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Prcko  +   959d ago
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godfree  +   959d ago
This is a podcast. Not news.
pennyman  +   959d ago
give 'em some west coast love Parris!
godfree  +   959d ago
and Mandy. :)
konnerbllb  +   959d ago
meh. she says bob too much. trying to push it annoyed me.

liked this episode though. good chemistry between you guys
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GRamirez  +   959d ago
Mandy can do no wrong!
GribbleGrunger  +   959d ago
I want to shake that female presenter (Mandy?) by the hand. She's the most sensible member on this podcast. Lucidity, clarity and intelligence are the order of the day.
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josephayal  +   958d ago
I want a XBOX 720 so bad that I'm number 1 in line for this at my Gamestop

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