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Godchild1020  +   805d ago
I think GDC is the perfect time to show off their new hardware to upcoming developers. It's also the best time to recruit or strike a multiple game/year deal with them..

I think it will be, behind closed doors for certain developers that will be attending.
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jujubee88  +   805d ago
I can just see it now ~wavy flashback gfx~
John Carmack will be hosting and Notch, Tim Schafer, and more of the industries brightest stars will announce the nominees.

.....Oh wait, I'm thinking about the Golden Globes.

My mistake!
DeadlyFire  +   805d ago
Around GDC events will be behind closed doors show of both consoles. Likely with spec leaks everywhere up until E3 where the official word gets announced.
MikeMyers  +   805d ago
I think Microsoft is pushing Sony to reveal their system with the 'it's on' comment and the countdown timer. Should be an interesting year.
Muerte2494  +   805d ago
Yeah me too.
I definitely think that the next gen systems are going to be shown to developers only to start garnishing possible exclusives in the future. While I will be inevitably owning both consoles, I'm squeezing the trigger first on SONY's system. It solely lies in the fact that SONY has the most first party studios out of all the BIG 3. So whether third party releases something within that launch window, we're guaranteed something from the first party.

On a side note i think Microsoft is going to need to invent an icon other than Master chief and Marcus Fenix (outside the shooter realm). But someone should definitely acquire the studio behind "TRINE 2". That games is majestic in every sense of the word.
nukeitall  +   804d ago
"I'm squeezing the trigger first on SONY's system."

I'm squeezing the trigger on the system that I feel has the most promise WHEN it is shown/announced and I know more about what it offers in all areas (and not just games) including price as well.

My enjoyment of a system isn't just the games, but the entire experience.

Until I know more, I haven't decided yet.
8bitHero  +   804d ago
ill be honest, ill most likely go sony first if they continue w/ the free online. i cant be bothered to spend $60 for XBL when i get get PS+ for less and it even gives me access to a bunch of games.
Muerte2494  +   804d ago
I love how you took only a small portion of my statement even though I provided the reason why i would be. The reason I buy a games console is for games, first and foremost. As far as experiences, Sony created an two new genres for gaming. Play, Create, Share and i don't even know how to classify Heavy Rain. You have Journey, Flower, DCUO, and Starhawk. When you say experience, Sony offers more of it from a first party perspective. When you're talking about a game system, games ARE what matter. Everything else is just an added bonus. Seems like somewhere along the way, you and Microsoft seems to have forgotten the initial reason people buy game consoles.
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harrisk954  +   804d ago
"My enjoyment of a system isn't just the games, but the entire experience."

That's a very politically correct/non-fanboyish sentiment... but, if not for the games, then why buy a console? Why spend hundreds of dollars to buy a GAME system if games are secondary in your mind? Honestly, Sony has the most first-party developers and puts out the most exclusives(comparing with MS, not Nintendo) -- not timed exclusives or DLC, but actual exclusives, plus Sony gets all the multiplatform stuff. So, a "gamer" is probably going to lean toward Sony at this point unless MS changes the direction they have been heading the last 3 years... If both systems are going to have very similar capabilities (likely), then the games will be the differentiator... But, that is just my opinion.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   804d ago
^^ LOL You two actually believe nukeitall was serious about his post?

Muerte2494, had you said you'd pull the first trigger on Microsoft's system he wouldn't have even made a reply to you.

Don't be fooled. He has already decided.
hellvaguy  +   804d ago

"Until I know more, I haven't decided yet."

Fail at reading comprehension much?
UnholyLight  +   805d ago
Yeah, I can see GDC making sense from a Business strategy perspective. The leaks are already starting to kind of come true so if anything more leaks right before E3 could kind of steal the thunder a bit from an unveil. GDC would work up to E3 quite nice because Sony and Microsoft could at least unveil the console, say a little about specs or something so that at E3 they can dive right in and already have a bit of a hype machine rolling.

It all comes down to what is the best Marketing strategy that will produce the most Hyping of the consoles and how each company wants to play that out.

Who knows, maybe having a blowout by each company at E3 would start the madness in rather a great way.
Saigon  +   804d ago
I think this showing is more relevant to the developers than anything else. We may receive some leakage during the show but I will be certain a NDA will be applied heavily from each party.
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charted  +   804d ago
This type of articles are getting old and repetitive. As soon as there is a gaming show journalists has "XBOX or PS are rumored to be revealed."

