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metroid32  +   817d ago
I think what u have to understand is Nintendo have announced that alot of 1st and 3rd party games have purposly been held bk some just sat there,some just simply are no where near finished so think E3 2013 will have these games.

New Metroid
New MarioKart/Diddy Kong
New Zelda
New Smas Bros
New F-Zero
New Mario 3D
Concept GP
Myamoto's new character/game

2nd/3rd party games will be games like.

Beyond Good And Evil 2/Michel ancel basically says it's a perfect fit for wiiu after actually developing for the wiiu he says it's suprisingly powerful it handles everything you throw at it so that game is definate let's look at some others.

Moonlith soft project
Retrostudio's projects
RetroStudio's GameEngine demo's

Lot's to look forward too.
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FarCryLover182  +   817d ago
Those sound like some good first party games for sure...

but why is Crysis FOUR on your list???
SilentNegotiator  +   817d ago
lol, because Crysis 3 isn't coming to Wii U and neither is Battlefield.

Anything for a fanboy to pad out a list.
I swear that is what nintendo will do.
Ugh same damn franchises for the millionth time..

You just kinda put me of off wiiU a bit. Word Of MOUF thanks...

ps4 next to my pc and I am done.

Paying for multiplayer is $60 on top of buying a maybe $399 console day 1? no thanks.

Add to your list HL3..
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SnotyTheRocket  +   817d ago
You think Half life 3 will come out in 2013?
ABizzel1  +   817d ago

I wouldn't be surprised, and I always wouldn't be surprised if it's a timed exclusive to Steam and Steambox. Valve has a console now and they need something to push it. What better game, and what better way to make people rage.
lilbroRx  +   817d ago
They are not the same.

Nintendo rarely ever releases things the same more than twice.

The irony of what you say it that Sony has been doing exactly what you say. 3 Killzones, 3 Uncharteds, 5 God of Wars, 3 Little Big Planets, 2 Infamouses, 3 Hyper Dimension Neptunias, 2 War Hawks and Star Hawk(which flopped), M.A.G. and Planet Scape, 3 Atelier of Arland, 3 Jak and Daxters, Ratchet and Clanks(I lost count), 3 Motorstorms, 5 Pixel Junks, 3 Resistances, 2 White Night Chronicles, 8 Yakuzas. Then the rest of their exclusives are rip offs of Nintendo games(ironyyyyyyyyy!)

Nintendo releases games that uses the same character but they constantly make "new franchises with those character". Sony release the same damn games over a and over and over ad inifinitum, and you clearly intend to keep buying them.
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sonic989  +   817d ago
man woow just wow cant say anything more .
oh yeah and a major facepalm .
RonRico  +   817d ago
How many Mario games have been released that are action/adventure and 2D/3D? They've released more than major Sony and MS franchises for sure.
lilbroRx  +   817d ago

Action-adventure is a genre, not a franchise, and no Mario game is action-adventure to my knowledge. They are mostly "platformers". Zelda is action-adventure. Its also an RPG, though people don't like to consider it that because it not like what they are used to. That's why I like Nintendo though. They keep bring new things to the table.

HD twin fanboys seem to have forgotten that the platformer genre exist, because their consoles are so devoid of varitey and saturated with only 3 genre types. Shooter(primarily first, then third person), Action and Sports.

Platformers used to be the most common genre of game their was. Now, Nintendo's console's are pretty much the only consoles where platformers can still see success.

Then you have Mario Kart(which is its own franchise), Mario Party(its own franchise), Paper Mario(its on franchise) Mario Sports etc. You

Mario is just a mascot, not a franshise.
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dantesparda  +   817d ago
wow! libro if you believe that Sony is worst at doing that than Nintendo, then all i can say is wow! its all Nintendo does. Same franchises since the 80's
quantae06  +   817d ago
Actually Monolith has already confirmed that a new ip is in development already on the Wii U. Their is also a rumor(maybe true or false) that another two ips is being worked on for the Wii U.
MarkusMcNugen  +   817d ago

Mario's a franchise...
Eyeco  +   817d ago
Its easy to say that, but when you look at it how many of those franchises progresses to the next gen of consoles ? 3 Uncharted games this gen I highly doubt we'll see an Uncharted next gen, same with Jak , same with games like Syphon Filter.

