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1upgamer99  +   1158d ago
This is true, and this is one thing that drives me nuts. Nintendo is supposed to patch it soon, and I for one hope they do it soon!
Hatsune-Miku  +   1158d ago
If you don't buy rubbish you won't get rubbish. It shouldn't take so long to navigate each app or icon. This is where power of a console come in to where its more convenient all around. Faster load times, better graphics, better sound, better physics, more options and the list goes on and on . When you have a weak system then things like this will happen.

Same situation can apply in games where you'll have things pop in a few metres infront of you which can get you killed. Slow texture loads, not deciphering if something is a rock or a person. NES fans shouldn't stand for a rubbish product. NES fanatics would though and spin this to mean the console is so powerful that this happens or something else. The Wii u is rubbish. I can't wait for next gen consoles the xbox next and ps4.
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1upgamer99  +   1158d ago
I did not say I did not like Wii U, in fact I love it. The gameplay on BOPS2, Madden 13, Assassins Creed 3, are better than on my PS3. Its the OS which mind you has more way more dedicated RAM than PS3 or 360. That is why I say they need to patch it ASAP. Trust me it is a great system, but Nintendo should have addressed this FIRST before its release. OR it should have been fixed on the day one patch.
Septic  +   1158d ago
Lol, why Hatsune, why hate on the Wii U so much? Fair enough if you are unimpressed by it but you have made countless posts on its articles. You really despise the machine don't you?

On topic: What on Earth is up with that slow load time??! That is completely unacceptable and to have wait for a future update and hoping that this is remedied is just not on.

And seriously, if someone comes along and says, "oh it's only 30 seconds, make a sandwich and quit moaning" I will lose all faith in humanity.

Maybe my HTC One X has spoiled me but I'd like to think that, in this day and age, and for tech that's touted as next gen, waiting for minute intervals whilst switching between a couple of apps is just not acceptable.
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Zhipp  +   1158d ago
PLEASE tell me you're not blaming the Wii U's hardware for the slow loading. This is an OS, not a freaking particle simulator. If my 1ghz single-core smart phone with 375mbs of RAM can run Jingerbread Android smoothly, then there's no excuse for the Wii U to be this sluggish. Hell, this console is more powerful and has faster RAM than my POS laptop, the Wii U, running an OS designed specifically for it, SHOULD be much faster.

The only excuse is that Nintendo's devs did an extremely poor job optimizing their OS--which isn't actually an excuse at all. Nintendo needs to fix their shit, and haters need to stop making fools of themselves by acting like you need an i7 and 16gbs of ddr4 ram to run an operating system.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1158d ago
The Wii U is weak compared to what? Unannounced consoles? Do you game on PC exclusively or do you have a time traveling DeLorean?
ChickeyCantor  +   1158d ago
" NES fans shouldn't stand for a rubbish product. "

Since PS3 and xbox360 never had firmware updates because they were perfect....O wait It's Hatsune, the wonderful unicorn from planet BS.
millzy102  +   1158d ago
@ hatsune-miku i hate the term nes fenatic, we are not in the 80s, also no one is complaining about textures not loading although my ps3 has this problems on some games like rage but ive never seen a person look like a rock on anything, if you've got nothing to add constructively to the conversation then shut up, how come many Multiplatform players enjoy the wii u and people who hate it hasn't even touched it. ive got plenty of reasons to hate xbox from personal experience but i do not bash, ive just stopped playing it and moved on, i don't take the piss out of people who play it because its what they enjoy and who am i to tell them otherwise. yes the os is a bit slow and a bit of an inconvenience but it is not the end of world, it will be fixed and atleast we can surf the net, watch youtube etc etc without quiting the game.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1158d ago
You can't "patch" in faster RAM. They went with slower RAM and despite a large size, it's still slow.
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BattleAxe  +   1158d ago
I don't know what she is saying, but she sounds very......honorable
stragomccloud  +   1158d ago
Wouldn't be a proper Wii U article without you. Cheers!
lfclee  +   1158d ago
What is your wii u gamertag?
vulcanproject  +   1158d ago
I don't see why people are saying they are hating on Wii U if they point out how frickin slow the damn thing is to do anything. It is frustrating and irritating.

The more people that talk about it the faster Nintendo might try and fix it. It shouldn't really be this slow. That simple really.
Kurt Russell  +   1157d ago
Was anyone else thinking of this?

Or should I just grab my coat?