They are bound to get it right sometime, but that will be after posting too many irrelevant posts.

"Know what I mean? Jellybean?"
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showtimefolks  +   804d ago
i have always said sony will reveal something at GDC, because sony has always shown stuff at GDC that other gaming publishers/console makers want to keep a secret till a later date

sony will show at GDc or atleast talk about ps4 at GDC

MS will use Pike TV to announce next xbox than show a lot at E3 like they did with last xbox when they showed it at MTV

either way new consoles are coming, i am not excited for new consoles as much as to find out the games that will come our around the launch
xflo360  +   804d ago
My guess is. ...

xbox720 revealed in march
ps4 revealed in may

with a full-blown unvieling of both at e3 2013

Both consoles will release this year
720 will release late oct/early nov for around £329
ps4 will release mid/late nov for £349

you heard it here first....

The 720 wont be called this it will be known as just "xbox" as they are trying make xbox their central branding.
The ps4 wont be called that either, if i were sony id just call it " playstation" or even just "ps" using its classic ps symbol but with a slightly moderised design.
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The Meerkat  +   805d ago
Once thing is for sure.

When news drops on the PS4 and the 720 N4G will become the most entertaining place on the net.
MasterCornholio  +   805d ago
I can imagine PS4 and 720 fanboys teaming up to destroy the Wii U and after that happens they will end up turning on each other. Its a repeat of last gen in terms of fanboy wars.

Motorola RAZR i
Jakens  +   805d ago
The war that is upcoming soon is something I will happily live with. I'll be placeing the battle contenders under my TV.
The_Infected  +   805d ago
@The Meerkat

Yea N4G will crash!! Then we will all go crazy trying refreshing the page non stop!! xD
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Until launch if kaz even sneezes the wrong way it will lead to a rumor.
xtreampro  +   805d ago
But there's only a handful of Xbox fanboys & little to no Nintendo fanboys on this website so it won't be as funny as n4g in 2006.

This site is now mostly dominated by PlayStation fans so if you're looking for full blown fanboy wars you'll need to go somewhere else.

Being a PS3 fanboy in the Open-zone was hilarious back then but sadly the openzone has been removed, any attempts at making fanboyish comments now will result in your comment being deleted by the mods or you'll be banned.
Jakens  +   805d ago
I'm a Xbox fanboy at heart, and I'm also impressed by what Sony is doing. Overall, I want my games from somewhere.
Dms2012  +   805d ago
The open zone was endlessly entertaining, lets petition to have it back!
UnholyLight  +   805d ago
IGN! God do some people have great commenting abilities on that website.
punisher99  +   804d ago
"But there's only a handful of Xbox fanboys & little to no Nintendo fanboys on this website so it won't be as funny as n4g in 2006."

Now that is an absolute bold face lie. You even forgot about the PC fanboys.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   804d ago
I been preaching this site was mostly made up of PlayStation fans for a while. Through 05 and half of 09 it was most MS fans HEAVILY MS fans at that.

but what exactly is OpenZone though?
hotrider12  +   805d ago
@ the meerkat

yep, it'll be round 2 FIGHT!!

"my console better than yours"
or sales,sales,sales bragging rights.
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Pintheshadows  +   804d ago
If Sony and MS revealed dead kittens in cardboard boxes, fanboys would still argue over which box of dead kittens was better.
ziggurcat  +   804d ago
"When news drops on the PS4 and the 720 N4G will be riddled with PS4 doom articles."

UltraVegito  +   804d ago
Man so much blood is gonna get shed,i have my popcorn ready.
Bring in the console warz 2013 meltdowns lol.
sway_z  +   805d ago
If indeed there is any substance to these rumours...then it will mark a change for Sony releasing 1st and demonstrates Sony are extremely serious about doing things right next gen.

I hope the desired rush to market any of the highly anticipated next gen machines do not result in 'dodgy' hardware (aka 360 launch machines) and there are enough launch 'quality' games to support them.

2013 is undoubtedly going to be the greatest year ever for gaming....

I can hear the E3 crowd being prompted to clap rigorously already lol
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Rampaged Death  +   805d ago
Not a chance. The only place to reveal consoles is at E3.
SandWitch  +   805d ago
Prepare to be wrong
JeffGUNZ  +   805d ago
How will he be wrong? What a worthless comment. Try backing up your counter-argument. They will not reveal any console this GDC, that makes no sense. Yeah, you and I and others on this site follow GDC, but the main stage has been and always will be E3, it's like the superbowl of gaming.
The_Infected  +   805d ago
^ they didn't say it would be revealed at GDC. They said they would have "special events "near the Game Developers Conference in March"
Belking  +   805d ago
Then why was the xbox revealed on
Sevir  +   805d ago
are you kidding me?
Bill Gates announced the first Xbox at CES 1999, and the Xbox 360 was announced on MTV in 2005 before being publicly unveiled at E3 1 week later.