Nintendo however has used the same franchises for over 20 years , not like theres anything wrong with because Nintendo's first party is phenomenal , but its failed to attract new fans hence why Nintendo had to tap into an entirely different demographic of gamers via motion control.

That said Pokemon alone renders your argument mute what is it like 16 games in 18 years and hardly anything has changed since, thats the definition of milking.
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corrus  +   817d ago
Crysis is a trilogy
360ICE  +   817d ago
Most obscure list ever. Let's talk when they're announced, not when they're mentioned.

Only two of the PixelJunk games are actually similar. You wouldn't count Mario Kart and Mario Party together, would you?
Another reason they have franchises with more games is because of focus on continued narratives. And they do actually have bigger variation in terms of franchise. Which does say something. You do mention that Nintendo varies the concept, but uses the same franchises. Well Sony canges the characters too, pretty much every time the change the concept (Crash Bandicoot, LittleBigPlanet, Pixeljunk, Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank actually have games with radically different game mechanics. Maybe mention that).

How many major brand new franchises does Nintendo 1st party have this gen? The Wii franchise I guess.

And what about 9 Mario Kart games, 12 Mario Party games (only three generations, plus the fairly similar Wii party), 6 Donkey Kong rythm games! (don't get me started on the other ones), 4 animal crossing games, 5 Mario Party Tennis Games, 3 Mario Golf games, 3 Mario and Sonic Olympic Games, 4 paper mario, 4 Dr. Mario, and all the other Mario franchises and sports games, 2 Wii Sports games, 2 Wii Play, 2 Wii Fit, 2 SMG games (and a pretty big Super Mario 3D and 2D line-up)

So yeah. Don't give PlayStation too much crap it doesn't deserve. Everyone make use of their brands.
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lilbroRx  +   817d ago
I wasn't comparing numbers.

I was pointing out the differences and hypocrisy in how incorrect his assumption of Nintendo's releases was.

Almost every game Nintendo releases, even in the same franchise, is completely different than the previous one.

The most you will see them make of a game with the exact same formula is two. Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask then they completely changed the formula. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 then they completely changed the formula.

I'm surprised by New Super Mario Bros, because its the first time they haven't made a HUGE radical change to a franchise after two iterations.

If Nintendo actually did release nothing but the same thing repeatedly, I wouldn't buy anything from them anymore. Releasing the same thing over and over again is why I don't buy game on the PS3 or 360. Most of the changes to their games are just aesthetic.

I get a PS3 game once a year when its something truly unique like Dragon's Dogma, but games like that are few and very far between. I quit buying anything Microsoft after my second 360 red ringed.

Resistance is still running and gun. Halo is still running and gunning. Gears of War is still ducking and gunning. Uncharted is still climbing, ducking and gunning. All of them still do what they do in the same way. They don't change.

There is a difference between releasing games under the same name(same franchise) and releasing the same games.
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360ICE  +   817d ago
I know. I was comparing numbers to reject your position that every game Nintendo releases are completely different from the previous one. They are not. The diference between Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time is pretty big, but so is the difference between Uncharted 1 and 2. Ultimately it's the same concept.

The new super Mario Bros is NOT the first time, not even close, they haven't made radical differences. It's not even the first Super Mario Bros without radical differences. 360 and PS3 don't release the same things over and over again. Sure, they have their FIFAs, CoDs and Maddens, but so does Wii.

Dragon's Dogma isn't all that unique. If that's your standard for unique, you should really check out some other games.

Resistance are still about shooting yes. But then again Mario is still about platforming. Look at the other changes to the formula. My bet is that you're not as used to shooters, and don't considers differences as big as someone who knows more about the genre. The difference between Resistance 1 and 2 is like day and night.

