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djslimzz  +   1169d ago
Ok where do I begin!

1- Dante is a lot cuter in this one. Yes it's true that the Dante we know is more "Badass", but this one seems crazy and less lazy.

2- The mechanics are cool, I admit that they are different, but they are fun to play with. Especially when you want to figure out what kind of style suits you best.

3- I did not care for the style points in this game. Getting to SSS was too easy by dodging at the right moment, that I just started to forget about that, and started to remember why I play DmC in the first place...I WANT TO KILL DEMONS WITH BLADES AND GUNS.

4- I hope using Ebony and Ivory in the game will be more stylish.

5- Devil Trigger doesn't last long enough...but then again, Dante is still a kid in this one.

Do I think this one will be good? Yes, but it will never...NEVER be as good as the other ones. Classics will forever be classic!
killerhog  +   1168d ago
This Dante looks bland and out of place. He looks like he should be in a twilight game then a DmC game. But from you're first point, I'm sure looking like a bland, talentless twilight character doesn't bother you.

P.s: I'm alluding that you like twilight.
LOGICWINS  +   1168d ago
The new Dante looks fine. Your complaining for the sake of complaining. This is the first DMC that actually has top tier voice acting/believable characters.
SovereignSnaKe  +   1168d ago
-Don't EVEN compare DmC to Twatlight! UGH! -_-
wishingW3L  +   1168d ago
DMC has never been about story or voice acting, it's about fast paced gameplay and stylish, original combos!

Who the hell even cared about DMC story? It was about the characters, bosses and crazy action. And not to mention its quirky Japanese flair that is no more.
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-Gespenst-  +   1168d ago
BINGO! He DOES like exactly like something out of Twilight! Don't anyone deny it!

Capcom are just cashing in to the trend of being really, gravely serious and having your lead character be a serious, troubled, trendy, "heart-throb". I mean c'mon people, stop just lapping up this sh!t.
thaking155  +   1168d ago
@Wishing, I dunno about you I actually did enjoy the story from what we have gotten so far from the originals (Devil May Cry 1-4) although they maybe all over the place at times, I still enjoyed the games for its story and crazy gameplay mechanics.

This new game on the other hand is........ LAUGHABLE!

Whoever posted the video of EventStatus talking about everything DMC from its reveal up to this point is brought up and he makes some amazing points that alot of people who do not like the game have been saying. Here's the link:
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1168d ago

No, Capcom is not cashing out on a trend. It's the head of Ninja Theory, Tameen being a jackass. He has stated many times before he doesn't care about the fans, and he's essentially turned the series into his own "thing". Essentially this guy thinks anything that is British Punk, smokes, and acts like a jerk to everything is the definition of cool. He's the same person that had a character randomly push another off a ledge in Enslaved because it made the character seem "Bad ass".

Hopefully this DmC: Devil May Cry title (DMC: DMC? lolwut) will sell like shit. Ninja Theory deserves nothin for ruining a series.
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Sarcasm  +   1168d ago
ZombieNinja, good points.

Tameen really don't know how to make extraordinary games. I mean Heavenly Sword was good not great, Enslaved was good, not great. I'm pretty sure this new DMC won't be any different.
Omnislash  +   1168d ago

YES!! I thought for a second that I was the only one that thought Donte looked like a twilight character!

You just cant do that to series like that, what if someone suddenly changed Master Chief? Changed Kratos or Solid Snake? A long running series needs different gameplay changes that fans want not what the devs want.

Im definitely NOT buying this and I will encourage everyone else to stay away from this game, what Capcom and NT are doing is a damn shame...
Qrphe  +   1168d ago
> Dante is a lot cuter in this one
> a lot cuter
> in this one
> Donte

Yeah nah Dante is much better looking man than Donte.

I'll probably buy Tameem May Cry way later after its release though.
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Snookies12  +   1168d ago
Lol! Those pictures... Gotta agree though, this new Dante looks much worse than the original. Just because the game has a "gothic" feel doesn't mean we need an emo main character. :\
Bimkoblerutso  +   1168d ago
This comment is very telling of the actual issue here, methinks, not that anyone would ever admit it.

