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dbjj12088  +   1042d ago
I love the Vita. It is an amazing piece of hardware, but the games needed to come fast.
knifefight  +   1042d ago
And the thing is, a lot of people on game websites (such as this one) will say "It already has a ton of great games!" and it does! ...For us.

For Johnny Massmarket Consumer, the view might be a little different. He's the man you gotta convince if you wanna make money. And if they don't make money...they don't make games either. :/

I'm hoping the good numbers Vita churned out recently can stay high. That would be ideal.
smikey1123  +   1042d ago
I disagree. The Vita has some good games, but very few that are truly great. Most of the big name games were average or a disappointment and many of the downloadable games that were good were available on the PS3 as well. They haven't come out with an absolute must have for the Vita. That is probably what is hurting sales. That and the poor AAA games, and numerous ports.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1042d ago
Question is, how do you give the Vita wider appeal?

Games alone won't achieve that.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   1042d ago
@smikey1123: Apparently you have not tried any of the amazing Vita games.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1042d ago
sony should put in a blu-ray disk in every ps4 describing the vita and how it can be with ps4.
creized1  +   1042d ago
That is a Great idea
NastyLeftHook0  +   1042d ago
just a thought :) thanks.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1042d ago
Or. . . just put the video on the 1TB hard drive the ps4 is rumored to come with. No need for a blu ray disk.
A simple introductory video when you switch on your ps4 for the first time will do. No need to waste money on a disc.
boybato  +   1042d ago
Kinda like when you first boot the Vita?
Hicken  +   1042d ago
Why take up the space on the HD- small as it may be- when you could have it on a disc instead?
ftwrthtx  +   1042d ago
If there were more cross -buy games, where the Vita version of a PS3 game came on the disc, Sony would sell considerably more handhelds.
admiralvic  +   1042d ago
Unlikely, since it would end up one of two ways.

1) I'll get a Vita when I'm cheaper, since I have a lot of games.
2) I would get a Vita since I have a lot of games, but those memory prices are too high.

While I am sure a LOT of people will disagree with me here (don't get me wrong, I think we should see more Cross-Buy games), there are a fair number of Cross-Buy titles and that didn't help either the game or the system sell. Also even with the various Cross-Buy titles we have and Plus offering people even more games to subscribe, you can start to see that more free games isn't the answer.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1042d ago
Sony would lose alot of money that way because actual Vita game sales would be very low since people can just get free vita games when they buy ps3 games.
NYC_Gamer  +   1042d ago
The handheld doesn't have enough developer support
TheGrimOfDeath  +   1042d ago
I disagree with that, there has been an article that gathered the opinion on developers on who want to develop for the PS Vita. A lot of developers chose the Vita over the 3DS and now we have indie support.
NYC_Gamer  +   1042d ago
Where is the software though?PSV is a nice piece of hardware but lacks support from major studios compared to 3DS right now...Nintendo has the advantage in the handheld market brand appeal wise..PSV needs more exclusive software that could only be found on that handheld.
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Tei777  +   1042d ago
Every console has few void months every year. The Vita summer line makes up for a weak april. I can't think of anything releasing on PS3/360 this april..

Summer will consist o f Toukiden, Dragon Crow, Legen of Heroes, Gundam Breaker, God Eater 2, Valhala Knights 3 and possibly FFX/FFX-2 HD.
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tubers  +   1042d ago
Toukiden = also on PSP
God Eater 2 = also on PSP

Dragon's Crown = also on PS3
Gundam Breaker = also on PS3
FFX/2 = also on PS3
Legend of Heroes = also on PS3

Valhalla Knights 3 = will have a hard time proving itself against its mediocre roots.

The VITA really needs more pure and concentrated exclusives for it and very well done (not feel like a castrate) to sell at an amazing rate.

Here's to more devs that try to make exclusive experiences! (Creators of Soul Sacrifice and Shinovi Versus, Ys Celceta, etc.)

[or at least port the full, latest upcoming CoD/BF on it that can play with the consoles with 8v8 MP]
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Tei777  +   1041d ago
OF course exclusives are ideal, but that doesn't mean that multiplats can't generate sales either, especially where pS3 games are concerned because we all know japan prefer gaming on handhelds. Expect Final Fantasy XHD. Gundam Break and Toukiden to all perform wonders for the system, Toukiden will be an interesting one to watch because its being developed by the dynsasty warrior guys and that franchise is uber successful, its also being bundled with a very shiny Vita.

Ultimately the proof is in the pudding, Vita saw its sales increase to 40k when One Piece was released. If the franchse is right (FF/gundam), the power of multiplats can be still be successful and keep the system afloat (not necessarily 3DS numbers). Had one piece been bundle with Vita's I expect that number would have been a lot a higher.
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profgerbik  +   1042d ago
Always Sunny In Philadelphia picture?

I think it will do fine Valhalla Knights 3 comes out in May but I do know the PSP over there is not helping at all, they really need to let off the PSP. I really hate to say that but I think it's about time they moved to the PS Vita.

They keep releasing these really good PSP games that would be perfect for the PS Vita.. Yet they sell really well on the PSP.. I really don't understand their logic in that. Knowing those same games would help sell Vita's.

Just the thought of that is kind of ridiculous. The transition may be tough but they seriously need to stop with the PSP games.

Maybe most the devs in japan are just trying to cash in with super cheap development cost that the PSP probably has now. I honestly see no other reason to continually keep supporting the PSP so heavily like this. It doesn't help anyone but the people still holding onto PSP's.

Which I have no problem with them still making PSP games but damn like I said they have been making a lot of them and they are really interesting as well.

It just sucks constantly seeing new PSP games you know that would be 100x better on the PS Vita.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1042d ago
what does he mean by succeed? The vita wont get dropped Vita is here to stay. If he means more high quality games coming it will happen eventually. If he means succeed as in getting ahead of the 3DS thats not going to happen.

Vita is having an uphill battle its going to struggle for awhile. Especially in FAll with Pokemon coming out worldwide everywhere.
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creized1  +   1042d ago
Sony announced over 100 games for the vita this year alone. The vita had a slow start just like the PS3, remember? what happened later on?
MakiManPR  +   1042d ago
Pokemon X & Pokemon Y coming in October. I wonder how SONY will fight that.
boybato  +   1042d ago
Considering the 3ds' current install base... Sadly, nothing can stop Pokemon.

Hopefully Sony can deliver the goods prior Oct. (E3)
tubers  +   1042d ago
They can always bring a knife in a Nuclear War.

I hope Nintendo's kind enough to delay Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U to 2014 :P
tiffac008  +   1042d ago
I just wonder when Sony would stop supporting the PSP in Japan. So 3rd party game developers would start putting their games on the Vita because as it is, there is no incentive to move to the newer device.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1042d ago
It's a little early to make assumptions like this.
Rezka  +   1042d ago
Two words Soul Sacrifice
knifefight  +   1041d ago
Yeah that's been out for almost a month, so...doesn't really apply to April and May like this column is talking about.
Rezka  +   1041d ago
Oh I didn't know that lol well thanks for informing me

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