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clinker  +   2629d ago
Wow those demonstration images look amazing, and they aren't even from the new SGX55x, which is what is going into the PSP.

I can't wait to see what games are going to look like on this thing.
Doppy  +   2629d ago
Why not design a cheaper, easier to use, and slightly less powerful cell processor. It would help the cell processor, become a lot more profitable, and developers would have an easier time developing for the PSP, and PS3. And if the rumors of the PS4 using multiple cell processors then it would make since to use this in the PSP2.
TheIneffableBob  +   2629d ago
The Cell is a complex beast. To make it fit into a mobile device form factor would take a lot of time and money. It probably isn't even viable given the way it works.
Kami  +   2629d ago
Quote: "next-generation PSP GPU to be somewhat in-line with the graphics capabilities of the RSX chip currently found in the PS3"
nuff said.
ThanatosDMC  +   2629d ago
If Capcom announces that the new PSP2 is coming out with a MH3 then this baby will sell like pancakes in Japan. Cuz i know i will... i'll be lining up for one if it ever came out with MH3.

Also, those images looks somewhat similar to those that that Sony released when they used the PS3's Cell to create graphics images without the use of the nvidia card.
Gondee  +   2629d ago
The Cell isn't really low power!!!! -_-
Doppy  +   2629d ago
I think a mini cell would be great for the PSP2. It would make the PlayStation brand become more apple like. Everything would have the same development PS3 games may be able to be played on the PSP2 (remote play is OK, but think of it all first party games can be played on your PSP2 since they have a similar architecture), both systems should share the same PSN (play PSN games on PSP2). If they have the same or a similar architecture, than it just makes everything that much easier for the PSP and Sony. The only thing Sony would have to do is provide a battery that can support the cell, and find a way to add more features to it since it has a lot already.

Oh and earlier when I said make a less powerful powerful cell, I meant less power consuming.
socomnick  +   2629d ago
Well, it might be because the cell is not going to be supported by Sony after the ps3 is finished. I will expect sony to put a more traditional cpu in the ps4 and abandon the cell, it so far has been a failure its not inside of anything other than ps3s.
ChickeyCantor  +   2629d ago
" it so far has been a failure its not inside of anything other than ps3s.

WTF? Seriously where does your logic come from?
SOny basically worked with IBM to create the Cell designed for the PS3...who says there won't be other chips taking this concept of the Cell?
Fishy Fingers  +   2629d ago
Ha, I have a friend who works for Imagination, b*stard kept quite about this if is indeed accurate. I'll be bugging him later to see if I can get anything out of him, although very unlikely.

Specs seems promising, the iphone has a lot more raw power than the PSP and the PSP2 should follow suit over the iphone. Quite a way off yet though.
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clinker  +   2629d ago
Yeah, I can't believe this, it's like the perfect storm of news.

I mean, we didn't even have confirmation that Sony was developing a PSP successor, and now we know that it is.
Fishy Fingers  +   2629d ago
Well technically it isn't confirmed this is for the PSP2 although it is very likely to be. That's what I need to try and get out of my friend.

Id also like to know about the interface/controls. Id like to see multi sense touch screen with dual analogs (mainly for FPS). Plus, with what on paper should be quite fantastic visuals for a handheld, a "TV out" might be nice as well.

Screen Res is another.

I get giddy over new hardware. Sad but true ;)
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thor  +   2629d ago
Touch-screens are just a gimmick like motion control. They're not precise enough for games - I'd much rather be pressing buttons.