The game could genuinely be the best in the series (not that I'm saying it will be, just theoretically), and yet it would amount to nothing next to the rage that Tameem and Co. stirred up in the fans prior to the it's release.
rezzah  +   1168d ago
There are many who mix the gothic for emo social category.

In this case do you think NT did the same thing?

It'd be really funny is they did, and kind of sad.
Merrill  +   1168d ago
Lol, those pictures; hahahahaha, so funny.
nukeitall  +   1168d ago
lol, that is hilarious.
NeXXXuS  +   1168d ago
I'd sex the bottom one.
Blaze929  +   1168d ago
I stopped reading after cuter
HammadTheBeast  +   1168d ago
$20 says "she's" a guy lol.
edgeofsins  +   1168d ago
If people are stating that DMC is about hack and slash gameplay then why are they complaining about the new one?
8bitHero  +   1168d ago
i believe is b/c this game is more slow paced. personally im against this game because the lead designer made dante look like his definition of "cool" which just so happens to look exactly like him.(lulwut? conceded much?) and ive seen in interviews where ninja theory constantly bashes fans for giving legit complaints and brushing them off as "people complaining about the hair". thats not how you sell a game nor treat people when your in a professional business.

they should all get fired.
teezanpleez  +   1169d ago
lol !!! dont have anything to say sorry .....
darklinx23  +   1169d ago
Bah at the end of the day Dante will still be freakin crazy usual..
djslimzz  +   1169d ago
Yes he will! And at the end of the day, we will slay all of the demons until every single once of blood has spilled on our blades!
Jon_Fu_  +   1168d ago
I'm buying the game regardless
candybooty  +   1168d ago
Good job pointing out the obvious. Clearly we know what a demo is and rarely do final products differ so greatly from the demo, especially when a released date is in the midst.

Developers usually send a demo knowing very well that such a particular level is supposed to demonstrate the top of the game's quality and effectively promote the game saying "this is how awesome our game is". Yeah in a perfect world we would be floored when we see the final product, but get real, as a "journalist" you shouldn't be so naive to think that the big companies are gonna throw months of work out the window. The box art has been designed, the advertisers have reserved their airing times and for all we know the story of the game's next installment is already in the works.

No sh*t Capcom is going to retweet only the positive tweets, who in their right mind would retweet bad press?? And yes the developers see the bad tweets but it isn't stopping them, and it never has.

Other_  +   1168d ago
I really enjoyed the demo, to be honest. It's the same on Capcom had at E3, and without saying too much, trust me: these tiny slices of the game don't show off everything.