And that leads me to my last point. inFamous is a new franchise this gen. So is Gears of War, Uncharted, Resistance, Motorstorm, LittleBigPlanet, and many others.
These are new concepts with new settings, characters and identities. Instead of just new concepts within the margins of the same franchises, which you seem to applaud.

And you completed avoided things like 12 Mario Party games, a franchise that has barely changed at all, over only three console generations. As many of nine of them are in the main series! That's as many as Call of Duty! One of the most notoriously milked franchises. So don't be a hypocrite, and realise that Sony, MS and Nintendo all bring new things to the table, but in different packaging. Nintendo apparently in the same packaging each time, according to yourself.
animegamingnerd  +   817d ago
i bet we can all agree that when it comes to exclusives both sony and nintendo rape M$ in that matter
the worst  +   817d ago
Tctczach  +   817d ago
Hahahaha Star Wars 1313. You most be concussed at the moment.
1upgamer99  +   817d ago
I agree with you on most of this, accept crysis4, you should not have put that without backing it up. One thing you did not add is that Shigeru Miyamoto himself IS creating a new IP. Since he is the best there is creator of the best selling,fun, creative games of all time, that is big news. I heard it a few months ago. This is not the link I was looking for but here is a link anyway. http://www.nintendo-gamer.n...
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EliteDave93  +   817d ago
To be honest, 2013 still feels a bit to early. Id say 2014 or maybe even 2015.

EDIT: What i mean is that with all the epic games coming out in 2013 it feels stupid to release a new console the same year.
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JohnnyAkiba  +   817d ago
Early? Xbox360 is 7 years old.
cervantes99  +   817d ago
Early - no freakin way! I want new, more capable console hardware now!!! It's been 7+ years of the current gen.
bobshi  +   817d ago
They are mostly slated for the first half of the year, though.

The biggest giveaway was Activision, or EA - I can't remember who said it - they said they expect there will be at least one new console in 2013.

Now think of this. Infinity Ward is working on a next-gen FPS. Their job postings say as much.

What game does Infinity Ward make? Call of Duty.

When has Call of Duty released since forever? November.

COD studios take turns in developing the game, and whose turn is it for 2013? Infinity Ward.

So, on that basis, I can see it very extremely likely we will see a new console for the holiday period of 2013 with a COD launch title.

If it was for a 2014 title then they would have had a lot more job postings to create a brand new team so that one team can release a COD this year, and have another team working concurrently on the next-gen 2014 title.
Y_5150  +   817d ago
No now is the time, accept it or be behind with the dust buddy! :P
tigertron  +   817d ago
My body is ready for next-gen.

I'm certain they'll be announced at E3, but I would like an announcement before hand.
koston3647  +   817d ago
When's GDC 2013? info always leaks from that conference
bobshi  +   817d ago

But it probably won't because Michael Pachter said that he expects we will know about the PS4 at least by GDC, and we all know what he is like at predictions.
jyang  +   817d ago
Not to be a picky Patty, but the 360 and the PS3 are the seventh generation.
Angrymorgan  +   817d ago
Picky patty lol...never heard that one before
MRMagoo123  +   817d ago
sounds like something the cast of seventh heaven would say or the flanders lol
wiiulee  +   817d ago
both sony and microsoft are waiting for the other to make the first will probably be sony since they came in last this generation and xbox is selling better then ps3....but they are fighting for second place to begin with and if they wait any longer the worse off on them.....and as for games nintendo will have alot of great game announcements before and at e3 for sure and the game thirdparties have been working on...
MRMagoo123  +   817d ago
xbox is selling better than the ps3??? really since when did they manage that , as far as i know ps3 has been outselling the 360 world wide since release.
MysticStrummer  +   817d ago
"xbox is selling better then ps3"

*looks at 360/PS3 sales gap on PS3's release day, then looks at the 360/PS3 sales gap now*


With math skills like that, you must be american.
Ezz2013  +   817d ago
what gap ??!
they both at 70million
TheKayle  +   817d ago
again and again...the gap is small..ps3 sold a lots of console...but xbox sold more units (still) worldwide)...and if we not look jsut at units sold....

