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The_Infected  +   1168d ago
Wow! Imagine how long it would take to make a game of that detail:(
Abdou23  +   1168d ago
Which means next-gen consoles specs will be far lower than that.
Christopher  +   1167d ago
I think people are going to be very unhappy when we see what comes with the next Playstation and Xbox.

People need to stop hyping what they want and replace it with the reality. Development of this type will mean $80-90 games with even harsher nickle and diming.

Until this type of technology is as easy as it is to develop this gen of games (and it's not that easy), it won't happen. And while they have progressed it, we are still seeing 5 to 8-year old engines that had demos where they showed off graphics we still haven't gotten to as the norm on consoles in this day and age.

So, the question is how much of the tech demo will make it into a next-gen console and how long to get it maximized for each console's potential?
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Autodidactdystopia  +   1167d ago | Intelligent
engine development

its called r&D

seriously hope you guys dont think they couldnt do this again in a fraction of the time.

you guys maybe dont know enough about how this all goes about.

they can now implement any model or environment and quickly. iteration is now a snap. it was the planning and r&d that took all of that time.

building shit like that from scratch is HARD. it doesnt happen over night.

no matter the size of your team of artists it all comes down to a handful of people who are the "supers" for the development of the engine creating algorithm based realtime rendering technology is the very forefront of technological development these days and sadly less than 1% of the people on planet earth have the mental ability to tackle problems in programming at the level they are with noones footprints to follow in.

i.e. you want to learn to program... so you look it up cause millions of others have been there done that and there is an established method to achieve 99.99 percent of the operations you could imagine.
for these guys, it is much different. Ploughing through mounds of some of the most advanced equations ever created in technical papers barely recognisable as language to the average person then gathering a full understanding of mathematics never implemented on a cpu before and finding a way to abstract and recompile the mechanisms of each equation in a form that can do the job at runtime, and REALTIME, its a fucking technical achievement for which their efforts should be heralded from the rooftops for years to come.

unfortunately this is too much to expect from average gamer folk.

getting you to actually appreciate something so complex you couldn't achieve it with a lifetimes worth of effort is something akin to trying to explain the difference betweeen a 351 windsor and a cleaveland to your 5 year old sister; who would soon proclaim "you're boring!" and start picking her nose.
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isarai  +   1167d ago
100% agreed

Seriously, people really need to learn a little more before jumping to conclusions like this
Septic  +   1167d ago
Mind.....blown. +Int for you!

A really good post that puts in perspective just how big an achievement it is to pull off things like this...and we take it for granted.

We are such a spoilt generation.
rainslacker  +   1167d ago
I wish more people could realize how difficult it is to program an engine. It's a specialized skill set that pulls from many different fields. The amount of work that needs to be done just to draw a single pixel on the screen is amazing when you have to do it from scratch with no pre-made libraries to pull from. Understanding how all those many different parts in the computer work in unison on the machine level is extremely complex. It's not something that gets taught in school until you get really far into your education. These are people that take classes for over a decade just to make this kind of stuff, and they are really under appreciated.
humbleopinion  +   1167d ago
Hey look! It took me 20 Million dollars and three years to make a new AAA game and create a single copy. Imagine how much time and money it will now take me to make a million copies of the same game :(

Ever heard of economies of scale?
Christopher  +   1167d ago
Typically more or the same because you will tend to be pushing things further and not just producing the same thing.

I get what you're saying, but that's rarely the case as engines are continually being updated and improved for each iterative game release. Constant R&D, constant improvement on dev integration and engine tools. It doesn't stop. So, you keep paying the same amount.

And, as poly counts get higher, more detail is needed. More physics. More lighting. More particle effects. It's more people doing more work.
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majiebeast  +   1168d ago
Lol FF15 only 30 years away guys. With the way Square enix is going we will have flying cars before the next proper final fantasy title. Meanwhile Wada is still CEO he is a captain going down with the ship atleast thats commendable.
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Qrphe  +   1168d ago
How large was the staff? Was the project a priority or a side project? It doesn't help knowing SE sucks at project management.
Kur0  +   1167d ago
I thought the presentation was in-engine. Why would it take them that long unless it was CGI and they had to render everything by hand.
hkgamer  +   1167d ago
The demo was rendered in game and in CGI.
basically they made a CGI as a target render, then they made everything in engine and it basically looks identical apart from a few effects.

A few minute CGI would also take less time then rendering everything in-engine (in terms of this tech demo anyway).
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1168d ago
KH3 is gonna be gorgeous!
Hufandpuf  +   1168d ago
And people say next-gen is a year away? pfft.
DarkZane  +   1168d ago
So, they spend a year on something that won't even see the light of day like that FFVII tech demo. Really, no wonder Versus is not out by now, they really need to get their priorities straight.
rainslacker  +   1167d ago
Tech demos are made to show off the technology available in the engine. It's done by every game engine maker, including Unreal, Frostbite, Unity, etc. It's there to show people what the engine can do and hopefully get people interested in using it. Generally the people that make the demos are not the ones working on games, except maybe a programmer or artists who gets pulled from a team for some reason.
porkChop  +   1168d ago
This is Square Enix, they're notorious for having horrible management, and they take forever on even the smallest of things. A 3 minute trailer like that could realistically be done in a small fraction of that time by many other studios.
jonboi24  +   1168d ago
Well I assume during developing those three minutes of beauty they were developing the at the same time? I can understand if it took a year to build an engine but a year for 3 mins video is crazy.
-Gespenst-  +   1168d ago
Right, so given that the average modern Final Fantasy game would want to be exceeding around 120 hours of gameplay, that adds up to 7200 minutes. Now given that 3 minutes of the game took 1 year to create, 7200 minutes, or 120 hours of the game would therefore take 2400 years, probably subtracting a few hundred years because a lot the game would presumably be real time, and that is also if we presume the development / planning process follows the same pattern year in year out.