There are still plenty unseen layers to this beautiful new DmC cake.
Taz Yamauchi  +   1168d ago
Sorry I do not share your enthusiasm
J86blum  +   1168d ago
I liked the level, and the interactions with it. Found that to be the best part, the shifting level, and the music.
GreenRanger  +   1168d ago
Some people liked the demo and some hated it.
I'm not even going to play it, Capcom and Ninja Theory can kiss my green ass.
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killerhog  +   1168d ago
The original green ranger does MMA and fought in the UFC. He doesn't tell people to kiss arse, he kicks arse.
kagon01  +   1168d ago
I saw the gameplay and it looks disgusting, more with those beta glitches.
SovereignSnaKe  +   1168d ago
The only thing that could make DmC even better than how insanely awesome it already is going to be, is if it comes to the Wii U! So then I can play it along side Bayonetta 2! ^_^
RyuX19  +   1168d ago
Donte is that you?
SovereignSnaKe  +   1168d ago
~What does your heart tell you... ^_^
Reverent  +   1168d ago
Sovereign, psst, I don't think Ryu was complimenting you...
NeXXXuS  +   1168d ago
I think we found Waldo's brother.
SovereignSnaKe  +   1168d ago
-Waldo! WTH, Is there a candy cane sticking out of my ass in that picture? ;-)
oriononer  +   1168d ago
They made two dodge buttons and no lock on. WTF?
bootycandy  +   1168d ago
Yup. Seriously some changes need to be made, hopefully it's not too late.
Snookies12  +   1168d ago
The dude directing the game already said no changes would be made from the demo... The Tameem guy is a complete A-hole, basically acting like a 10 year old to fans who had genuine concerns and messaged him about them. They absolutely do NOT care about the product they're making. I REALLY wanted to like this game, but after everything I've seen I know for sure now as a fan of Devil May Cry that I won't buy this. It's a decent hack and slash, but nothing more.
HacSawJimThugin  +   1168d ago
I'm a DMC fan and I thought the demo was fine...yeah it's not like the original but so what..change happens, we either vote with our wallets or move on.
elda  +   1168d ago
Hanso  +   1168d ago
everyone who wants to buy DmC should watch this
CrimsonDragon90  +   1168d ago
so basically your saying people are not allowed to play bad video games. So that means if you buy DmC devil may cry, your mother, family,friends, and society, will hate you. My god dude it's just a game. People can choose to spend their money on anything they want. And like any game they choose to like. How would you like it, if people bash a game you wanted to buy and play. And they keep shoving reasons not to buy it. By now everyone who wants to play and buy it are not gonna listen to comments made by butthurt fanboys.
Deadpool616  +   1168d ago
"How would you like it, if people bash a game you wanted to buy and play. And they keep shoving reasons not to buy it."

If they had valid reasons (which are available), I would thank them for saving me $60 dollars.
Hanso  +   1168d ago
you sound more butthurt than i am
Tdmd  +   1168d ago
"so basically your saying people are not allowed to play bad video games."

He is not saying anything like that at all. In fact, all he is saying is that before making a purchase, people should watch what he thinks it is an informative video showing how bad the game really is. Do your reading again, calmly, and don't jump to precipitated butt-hurt conclusions. He’s not being immature or aggressive to anyone in any way. You are.
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BlaqMagiq24  +   1168d ago
They may not listen but when they buy it and get disappointed by the final product they'll wish they listened to us "butthurt fanboys".
CrimsonDragon90  +   1168d ago
Yea well I'm not the one going around in every DmC video, telling people reasons not to buy this game, adding links for reasons to not buy or like this game. Where I'm just pointing out, that no one should tell other people what to not like or not buy. Fine you wanna continue telling people to not buy or like this game. Just because you don't like it,and want people to agree with you.Then go ahead. Guess I know who the butthurt fan is. I mean why are so worried if people buy the game. Are you worried the game might be successful. So capcom will have no choice but to continue the reboot. And their will go the hopes of bring back the old dmc.
Hanso  +   1168d ago
DUDE YOU ARE DESPERATE you are everywhere on n4g vg27 youtube videos defending the game... pls lol
ILive  +   1168d ago
I get what you are saying man. But remember that people will always be people. I played the demo and apart from some control issues, it is not completely bad. What happened to those days when you buy a game because you were curious about it and not because somebody said it was good or not? Okay, you play a game and you don't like it. Fine. But why try to persuade others not to like it and disagreeing with people who actually like it? Its sad and childish. I really didn't like need for speed most wanted that much. Do you see me going around and telling people not to like it. Come on people, this really pathetic. Some people will actually like this game simply because it is not broken and it just appeals to then a DMC fan for sometime and this is out of hand. I can understand if the game wasn't playable at all. It is okay if you don't like everything; don't force others to feel the same.
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CrimsonDragon90  +   1168d ago
Wow i don't even visit some of those sites. I guess your the one who's everywhere. If your really desperate and don't wan't people to buy the game. Then on launch day, why don't you stand outside your local game store and boycott the game and check every customers bag to make sure no one has bought the game. Or if they bought it,you will make them return it. I could see this on the news. Local butthurt fan, boycoots game, stands outside game store, warns people not to buy newly released game lol. Fanboys will do anything to get everything their way.
Snookies12  +   1168d ago
Thanks for sharing this! Watched through the entire thing, and it really made some great points. I appreciate the link, and it certainly saved me some money. :]
ThanatosDMC  +   1168d ago
Wow, @21:00 look how ridiculously messed up the combo/ranking system. This is ridiculous hand holding fake DmC for toddlers.
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Jinkies  +   1168d ago
See why can't people think logicaly like the guy in the video