Have several seats... Minty and Sony have both announced new Hardware at press events outside of E3. And this year that's likely to be the case since both there current Generation Consoles have plenty of life with big games releasing this year.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   804d ago
The article makes a lot of sense that instead of being announced at E3, Sony and Microsoft will have their own events. At E3 they have to fight for the spotlight. They still might announce very close to E3 like the 360 did. Maybe Sony and Microsoft will take a page out of Nintendo's book and start making announcements whenever they want like the Nintendo Direct videos.
Kurisu  +   805d ago
Rumours, rumours, rumours. Call me when there is concrete information...for example, when it is officially announced.
sprinterboy  +   805d ago
behind closed doors is a possibility, heres hoping for some leaked footage, but thats a big ask lol
manitobawpg  +   805d ago
If i'm not mistaken thats a game development conference and not a place to announce new hardware. I think E3 is the place to announce these things.
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konnerbllb  +   804d ago
Xbox and Xbox 360 were announced at separate events in the weeks before E3. It will likely happen again.
Pintheshadows  +   804d ago
We won't get to see it but they will likely unveil it to developers behind closed doors.
sway_z  +   805d ago
The amount of miserable/hateful and condescending comments you see on N4G...

In all honesty, I wonder if there is a percentage of people on N4G that actually enjoy gaming?

Jakens  +   805d ago
Those miserable/hateful comments have kept me coming back since 2005. :0) (and I enjoy gaming)
ME1989  +   805d ago
I'm readyyyyy!!!!!!

Day 1 on both PS4 and 720.

My wife might castrate me in my sleep... but it's a risk I'm willing to take here folks.
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The_Infected  +   805d ago
Just lock her outside the bedroom when you sleep and install an alarm system within you bedroom! See nothing to worry about:)
vallencer  +   805d ago
Except women are like vengeful ninja. So his balls aren't safe regardless.
KMCROC54  +   805d ago
The only way you will be able to sleep safely is if you bribe her with an opportunity to buy something she wants but knows you won't approve of,cause if not you will never hear the end of it. Trust me still hearing it from updating both my 360 & tv to newer models.
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Npugz7  +   804d ago
Me too! My wife is always on my ass about my tv and games when I want to upgrade!
evilunklebud  +   804d ago
Yeah, console agnostic here.... I'll probably jump early on both too.
DivineAssault  +   805d ago
i doubt its going to be shown to the public until at least E3 but leaks will be shown before then.. Either way, i cant FN wait to get one.. A brand new system is one of the best joys a tech junky can have.. The smell, the new os, the delicate unboxing, etc.. Give me my PS4/orbis/omni or whatever the hell its called already sony!
ZigZagLagger  +   805d ago
possibly. but i doubt they will show it off to the public. not until E3 im guessing.
Dlacy13g  +   805d ago
I am not sure there will be public unveiling of the next xbox or playstation at GDC but you can 100% guarantee that they will unveil final form behind closed doors for the next xbox.

I am not convinced that Sony is as close as some think to being ready for launch so they may not have a final version ready but they will be doing a lot of behind closed door stuff too.

What I do expect from GDC is a bunch of leaked confirmations of specs, titles for launch as well as a better idea of each companies launch window.
BitbyDeath  +   804d ago
Next Xbox probably isn't ready for a 2013 launch either.

Halo4 just released so 343 won't be making a new game this year.
A new Gears game is about to come out so Epic likely won't have another ready either.
Forza Horizon just came out last year so they also will likely be unable to produce another game so quickly.

Doesn't really leave much outside of Kinect titles.
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Dlacy13g  +   804d ago
While I agree none of those IP's are ready for a 2013 launch if you look at the Xbox 360's launch line up you will see something very curious. None of those IP's for MS either. No Halo or Forza... Gears came out the year after its launch.