Related video
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LOL_WUT  +   1158d ago
@1upgamer99 At least your honest, others would say that this is not an issue. ;) This should've been addressed in that one patch they released what were they thinking?
1upgamer99  +   1158d ago
I know! Nintendo did not go to Disks when N64 came out "because of load time" Now they do this? I know it will be fixed, BUT this should be a priority over any other future download add on! The one thing that people can say bad about Wii U, and I have to agree, is this.
n4f  +   1158d ago
im pretty sure it not disk since the buffer is highter then the ps3 blu ray. but im certain that its a os type or prebleme because navigating from menu to menu is take some time. i honestly dont complain on stuff like that since because i dont give a ---- but ever since people been complaining about it, ive notice it more.
grailly  +   1158d ago
yeah it's ridiculous, you just can wonder what they're doing with that gig of OS-dedicated RAM. the should easily be able to keep the whole menu in memory, seing how it really doesn't do much. there would still be space to have miiverse constantly running.

an other complaint I have with the OS is that it's impossible to switch of a controller and keep the console on (at least I haven't found out how to do it), specially knowing that the gamepad battery doesn't last that long.

other than that I love my WiiU. I'll just put this out there: it's better to own a PS3 or 360 and a WiiU than both ps3 and 360 and no wiiU.
Squall5005  +   1158d ago
Does this happen when using the Wii U through the TV as well? Or is it just when you use the GamePad?
herbs  +   1158d ago
I agree that the OS on the Wii U is terribly slow which is completely unexceptable. I especially hate when it boots up and there's a loading wheel almost immediately, this just screams unrefined hack job to me. Although one thing I think we can all agree on beside this blunder by Nintendo is that Hatsune-Miku has absolutely no life at all.
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CalvinKlein  +   1157d ago
well its not like this woman's time is valuable if shes making videos like this.
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Lovable  +   1158d ago
That's pretty bad. I hope they patch that soon.
GreenRanger  +   1158d ago
I could have sex twice in the amount of time it takes the Wii U to even get turned on. :-)
eferreira  +   1158d ago
Lol you machine
Knight_Crawler  +   1158d ago
You dirty dirty girl ;)
AcidKill  +   1158d ago
WII U should learn something for this Green Ranger in terms of speed. ;)
Fishermenofwar  +   1158d ago
Stop bragging!!
gpturbo81  +   1158d ago
two pump chump
TheRichterBelmont  +   1158d ago
lilbroRx  +   1158d ago
So out of hundreds of thousands of people who have bought the Wii U since it launched a few weeks, they skip all of the positive overviews wait to find the one user making a complaint to cover?

This was a regular problem on the PS3 and still is for some game, but I don't remember seeing people covering generic videos of it likes its major news.

People will find any angle they can to hate on Nintendo.
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Septic  +   1158d ago
Come on mate, this kind of thing is unacceptable regardless of what console its on. I don't think the criticisms here are unjust- doing rudimentary tasks of just enabling basic apps and options taking longer than loading some current gen games is just not on.

I reckon I could easily boot up COD and search for a multiplayer game before I can access YouTube on the Wii U. Heck, Greenranger below can have TWO sex sessions in that time.
ChickeyCantor  +   1158d ago
I remember the Ps3 OS taking a huge chunk of the RAM with the first few releases.

It's not that the devs did a poor job. I believe it's a deadline/budget issue and the " good enough for now" attitude that software developers tend to go with.

Firmware updates are there to improve things. So it's just a matter of time until they fix issue "x".
Robotronfiend  +   1158d ago
The problem isn't about loading time for games, it is about long load times within the IU. Going into settings and back to the WiiU main screen takes WAY too long.

My PS3 has never taken 20 seconds to load a settings screen, or to navigate between menus...ever.
n4f  +   1158d ago
lilbroRx  +   1158d ago
Your lucky. My PS3 stalls on loading things all the time an it also crashes a lot. Not sure what the cause is. It happens most often when I'm trying to return to the system menu from a game.

I miss the days where gaming console weren't waiting down with all of this useless media garbage. You bought it, put the game in and played the game. That's one thing I wish Nintendo would have stuck with.
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pedroyamato   1158d ago | Spam
MasterCornholio  +   1158d ago
ZOMG its the Wii Us retarded CPU at work.

Lol kidding its probably just a glitch and I'm sure that Nintendo will fix it.

Motorola RAZR i
dee-ecks  +   1158d ago
"Motorola RAZR i"??? what about it?
Hicken  +   1158d ago
It's because he often posts from his phone, and advertises such with the signature at the end of his posts. He's done it for a while, with a few of his phones.
AllroundGamer  +   1158d ago
it just probably makes room for a hack...
poo342947294792  +   1158d ago
games are fun and all I like it for hardcore gaming I go PC for sitting around I got a wii u good fun but the OS is very slow, be nice to have a patch for xmas. As the last patch didn't do much at all.
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isarai  +   1158d ago
Usually i don't give a shit about load screens these days because even if long, they're usually very few and far between, but seriously a loading screen that long for the settings? WTF!
stuntman_mike  +   1158d ago
with the last update mine is a lot faster than that at loading...?
Triggytrolls  +   1158d ago
At least she seems happy haha.

