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RuleofOne343  +   856d ago
Sweet can't wait, looking forward to this.
Toolster  +   856d ago
Xbox play dead space 3....,.....Xbox f@*k Xbox quits game and shows porn lol
cee773  +   856d ago
Just great another feature fanboy's will hold over ps3 owners heads:S/

Only on xbox 360 kinect lmao

This has to be the all time most gimmicky gen ever .
edonus  +   856d ago
Its so sad that these fanboys and kinect hater dont realize the war is over.

Kinect has won. All these comments are stupid and ignorant considering the simple fact that you turn the feature off.

Its sad that these cavemen gamers cant respect innovation. Thats why you are being marginalized. You guys are the reason so many studios close down and that the only games that sale are sequels. Hopefully the next generation of gamers that are replacing you will be more encompassing.
KwietStorm  +   856d ago
edonus  +   856d ago
It has won its place in gaming.

It has moved hardware software and has created some great experiences. MS is still supporting and will continue next gen devs are still creating for it Sony has plans to copy it Smart tvs are already copying it.

To think kinect has been anything less than a blatant success shows a disconnection with reality.
Picnic  +   855d ago
I'm a PS3 owner but I didn't buy it for the Move. If motion control had been vital to me I would have got an Xbox360 and the Kinect. It truly broadended the appeal of the Xbox360 in to family gaming without being a simple rip off of the Wii. I still think that the PS3 is marginally better overall for my tastes but that's because I often play single player games for which the likes of Uncharted are entertaining.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   856d ago
Kinect... been there done that... last gen?
TheTimeDoctor  +   856d ago
to me it sounds like the necrosis might frack you.
KwietStorm  +   856d ago
Probably the best use of Kinect yet.
JenniferSimpson22   856d ago | Spam
chuckyj1  +   856d ago
It picks up swear words it's no different then when using voice controls in games like Mass Effect 3 and so on.

They aren't actually listening to you simply pre-programmed commands that are coded at certain points in the game.

Not a big deal and not Controversial by any means...
rpalma28  +   856d ago
I wish dark souls would've known when I swore and maybe compile it into a stat, could have been fun.
Bryan574  +   855d ago
Big Brother's favourite spying tool the Kinect.
RuleofOne343  +   855d ago
Big Brother been spying way before Kinect even hit the market or even was a concept in a boardroom.
Bryan574  +   855d ago
Oh I'm aware, It just feels like they aren't hiding it any more with things like Kinect.
Dragonshardz  +   855d ago
Gimmicks, gimmicks everywhere.
M1chl  +   855d ago
I might be dumb, but this article is so vague about that feature, that I don't know what kinect integration in DS3 is going to do. If my swearing gonna change somewhat gameplay, enemies behaving and other stuff I am fine with that. But if this some tool to future statistic about swearing when playing, than you can go fuck yourself EA....
Picnic  +   855d ago
**** why did I buy another installment of this series which rips off so many other games?
Braid  +   855d ago
How about I say "I love you, man" then? Are they going to give me a hug?
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