MS likes to have good 3rd party support at launch not necessarily 1st party. They launched the 360 with Perfect Dark Zero, Project Gotham Racing 3 and Kameo as their only 1st party entrants. So if you look at it that way... Lionhead just launched Fable the Journey in Sept. but they easily could have been co-developing a game in the last half a year of that games cycle and Rare for sure is at work at a number of titles. Also Forza Horizon was not created by Turn 10 proper... so there again you could have a next gen racer ready for launch in 2013. There also are studios like Remedy supposedly working on Alan Wake 2, or their new Black Tusk studio that has been hard at work for the last year.
Dms2012  +   805d ago
The only way I can stop reading about these rumors is to not use my PC, Tablet, or smartphone. Just reveal already!
Lancey77  +   805d ago
As previously mentioned I'm not a fanboy of either console.

I have had a PS3 for many years and an Xbox 360 for many years just never had the 2 at the same time. With the new consoles appearing ever closer I wont be able to afford both so I'm really unsure which console to get. So far for me it is PS4 as I would rather 4K than Illumiroom (whatever it is called). Also with Steam Box I'm really undecided.

I prefer the dashboard and community on the Xbox but cant help feel that PS4 is going to take the next title for console winner. Problem I have is I always want the best and unfortunately both consoles come with pro's and con's (current consoles that is). PS4 really need to pull something out of the bag for me and not just in games as I know they can produce brilliant games but online, dashboard, and community. The PS3 was never built as a multi player machine but the Xbox was.
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TheGamerDood  +   805d ago
that would be awesome! I'm so happy :') thank goodness this gen is almost over.
chukamachine  +   805d ago
Don't care much about the 720, no games for me on the system, gears,halo,forza,fable don't interest me.

Multiplats will be the same day 1. PS4/720

Crosschat will be on both systems for whoever cares.

Illumiroom is awful. For children who like bright lights. Brings nothing to gaming.
Orionsangel  +   805d ago
How do I keep my stuff on 360 and PS3 when I migrate to the new systems? I have 300gb worth of content on each system. I hope these new systems have at least 1tb of storage. Unless it's all on the cloud?
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GoldPunch-TR  +   804d ago
Only March! Pre-order canceled. Opss, wrong news.
jakmckratos  +   804d ago
They shoulda been shown already if theyre planning on a release date this holiday..
Parasyte  +   804d ago
I hope so. The sooner that I know exactly how much I'll need to save the better.
SITH  +   804d ago
Well, it looks like march will be the month the console war kiddies can hit the reset button and start fighting over something they do not even own. A day after launch, the sales nuts can start bragging about results that have no bearing on the course of their pathetic lives. Let the festivities begin.
TheKayle  +   804d ago
im ready i hope both console appear at e3 ill buy first the nextbox then ps4 (if will be same lvl of power jump of ps3)

but i think we need to wait for the ps4

About the xbox:
"That meshes well with what SemiAccurate knows about silicon production times and ODM capabilities. Microsoft insiders tell us that the planned launch date is September 2013, and that is not changing without heads rolling internally."
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sandman224  +   804d ago
Great rumor!
Masta Kaos  +   804d ago
Im tired of all these Rumours.....wake me up when Sony says something about PS4.
Yangus  +   804d ago
GT6 coming ps4, day one buy new Sony console!!
Max-Zorin  +   804d ago
I'm pretty sure both system will be great. But as usual, the fans will be at war Dynasty Warriors style.
cedaridge  +   804d ago
I Say "If you like them all then buy them all." xbox 360 and ps3 have done fine this gen, No need for a loser. And I am lookin forward to the next xbox and ps4.
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edonus  +   804d ago
Rumor has it that the nextbox is going to be more powerful than Ps4 and its almost confirmed it will have more functions. If this turns out to be the case all MS has to do is drop some high end games out performing the competition.

But no matter what sony will be fine the system could be a turd wrapped in vomit and it will out sell the nextbox in Japan. That is the great equalizer. If nintendo survives this next gen they will do so on life support, and maybe setting up for a big comeback afterwards. I dont think the WiiU is going to have the penetration they hoped for.
Hicken  +   804d ago
Love how you start off with "rumor has it" and then run with those rumors like fact.

Good job. Don't let the lack of concrete evidence stop you from spinning!
edonus  +   803d ago
Actually by stating "Rumor has it" I completely acknowledge the information as rumor and possibility covering any other statements that I make so they are not misconstrued as fact. So any situation that I am talking about is based on that rumor.

You Sony guys are overly paranoid you guys have become the GOP of gaming. Everything as of now is rumor so there really isnt anything to spin its all speculation and theory at this point.

Good ole crazy Hicken.... never change, please
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