ms get more money on 1 xbox than sony do with ps3 (cost of production)....

add xbl....and maybe a kinect....

sony end 3rd this gen LIVE WITH IT...fanboys...GOSH is the 100000000 time that im reading....worlwide sony .......the gap is getting closer.........7 YEARS..nothing change...every christmas xbox sold more than ps3.....every black friday sold more...every summer sold more.....stfu now

ok in 2015 sony with ps3 will be FIRST..when the other stopped the production of wii and so strong this company...L O L

but also on this ive big suspect that sony will end ps3 production very quickly....not like ps2 ( was a great but CHEAP console ) the ps3 cost a lots...A LOTS to dont expect 10 years useless (i would know ppl that in 2013 play still with the ps2! SAYING W O W ...what a game) life cycle

nintendo>ms>>>son y.....

and a company WIN when they make GOOD money on the console ...not when they sold 2 billions more than the other company losing 150$ for each piece......


all the marketing on the ps3 was TOTAL CRAP..this gen...accept it

second point..

we ALREADY KNOW that ms will get the next gen console before sony...if u search on google on some serious website u will know it too

they using the same fab to produce the chips...

but ms have the priority on that fabs....for older contract with that companies...(while sony is changing tech not adopting the cell)...
when they end to produce the first stock of ms chips (and it seem to take some time more...coz of some problems of this companies to produce that chips)...that fabs start with the sony one

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Ezz2013  +   817d ago
"" again and again...the gap is small..ps3 sold a lots of console...but xbox sold more units (still) worldwide)...and if we not look jsut at units sold.... ""

what's your source ??!! vgchartes lolhahahahahahahahahaa
both are tie at 70m
ps3 is no longer in 3rd place
and this gen isn't over

""sony end 3rd this gen LIVE WITH IT...fanboys...GOSH is the 100000000 time that im reading....worlwide sony .......the gap is getting closer.........7 YEARS..nothing change...every christmas xbox sold more than ps3.....every black friday sold more...every summer sold more.....stfu now ""

again what's your source that ps3 is 3rd place?!

and sony is making money on ever ps3 sold since 2009 and they will support ps3 till 2015
in 2013 ps3 have ALOT of BIG exclusives

xbox on the other hand in 2013 with only 1 exclusive from the same old 3 exclusives
is showing that they are dropping xbox like nothing
and guys like you deserve that
you care about nothing but money which you don't get a cent from it

the rest of your comment is the same BS as all your comments which are hot air with nothing to back it up
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hennessey86  +   817d ago
One will
Release in late 2013( probably Xbox) and the ps4 early 2014
RealtorMDandDC  +   817d ago
@hennessey86 I agree. Sony will be last to release their console..
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landog  +   817d ago
either sony or MS should be smart and release their next gen console in the begining of summer, this way they get the early adopters well before the holiday, then they can make some holiday bundles that will sell like mad in 10 months!

whoever attacks first usually wins in a fight, thats the law of the jungle baby!
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solar  +   817d ago
we will in 2013, but if you think they will be the graphical leap like from XBOX/PS2 to 360/PS3 you are kidding yourself. Consoles selling sweet spot is $250/$300 dollars, i see both MS and Sony not going as technically advanced as last gen because