2nd analogue is a must though. And I agree with the TV out - but doesn't the PSP already have this? Or am I imagining things?
thereapersson  +   2629d ago
The PSP already has TV-out through component.
And I agree on the fact that a second analog stick is needed for most games, especially FPS titles. Pressing face buttons to look around in a game is the dumbest control method, IMO.
MrPink  +   2629d ago
no touchscreen for me please
but good motion detectors and a small camera(for various gameplay stuff) I would like.
uie4rhig  +   2629d ago
lol dual analogue sticks is DEFO a must..
but i doubt sony won't put it in this psp..
and and.. a touchscreen is always cool.. as long as it don't jack up the price...
f789790  +   2629d ago
I've been saying they would release the PSP2 at the end of 2009
The PSP is releasing games too slow. They need a successor soon.
aiphanes  +   2629d ago
The PSP2 needs TV out through HDMI...sound you get sound and video...
It need a multitouch screen...but have dual analog sticks for games. It needs the R1\R2 and L1\L2 buttons and six axis control and rumble built in. And a 6 hours battery life with everthing turned on. It needs wifi 802.11n...and 32 GB of flash memory built memory stick and conpact flash support for additional memory. A built in camera, that is at least 3.2 megapixels..
uie4rhig  +   2629d ago
lol no way they'll achieve that for a low price.. if that would happen.. price will be at least £300/$400/€400 lol
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micro_invader  +   2629d ago
Yeah, I agree with superaktieboy, you're asking way too much.
The_EE_God  +   2629d ago
The only thing he forgot to mention ...
is it needs to be 10-12 Ibs
TOO PAWNED  +   2629d ago
Am i only one not impressed by those numbers? If it turns out that it is going to be as powerful as RSX(which i doubt) than it could be cool
Jdoki  +   2629d ago
You have to strike a balance with a handheld console.

What's the point of having something as powerful as an RSX in a handheld when a) the screen resolution is so low that most of the power would be wasted, and b) the battery life would be measured in minutes not hours (or would require a battery far to big to carry around)!!
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clinker  +   2629d ago
You can't tell very much from clock speed or polygons/second

The pixel fill rate of the current-gen SGX530 is already twice as high as the PSP GPU. With directX 9.0 pixel shaders this thing is going to rock your world.
uie4rhig  +   2629d ago
lol directx? you do know that directx is only used in MS products.. you would be talking about openGL lol not directx
clinker  +   2629d ago
Microsoft does not own Imagination Technologies or Nvidia.

Video card manufacuters make cards that support different graphics specifications, such as DirectX and OpenGL.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2629d ago
hah thats exactly what I was gonna say. And these days, OpenGL is no more the leader in defining new specs, so manufacturers invariably use DX specs to give an idea of what their card is capable of.
uie4rhig  +   2629d ago
yes true but sony isn't allowed to use directx lol..
make the RSX a directx compatible device as much as you want.. you still wont be able to let it render dx graphics through the ps3.. sony simply wouldn't be allowed coz of MS :P
castdreams  +   2629d ago
They haven't released any of the specs for the chip that will actually be used in the PSP2. The numbers they give in this article are from the current generation PSP and the current generation PowerVR chips.
heylo  +   2629d ago
"Note that the specifications above are for the current generation SGX530. The SGX55x, which is still in development, is expected to be much more powerful."
Jackobinen  +   2629d ago
Holy Crap! Cant wait until i see what that thing can do!
Arsenal4Ever  +   2629d ago
play PS3 games :)
hfaze  +   2629d ago
Well, Sony was able to pull off near-PS2 graphics with the PSP when it launched in '05 (in the USA). It would be absolutely amazing if they could pull off a 720p display and near-PS3 graphics out of the PSP2.

Hopefully Sony will design in some sweet interactivity between the PS3 and the PSP2... :-)
Ju  +   2629d ago
...and sell it below $200, but offer/include a stand to hook up CVBS/Comp/HDMI and output 480p/720p on a TV + Bluetooth to allow DS3 controllers (+Headset). Here comes your PS2 replacement.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2629d ago
wow playing PS2 games on this should be a snap.
zephyra  +   2629d ago
as powerful as the PS3 gfx??? Are they bullshitting or this is true??
Danja  +   2629d ago
the PSP already has games that looks better than PS2 ne thing is possible with the PSP2...
Ju  +   2629d ago
" a smaller scope...", means same features but lower bandwidth/resolution.
Shmapanese  +   2629d ago
i have a good friend of mine that works for blu-ray company threw sony and he told me wut its going to look like, allthough im not allowed to tell-all i can say is it looks to be a very interesting design from wut he told me (they have ben working on it for a while).
DJ  +   2629d ago
Considering the PSP2 will only rely on 480p resolution
I don't doubt that it'll come close to the PS3's shader capabilities. Hopefully it's much better than the PSP at polygon rendering as well.
Gerard Way  +   2629d ago
Right Right Shmapanese......
and I am Ronald Reagan.
PenisaurisDix  +   2629d ago
And I'm Nancy Reagan.
As for those wanting teh Cell on the PSP -- please. Those screenshot look like bungholes. Sony shouldn't stuff blu-rays and Cell processors in the PSP2 are you crazy they learned from the PS3 debacle.