"History repeats it's self"...excatly
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1168d ago
I actually saw that whole video and it was pretty good. Only Hack n Slash i may get next year is probably GOW and MG Rising.
DonettaDonnell   1168d ago | Spam
OmegaSlayer  +   1168d ago
You know what...everytime I see a discussion here I realize that something else gone wall runs.
This game is tooooo less crazy than it should.
They could still have gone with Serious but still Insanely Crazy, they didn't.
And I say once again that it's a pity because NT could pull out a great DmC but they refused to listen to fans.
The easiest way to make a great entry in a franchise it's not with a reboot but listening to fans, hardcore fans.
ChronoJoe  +   1168d ago
They didn't refuse to listen to fans, Capcom asked for DmC to be reinvented.
Deadpool616  +   1168d ago
I really don't hate the game, as much as I hate what it's doing to gamers. Every time there's new information about this game, a separation between gamers happens with in the comments. I won't totally place the blame on gamers who like or dislike the game, but Capcom is seriously losing it to cause such a rift.

Capcom sees this controversy and revels in it as the gamers rip each other apart. I've was a huge Capcom fan growing up in the 80's/90's/ and early 2000s. They were a fantastic company in the past gens and I always looked forward to what they were going to produce each time I bought a new system. But this gen...what the hell has happened to Capcom?
AsimLeonheart  +   1168d ago
CAPCOM has been westernised. I wonder how the Japanese CAPCOM successfully managed to transform in to Western.
ILive  +   1168d ago
Gamers are doing this to themselves and its sad to see.
AdmiralSnake  +   1168d ago
Let me know when I see valid reasons on n4g besides of how he looks.... I really have yet to see a compelling arguments besides on how the game looks. Get real, if Capcom was to milk the game over and over again...they would get called out for lack of innovation and wanting to repeat the same shit, they actually wanna change the series....and people are still complaining ? Dear god....this generation of gaming is ridiculous.

Also complaining about glitches in the DEMO, REALLY ?!! A DEMO ? The game isn't gonna be launch until NEXT YEAR.

Most of the time I can understand people ranting about their memories of the favorite franchises changing, which is fine. To the point of posting irrational just stupid.

Personally, I like what I've seen so far. Of course I'm not hardcore DMC I won't even debate on it. I'll say thought that the other DMC from 1-3 (since I bought the collection) felt much more scarier...than what was place in the demo. It was more suspense and the environments were more creepy.
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AsimLeonheart  +   1168d ago
"launch until NEXT YEAR". LOL! And how many days do you suppose there are left until the next year starts? The game is launching in mid January! There are only six weeks left! This game is going to get released with its choppy framerate and glitches in six weeks only!
There are several valid reasons for hating this game. First of all, teh most important thing is the gameplay. The gameplay in DmC is shallow and easy even on the harder difficulties. There is not skill and and technique required and one can get by by button mashing. I played DMC3 when it was released in 2005 and it was one of the toughest and most fun games to play even on normal difficulty. The player had to die multiple times to unlock the easy difficulty It required skill and button mashing would only get you killed. The button scheme in this game is weird and stupid. Why the hell are there two dodge buttons and no target lock button? The "accesibility" which everyone is praising so much is actually the game being dumbed down. The second valid complaint is that Capcom abandoned the series lore and story. Dante is now half-angel, he has an angel mode, his personality has changed, there is no Trish or Lady, there is no Gothic feel and the soundtracks suck. This is a completely different game and is Devil may cry only in name.
We have been playing DMC for more than a decade and have played every game in the series. I wonder what you were doing seven years ago when DMC 3 was released ... or 12 years ago when DMC was released and we original fans bought it? You kids who were running around in their halloween costumes and knickers when we bought the first DMC, should go back to your shooters instead of ruining our established franchises.
AdmiralSnake  +   1168d ago
Kids ? Okay, slow your role.