1) the leap in graphics isn't going to grab gamers as last gen and 2) Console hardware developer's lag behind in giving their hardware enough RAM. Graphics can only go so far. There are too many variables a limited box can handle, AI, shadows, lighting, AA, etc.
ILive  +   817d ago
Your logic is flawed because graphics are one of the most important aspect of videogames. It is what ms and Sony will use to grab consumers at first. Then they'll start to show the other important capabilities of the consoles. The graphics upgrade may not be huge, but it will be significant enough. They can't get away with the launch titles like they did at the beginning of this gen because of what we have come to expect from these consoles and the fact that it was the start of the hd era. I am not expecting Wii to wiiu transition. But I believe there Will be a moderately significant difference between the new consoles and the current ones; it will start with the graphics. Otherwise Sony and Ms should not even bother making new consoles. Technology is advancing everyday. It will be a shame if they only took one step forward when they can take ten.
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Just_The_Truth  +   817d ago
I have a ps3 and all I want is a new UI and better games.
donman1  +   817d ago
Since this generation, this has been a new era of two console gaming to satisfy your gaming needs. I already have the Wii U to start of the next generation as I await information on the PS4. Wii U and PS4 will be my console combo of choice.
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badvlad  +   817d ago
these articles are killing me
metroidfusion2  +   817d ago
Activision did say one system is coming out next year so I thinl its the 720 and the ps4 will be in 2014 now that's going off of rumors and 2014 and 2015 game dates which I have seen for a few games and the wii u will be getting ps4 and 720 ports one is called human element look it up and I'm sure more are coming
RealtorMDandDC  +   817d ago
I've enjoyed my PS3
Quality games and experience...and if Orbis will be 5Xs more powerful than PS3, I'm in. I believe the PS3 is a very powerful gaming console especially when 1st parties studios partake in game development and time and thought is placed (Hitman: Absolution PS3 was the lead console). So 5xs more powerful will be very epic. I also believe Sony will be going for virtual realty and take second screen game play to the next realty by using some sort of "Goofge Glass like technology)...I also think Microsoft will be going this route with it's Kinect Glasses coming out in sometime in 2014 step. I believe the next step is try to put you into the game and that will be the biggest difference between the two. Whoever is capable of providing the the best "I'll make you a part of the game" experience will be the winner of next generation.
Ryudo9  +   817d ago
Some forget Nintendo put out a lot of new 1st/2nd party IP's this gen. Xenoblade(Monolith is 1st party),Dynamic Zan,Disaster Day of Crisis,Captain Rainbow,The last Story (IP owned by nintendo)Pandoras Tower,the Wii series (even if they suck),Endless Ocean,Steel Diver,Project X Zone,Rythm Heaven and now they own half of the Fatal Frame series. Next year they will publish Bayonetta 2.

Nintendo was never afraid of new IP's. NOA just does not always release them state side or when they do,they don't market them like they do Mario/Zelda.
Bolts  +   817d ago
I'm completely shocked at the lack of real and sustancial leaks on these two consoles. You so called gaming journalist types need to get off your ass and do your job. I'm tired of reading articles that are nothing more than fanboy fantasies and blind guess work.
silkrevolver  +   817d ago
I'd support smaller videogame websites if they didn't produce as many spelling and grammatical errors as they tend to...
black911  +   817d ago
Ps3 still has alot of power left. Ne need to rush the PS4.
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steve30x  +   817d ago
When Forza and Gran Turismo is released for the next Microsoft and Sony consoles I will buy a new console Or if the new consoles had keyboard and mouse support for games then I would be ready to ditch my PC for console gaming completely.
Alcohog  +   817d ago
At some point I will buy a WiiU just for Zelda. That's just the way it is. :\
bozebo  +   817d ago
I'd say there is a small possibility of the PS4 appearing in Japan this year. Other than that, the current consoles are still making money so... it makes no business sense to go ahead with the next gen just yet (it's game sales that matter).

The technology is a big factor too, and both parties (MS and Sony) might have access to developments from different partners (such as how the 360 had unified shaders and PS3 had Cell, if nVidia had unified shaders sorted out PS3 would have gone down that route but the only way to compete was the floating point prowess of the Cell, albeit quite a brain fuck to work with in comparison and it causes difficulties engineering data concurrency in multithreaded engines). This time, there isn't going to be any revolutionary tech but the heat output, power usage and overall performance will be hard to finely balance. They are still probably not 100% sure of exactly what hardware is going to be in the machines, there could end up being a significant performance difference between the two depending on what portion of the market they wish to target entirely - that will affect the price not too long after launch as the impact of the competitor's console becomes known. Really, it's the games that matter the most though - and in that ballpark, Sony and Nintendo are ahead due to their first party lineup - but MS could build up a catalog again if they so desire and if they can approach the correct talent (they lucked out with Bungie when they entered the market).

Only time will tell.
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