PSP2 should have 4xAA and two analog stick FTW.
Gerard Way  +   2629d ago
Nancy, your timing is amazing.
Only you and Shane Kim, have managed to get me dirty looks from my co-workers for laughing so damn hard. Actually shane almost got me fired, lol. But all the same, thankyou for the laughs.
Iceman100  +   2629d ago
psps 2?
I guess sony know the psp was dead for a years now, but i had no idea they actually were going to attempt another.

"Well, Sony was able to pull off near-PS2 graphics with the PSP when it launched in '05 (in the USA). It would be absolutely amazing if they could pull off a 720p display and near-PS3 graphics out of the PSP2.

Lol if you idiots believe this then you deserve to get your money take away, and no hand held will even do what the ps3 can do let alone the ps2 as the graphics have never been as sh***y as psp is.
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Radiodread  +   2629d ago
I wonder when the PSP2 will come out?
cuz I really want one now that i have a ps3 to complete the experience, but if there's gonna be a new model of PSP or PSP2 next year, I don't know when to get one.
kyleg  +   2629d ago
this is a lot gayer because look at this

PSP GPU Specifications:
166 mhz core speed
>>>>>>>& gt;Up to 33 million polygons per second<<<<<< <<<<<<<< ;<<<<<<<
664 million pixels per second (fill rate)

PowerVR SGX530 Specifications:
200 MHz Core Speed
>>>>>13.5 million polygons per second<<<<<< <<<<<<<< ;<<<<<<<&l t;<<<<<<<& lt;<<<
1200 million pixels per second (fill rate)
DirectX 9 Shader Model 3 support / OpenGL 2.0
128-bit color precision
Multi-sampling and anti-aliasing

less polygons per second
that is not good i think need more polygons then the first one if you are going to make another psp it can't have less.
or the games will look not a good as the psp1 that is sad i think.
and i know its not the PowerVR SGX530 one going in to the psp2.
but if they don't have everything better then the first one i will not buy the psp2 when it comes out.
SONY i know you can do a lot better then this.
and where is the ram for the second one?
DJ  +   2629d ago
An upgraded version of what you just posted
Is what's going in the new PSP, which means the specs will be higher. Also, polygon functions are probably going to relegated to the CPU, just like with the PS3 and PS2. That way the GPU can focus on the hardcore shaders.
Ju  +   2629d ago
664mpx vs. 1200mpx. This is a significant higher fill rate and allows way more effects then the PSP does. Also, resolution could be higher. Yes, somebody could do the poly setup for the chip and possibly reach a higher # polys ? (vector units in the cpu e.g.)
xwabbit  +   2629d ago
Would be pro if its true... which i think it is cus I saw something in here about rumor killers and they where saying it might be true if i read it right lol
T3L3PROOF  +   2629d ago
woo! i cant wait to see how great and realistic (probably) the graphics will be, hopefully they attempt to make like a Call Of Duty on this, and also i want it to be like the PS3, to have its own log in and account registration thing, it would be so freaking awesome.
sak500  +   2629d ago
Probably will have better success than ps3.
Tony P  +   2629d ago
Functionality trumps graphics. I think DS makes a good case for that statement. Without it, a pretty picture is only that.
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DJ  +   2626d ago
Pictochat is about the only good functionality the DS has.
Though the PSP 2 desperately needs something similar. Not sure if touch-screen is the answer...
rezzah  +   2625d ago
If you go to, in the list of PSP future games there is only seven listed. This may mean that companies are making games for the PSP2. Maybe sony is just saying there might be a PSP2, but really are making the PSP2.

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