20 seconds to get out of the settings haha. I'm still getting one tho. Her unboxing video is awesome, made me lol!
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DomceM  +   1158d ago
I wish nintendo competed with Ms and SONY directly. Id buy their consoles as I like their franchises the most. But they are always so far behind...

lilbroRx  +   1158d ago
Me and you apparently have different concepts on what it means to be behind because, motion control is what has ultimately defined the last gen and Sony and Microsoft were last to catch up.

Sony and Microsoft are still trying to catch up to Nintendo in sells.

Don't even get started on energy efficiency and failure rate.
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DomceM  +   1158d ago
Maybe motion control defined gaming for you, but it certainly does not for me. I dont like motion control the way it is implemented currently.

I dont play sales and im not a stockholder so i dont give a damn about that.Never use that in an argument against a real gamer and not a fanboy because it makes you look bad.

Efficiency is expected if you understand anything about how hardware works. Also i dont care about efficiency. I care about gaming. My PC sucks tremendous amounts of power and i dont give a damn. Why? Because it provides great looking visuals. Thats what i care about as a gamer.

Nintendo needs to stop cheaping out, start selling consoles at a loss like other companies and make some modern looking zelda and mario games. Megaman on nintendo would be cool too.
Thepcz  +   1158d ago
quality control
i wonder why nintendo thought it was acceptable at the testing period? surely somebody thought the alleged long pause between settings changes was unacceptable?

or maybe they just didn't care and would leave it until people complained.

either way, its a small thing to me, wouldnt affect my decision to buy one, just poor quality control on nintendos behalf
NirvanaInChains  +   1158d ago
I will admit sometimes its slow but its nothing they cant fix so whatever. Just like how slow the ps3 menu was around launch when you hit the home button in game, Sony fixed it though.
garos82  +   1158d ago
That was 6 years ago.does Moore's law mean anything to you?
SugarSoSweet  +   1158d ago
Finally these dumb asses realize the wii u is garbage
millzy102  +   1158d ago
did you read the comments only one person said it rubbish out of the whole thread the rest are constuctive criticisms, many of which of which are people who own it who dont think its garbage but they think it needs an update like every other console on the market has had. people need to grow up.
SugarSoSweet  +   1158d ago
I'm talking about four eyes in the video.....she doesn't look impressed
DivineAssault  +   1158d ago
What happened to all the nintendo fanatics that were on this site before launch? still waiting on load times? U cant sit & hope for things to get fixed all the damn time.. There is ALWAYS a problem that never gets resolved.. That goes for every console too
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herbs  +   1158d ago
DivineAssault and Hatsune-Miku a match made in troll heaven. Always calling others fanatics when all they do is fanatically troll Nintendo news because they are so insecure about them selfs and there precious PS3s, really there is no other way to explain this strange phenomena. Maybe all the half assed PS3 ports over the last 6 years have turned them into the strange Golum like creatures that they are today.
UnholyLight  +   1158d ago
When I had my Wii U I got used to it because It was so much fun. This coming from a guy who was used to the speed of the 360
stragomccloud  +   1158d ago
やっぱり、超遅いよね。ちゃんとオプティマゼーションしなきゃみ んな文句言うんじゃない?!早く直してよNintendo!
It really is pretty slow. If they don't optimize it properly, people are just gonna' complain more! Hurry up and fix this Nintendo!
BioDead  +   1158d ago
Nintendo lowered Wii U Pad tech so it was cheap enough to customers to buy. This was in one interview of Nintendo. They almost drop whole Pad away since it was too expencive to produce. I donät remember how they did drop Pad's tech performance but if I remember correct it had it own cpu which were drop to minimum and also Pad uses Wii U console cpu which also were changed in last minute. So this is result and I think its cannot be fixed with an update.
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Indo  +   1158d ago
this girl wants it fast and she wants it now...
OneAboveAll  +   1158d ago
Is mine the only one that doesn't take this long to load? O___O
WiigotU  +   1158d ago
I wonder how many commenting have a wii u.
UnholyLight  +   1155d ago
neogeo  +   1158d ago
1:27 she does a epic growl. love it!
dani25pr  +   1158d ago
Not because they speak so badly of nintendo if ps3 when lunch had a heap of problems that still have the browser it is a super dirt slowly, the xbox 360 the three RED lights in less than six months. The wii U or the games meet much better than others console 2gb of ram support Direct X11 THE XBOX AND PS3 HAVE IT?? NOP
sandman224  +   1157d ago
It's extremely slow. I can't believe with a big name like Nintendo that they would have the slowest operating system.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1157d ago
Slow loading what year is it again?

Android phone +1

wiiU -1
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