatively on targets but killing guards (who you’ll sometimes find more practical to kill than sneak by) is apparently a bad thing."

This is what being an assassin is all about. You must be like a ghost which only strikes the target and leaves everything else unchanged.
It is more challenging that way. When you take the easy way out by just neutralizing a pesky guard and leaving their body in the open, then you're penalized accordingly.

You can still do the mission however you please, you'll just end with a lower score by being more reckless. The score is used as a comparison to other players, and is there as a competitive incentive to encourage players to strive for the cleanest kill.
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-GametimeUK-  +   1172d ago
Agree completely here. I'm not very score obsessed in these sort of games. I judge my own actions. If I want to leave a trail of bodies, but remain undetected just to make a point then I will. If I want to be as clean as possible I will. I like the diverse options the Hitman series gives me.

Having said that, I am speaking purely about Blood Money. It is the only one I have played and I purchased it recently at that. I assume this Hitman stays close to the formula. I am undecided on if this game is worth my time.

Currently LOVING Blood Money!
Ducky  +   1172d ago
Absolution's formula is pretty different from BloodMoney.

BloodMoney gives a lot of freedom to explore the environment freely.
In Absolution, almost everyone is suspicious, and you have to be stealthy if you want to explore. It is more stylish, but also more restrictive. You have to play it in a different mindset than BloodMoney.

You might be better off playing the older Hitman games (Contracts and SilentAssassin), since Absolution is kind of a mix between the two. It has the difficulty of SA, with the level design of Contracts.
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Valenka  +   1172d ago
You didn't even give a rating for or even discuss the Contracts mode.
2pacalypsenow  +   1148d ago
Its Probably the worst of the Series . It has way too many graphics glitches At least with my nvidia GTX 690 , I couldn't use msaa because the game would crash , also sometimes it shows a black screen at start up making me use Shift-tab to fix it also No 5.1 audio on PC, The game penalizes you for doing what an Assassin Does "KILL" .Its still a bad ass game tho and it has Really Nice graphics minus the highly compressed Videos ,but too much change from the original formula, it feels like a Splinter cell game and not the good splinter cell ones . Also i miss the Jesper kyd music
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Anthonyii  +   1148d ago
I did not get many graphics glitches on the ps3 version.You can also get your points back if you kill non-target civilian silently and then hide the body but that might be taken out of the PC version-I do not know.
Anthonyii  +   1148d ago
**I mean kill non-target,non-civilian silently:)
Anthonyii  +   1148d ago
The reaction to this game is so mixed it is amazing! I kinda disagree with the game being repetitive I thought it was the complete opposite of that. You can say the same thing of most other games. COD 4- shoot kill, MGS4- sneak on your ass then boss fight, GTA 4- party with your homies, complete a mission by shooting and then driving from the cops, Uncharted shoot,jump,solve puzzle and kill. Hitman Absolution is like either shoot kill or knock someone out, put them in a closet, take their clothes, then when you are in a group hide your identity, distract them with something, and each level has different case scenarios depending on the environment.I also disagree that it has little re-playability value. My first impression of the game when I first pressed select(PS3 version) to see the many ways of killing the King of Chinatown(I said to myself O man I am definitely going to play this game again) since you get added points from the different kill thanks to the point system-throughout the entire game. Compared to the games I have played this year (Portal 2, Uncharted 3, Max Payne 3, and GTA IV) I have to say I have played Hitman:Absolution more times than any of these games since Hitman:Absolution gives you more incentive to play again and again. But whatever fits your 'gaming libido'.
Anthonyii  +   1148d ago
There might be some truth as to why the ps3 version had the best score for Hitman:Absolution. I do not know-but I think it is interesting to add.
Anthonyii  +   1148d ago
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