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MRMagoo123  +   1167d ago
maybe read the above comments by Autodidactdystopia before talking bull ?
-Gespenst-  +   1167d ago
Woah woah woah I'm not being a hater. Just thought it'd be funny.

I mean did you really think I was taking my calculations seriously? They're obviously ludicrous, no game has ever taken close to that amount of time to develop and never will, there's no reason why this game would be any different.

It's immediately obvious that other more fundamental things must have contributed to such a long development time for the footage.

Cool it.
stuntman_mike  +   1168d ago
You’ll Never Guess How Long Making the Agni’s Philosophy Demo Took?

I bet it wasn't as long as Final Fantasy 13 versus.
Nodoze  +   1168d ago
This is exactly why Square Enix is no longer relevant. In the time it took to create 3 editions of Mass Effect SE still has not finished FFVS13.

Sony bailed them out after the abysmal FF movie, perhaps they should have let them die.
Dynasty  +   1168d ago
You guys are insanely naive if you really thought that a game by them would look ANYTHING like this. All it was there for was to showcase their new engine and it fulfilled that purpose. Now move on.
Trago1337  +   1168d ago
Next gen consoles wont look that good
-Gespenst-  +   1167d ago
Ps2 / Xbox - - - Ps3 / Xbox360 - Ps4 / Xbox720 - Agni's Philosophy.

In other words, the Ps3 / Xbox360 are 30x more powerful than their respective predecessors, the Ps4 and the Xbox720 will be 10x more powerful than current consoles, and Agni's Philosophy would probably require a console 10x more powerful than the forthcoming consoles. I'd imagine.
ado908  +   1168d ago
Oh boy if you people believe next Gen. will look like this you will be fairly disappointed when the next box and PS4 come out. Possibility that it might look like this but I highly doubt it. We will see a dramatic difference into the next gen but not THIS much of a difference.
Tyre  +   1167d ago
What a display of ignorance in the comments of ado908/Trago1337/Dynasty...tha t's all i say. Guess how long it took EPIC developing their Unreal Engine3 and getting to know the Tech to get Gears of War 1 the way it finally was at the beginning of current Gen? Did U guys think that Dev at Square Enix have to do this every time? This has been a breakthrough in Tech especially for the NextGen Consoles, that's why they developed the Luminious Engine in the 1st place. The big hurdle has been overcome(Developing the Engine and struggling to get to know the tech)that's why it took so long. Same this Gen and before that. The dev-time will become shorter and Games Will look that quality on Next-Gen. Square Enix said Luminious Engine can do 1:1 High Poly Models exchange with standard Hollywood CGI High-End 3D Modeling/Animation Software MAYA (They made the effort to build this Engine to eventually get faster dev times for Next-Gen Consoles).
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Dynasty  +   1167d ago
You're an idiot. Agni's Philosophy was only made to showcase the engines ability. YES, we COULD possibly see games like that on next-gen systems. Is it practical? NO. Not at all. 3 minutes of footage alone took 1 whole year. Now imagine having to implement mechanics, a story, a HUD, etc. It'll take ages.

Now, I have no doubt at all that this engine will eventually make some pretty gorgeous games. But I would NOT expect anything like Agni's Philosophy. Probably pretty damn close, but real-time graphics like that in a game would take ages to make.
turgore  +   1167d ago
They made a game engine in 6 month to 1 year. That is impressive.
FF13 took forever to be made, now they keep churning out sequels to it like no tomorrow.
isarai  +   1167d ago
Dear god the amount of ignorance here on N4G is unbelievable. Tech demos on this scale always take long like this, especially when it involves developing it on completely new tech from scratch, not to mention they bothered adding some lore and common themes through the whole thing which requires a lot of collaboration to keep things consistent in the look and feel department.
rainslacker  +   1167d ago
A year to produce this is hardly anything. A single character model of that level could take several weeks to produce and texture on it's own, and that doesn't even include the amazing particle effects and super detailed environment. The level of detail is pretty high, and not something you slap together in a week.

On top of that I'm sure that year was filled with going back and changing things within the engine itself just to get it to the level it was.

When I first saw this video a while back I saw the tech they were showing off, and I was simply amazed at how advanced it was. This video showed off some of the behind the scenes stuff it can do and I was really impressed at the creation pipeline structure that they have created. This engine puts a lot of power into the artists hands, which only speeds up development, not slow it down like most of the people on here are assuming.
isarai  +   1166d ago
exactly, plus what no one here seems to know is that 3D assets are what take up the majority of game development time. so if this were an actual game it would probably only take another 6 months(which would include the creation and programming of missions, mechanics, features, and events with animations) to make that level into something playable
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Npugz7  +   1167d ago
It shouldn't have taken that long! Either they are slow developers or there engine is difficult to use!
Roccetarius  +   1167d ago
Well, it's no wonder it took them a year to make it. They complained about the generation not being long enough.
shempo  +   1167d ago
they could work on versus instead waste time for this crap for a whole year
Ippiki Okami  +   1167d ago
Thats probably why this tech demo took so long to make. During the last year alone they been working on FFXIII-2, FFXIII-3, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, FFXIII VS and maybe KH3.
taquito  +   1165d ago
how big was the team working on it for a year?

was it 5 guys?




teams that make AAA game number in the 100's, i doubt this was more than 10 people working, and once the engine sdk is made, all assets are in place, development flies along

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