I'm 21 years old first of all. I've Played PLENTY of GREAT games last gen, hell even the gen before that.

So you can get the hell out of here telling me go back to shooters, when I've Played games way before the shooter phase has even came to place.

I wasn't remotely interested in Devil May Cry back on the Playstation 2 days. I gave it a chance with the HD Collection, so NO idea of where you got that assumption from. Then again, anytime these articles pop up, you have to have that one moron who categorize people into some shooter Category.

Halloween Costume ? Sorry Ma'am, Sir, w.e your gender may be I couldn't give a damn. I stop Halloween since I was 4.

It's 6 weeks away, it gives the time to find out the issues if they so choose, and more than likely roll out a day 1 patch. You know ?

I've bought plenty of games which has a patch as soon as a I pop the disc in. Which is why complaining about that nonsense to me is stupid.

Everything else you've type seems valid enough to me, so there's no reason for me to say you're wrong. I'm still playing the collection, so until I've beaten all of them. I think DMC 5 is alright in my book for now.

Lets see what was I doing 7 years ago ? I'm almost Positive I was playing Socom online ^_^.
InTheLab  +   1168d ago
@Admiral Snake

Back in the PS2 DMC days, you would have been 10 or 11. Were your tastes really that refined? I call bulls***. And playing a game 10 years after the fact is not what I'd call "giving it a chance".

Also, DMC is already on disc and heading to stores. It's how Capcom works. They won't radically change the core of the game because they don't have time.

You honestly think they'll patch the broken evade system or the dumbed down combat in a few weeks?

And speaking of young, a demo is a demonstration and representation of the final product, unlike a beta which is designed for the sole purpose of testing.
AsimLeonheart  +   1168d ago

Le us see... if you are 21 now then that means you must have been 9/10 when the first DMC was released. When DMC3 was released you were probably 14/15. You were a kid, that is for sure. You probably didnt even know about DMC or even owned a PS2 so you couldnt have been interested in it. LOL.
Anyway you have matured in shooter, westernised, buggy and dumbed-down games era so you are unable to appreciate fine games and are unable to distinguish bad games from good. That is why you do not find anything wrong with DmC. Oh well, what can we old guys do. The world keeps on changing for the worse including the gaming world.
calis  +   1168d ago
"if you are 21 now then that means you must have been 9/10 when the first DMC was released. When DMC3 was released you were probably 14/15. You were a kid, that is for sure. You probably didnt even know about DMC or even owned a PS2 so you couldnt have been interested in it. LOL. "

Reading isn't your friend is it?

He wrote: "I wasn't remotely interested in Devil May Cry back on the Playstation 2 days. I gave it a chance with the HD Collection,"
thaking155  +   1168d ago

lol ya Idjit!!!!
Jinkies  +   1168d ago
OMG what is your problem Admiral

"Let me know when I see valid reasons on n4g besides of how he looks"

Why do you keep saying that....theres plenty of valid reasons being said on here over and over again, the problem is people like you who try and defend the game ignore those reasons because you don't want to admit that we are right.

Look at the video above that Hanso posted

Is that enough for you

To you it's like "LALALALALALALA not listening"
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Hicken   1168d ago | Bad language | show
gemugurl  +   1168d ago
How can i get the demo?? can a generous heart assist a girl who needs help? ^^
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GreenRanger  +   1168d ago
It's on XBL and PSN.
It should be in the New Demos section on XBL and it's probably still under Latest on PSN. (content in the Latest section does not show up in the proper sections for a while, so if you can't find new stuff, check the Latest section)
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ChampOfChamps  +   1168d ago
lol. Maybe someone will! :P

Indeed, there is always room for improvement after a demo is released... in this case, not so much. Unless they go the aC3 massive patch on day 1 route, I don't foresee too much change from the way it is now.
Smashbro29  +   1168d ago
I can't but the Psn store and xbla can.
devilhunterx  +   1168d ago
timeon11111111111  +   1168d ago
That article writer watched Eventstatus's video and decided to work against it by creating that article. He thought "OH shit DmC the game i like and it's rebooted Dante is being disliked!! I need to do something!".

