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ifritAlkhemyst  +   813d ago
"All of the brilliant things about Call of Duty: Ghosts are out shined by the glaring understanding that this has been done before, and in some cases, better while tossing in a new twist into the gameplay."

"it’s glaringly apparent that this perfect video game doesn’t bring new dimensions to enough areas to tout it as the best game ever. It’s a really good game that’s fun until a better game comes around."

...brilliant things about Call of Duty: Ghosts...this perfect video game...It’s a really good game that’s fun

Your opening paragraph tells me this is at least an 8/10. This is why you armchair reviewers don't get any respect. You can neither write nor separate your biases from a games score.
nosferatuzodd  +   813d ago
jdiggitty  +   813d ago
WTF did I just try to read?! I seriously think I felt something "pop" behind my right eye trying to read that shit
CPTN MITCHELL  +   813d ago
no way ghost is 8/10 more like 6/10

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