He refered to certain things Eventstatus said, but "FORGOT" to mention that Tameem Antoniades (NT) has shown a attitude that they have no intention to fix the feedbacks given to them on twitter about the demo.

And he says DmC isn't a game that's supposed to copy DMC, really? Look at DmC with a real objective lens you fool, everything DmC is doing is copy DMC to make itself popular.

And funny enough he's telling fans of DMC to give Ninja theory a break when on twitter someone gave Tameem a constructive critism and he just dismissed it with his bullshit attitude.

ARTICLE WRITER is a DmC supporter. Enuff said.
The fact he hasn't shown or linked to glitches or bugs found on demo, and other problems with DmC CONFIRMS that more.
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Sevir  +   1168d ago
I found the demo to be quite fine
I went back and played DMC4 and a little of 3 in its greatest moments for an accurate comparison of what was at hand and the only things different about this is that This Dante has no styles like trickster, or gun slinger.

This game takes most of its reference from DMC4 with the devil bringer mechanic and Dante's instant style switching mechanic which is more or less applied to this Dante's demonic and angelic weapon switching mechanic.

I'm kinda scratching my head as to why itsuno-san removed staples like stinger type moves and the one hundred stab type movesfor a more combo centric style gameplay, don't get me wrong, seeing a full 30 hit combo unfold in front of your eyes is awesome, but moves like stinger and air raid made for some awesome combo set initiators. And sliding on the back of demons had there charm as well.

This DmC is an amalgam of DMC's best and a refinement of DMC's not so good mechanics, parrying is great, but I'm not sure I get why they need 2 dodge buttons and no lock on feature, and while I understand that this is a demo, I would have loved to see the upgrade mechanic at work like we see in DMC4 and past DMC games.

I'm not sure what people say that attaining SSS is way too easy, it just means that you've played the hell out of previous DMC games to know the general mechanics of how to attain SSS, if you've mastered SSS in DMC1-4 you'll get SSS very quickly in DmC:Devil may Cry. Its as if these hardcore DMC fans don't realize that they are hardcore which is why they got SSS so quickly in the first place.

For a game that runs on the bug ridden Unreal engine 3 and is practically stuck on a 30 fps lock, and is known for texture pop ins and streaming issues, this game performs rather well and is pretty stable, especially when the lead platform was 360 I'm surprised I experienced no dips in frame rates on the PS3 which I believe should have been the system this game should be lead on. It plays well and the physics works quite well, would this game have benefited more from the MT-F3.0 engine from cap com's stable? Yes but that was more capcom's decision.

Overall DmC plays like past DMC games in aesthetics, it controls like a DMC with less complexity and more refinement, and Story seems more serious, which is more than we can say for any of the past DMCs by a county mile.

I personally can't wait, as die hard DMC fan I like this Reboot to the old formula. I'll buy the game and see what the whole story brings to this take on Dante.
After completing it in January I'll see if the reboot was a success and if Capcom made the right decision using NT to carry out this task.
elda  +   1168d ago
@Sevir you always post intelligent,wise & mature comments,I indeed gave you a bubble,well said!!
Jinkies  +   1167d ago
No he dosen't

It's only "intelligent" to you and "mature" because you share the same opinion.
liquidgravity  +   1168d ago
Im a long time Devil May Cry fan that is excited about this game. I thought the demo was bad ass and cant wait to get the full game....thats all i can say.
kesvalk  +   1168d ago
"The reason I took the liberty of reminding you what it meant was to show you that the demo that was released might not be the end result."

stop being delusional, the game will play exactly like that.

just goes to show that the game is so bad, that ppl think this is like a beta version full of shit things that will "fixed"

i am going to laugh when the game releases and it's full-on shit, like everything else capcom is releasing nowdays.
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vallencer  +   1168d ago
I think people just like to complain just because. The game plays great and looks great and to ME thats all that matters. Gamers have seem to become a bunch of whiny entitled brats. The hobby I enjoy everyday that I wish everyone else would enjoy too has become full of people thinking they could do everything better and that things should just be handed to them. I don't understand everyone's hate for this game. Sure Dante doesn't look like the old Dante and sure his attitude is different but it is a reboot and i for one think his attitude fits the DMC game they're making. It's darker and edgier than the other ones. Also who gives a crap if Dante looks like the creator. Why not just have fun playing it?? But if the look of Dante and the "30 fps" turn you off then please don't play it and go enjoy games that only fit your superficial gaming criteria.
TBONEJF  +   1168d ago
memots  +   1168d ago
yes Mega-man hipster.

After Emo-Dante why not ?
Jinkies  +   1168d ago
You really want Capcom ruining that franchise aswell

Thats the next game on their list
BlaqMagiq24  +   1168d ago
They already ruined it by cancelling Legends 3 and the MMO for Mega Man. Thus beginning the downfall of Capcom.
A7XEric  +   1168d ago
The demo was great. Best combat system in any of Ninja Theory's games.

This series' fanbase is a bunch of whiny superficial turds.
Gamehard  +   1168d ago
Best combat system for a Ninja Theory game does not equal the quality of the combat in the rest of the DMC series, omitting part 2.

I'm not happy with the direction NT took DMC, but I will still probably give the game a chance. The demo was enjoyable to me, but it feels more like it should be a new title, rather than having the DMC name stamped on it.
DevilRebellion  +   1168d ago
People need to stop being babies about Dante. Who cares what he looks like. He's more of a character than he ever was now. Sure, we may not like his dialogue and the way he spoke in the demo, but that's early parts of the game. It's called "character development", people. And furthermore, a demo doesn't always define the overall quality of the game. For example, though the Bioshock demo provides a great introduction, it's not a very impressive demo, overall. But the game itself is out of this world! Personally, I can't wait to see what other handguns Dante will be wielding in this installment! But the upgrade/leveling system is what I want to see the most. I really liked the demo and I'm going to buy this game! If you guys are still unconvinced, at least try out the final product when it comes out and judge upon completion of a playthrough.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1168d ago
Or we could buy Metal Gear Revengeance or Anarchy Reigns (which is half the price) instead......
VileAndVicious  +   1167d ago
side note: Anarchy Reigns looks horrible, at least IMO. The graphics look bad and I dont know how I feel about playing a fighting game in an over the shoulder third person perspective.

I love Platinum but....smh

Just my opinion of course lol
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1167d ago
@ Vile and Vicious

I do agree that the graphics are nothing to smile about. What really drew me was the gameplay that felt like remnants of Power Stone, Godhand and Spawn: In the Demon's Hand which were games that I loved (and series that Capcom should take consideration to resurrect).

Then the game has hilarious additions such as carpet bombing, terra forming, runaway Mobile Suits, and other elements that authentically feels like the areas are trying to kill you to keep the matches interesting against opponents.

I understand if it isn't your cup of tea though because I am expecting for it to record niche sales at best in the U.S........
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ZeV  +   1168d ago
This game is a shame !
Master of Unlocking  +   1168d ago
They can do pretty much whatever they want with "DMC", but Dante should still look more or less like Dante, and we need that track back during combat!
TemplarDante  +   1168d ago
New Dante is clearly a broken guy.
-Swearing, I mean.. who wrote that script? So uncool to just swear like that dude.
-smoking. Smoking is used to illustrate the new degenerate cool here. Just shows the target audience of the game.
I could go on and on on why I hate the new Dante, but I could go on and on as to why I hate DmC as a whole. Heres a few reasons.
Its UE3. I feel that is why the gameplay feels so damn slow.
Its easy. I mean, this Dante is clearly appealing to an teen category, is this why its easy?
Everything does not feel like a DmC game.
I will not buy this. Even in the bargain bin, I will walk past this bs they call DmC.
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