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Walker  +   1172d ago
Current generation graphics looks much better than this !
Dailynch  +   1172d ago
Seriously? Really, cos these images (and the gameplay videos) are really impressive. Much better than current gen FPSs.
Walker  +   1172d ago
Look at Halo 4 ! Which one is better, seriously ?!
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Fishy Fingers  +   1172d ago
Halo looks good, no denying that. But not this good and it's no where near the scale of Planetside 2.
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jaosobno  +   1172d ago
I expect much better than Planetside 2 graphics on next gen. Even launch titles (that always look worse when compared to later titles) should look way better.
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ChronoJoe  +   1171d ago
What they miss is that the game scales.

Lower performance machines could run this no problem, just with lower graphics settings.

It would probably make more sense to wait for PS4 and then present this game in it's true glory on that platform though... in my opinion.
SilentNegotiator  +   1171d ago
Considering it's an MMO....uh, that's pretty darn good.
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yodawins  +   1171d ago
not to mention its f2p... pretty amazing graphics if you ask me.
Mounce  +   1171d ago
The screenshots don't do this game justice. If you can play the game MAXED on your PC, only then will you understand the Scope, size, and Epicness of the world
asbuwango  +   1171d ago
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ChrisW  +   1171d ago
Considering it's an FPS-MMO with approx 2,000 players per a continent, with several hundred square kilometers per a continent...

It's very DAMN good looking!
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1171d ago
@Walker007, This is an MMO
with big open maps.
PickAShoe  +   1171d ago
Just be glad that we have something. Kids these day don't appreciate many things, and this game is free.
HammadTheBeast  +   1171d ago
Guys let's remember here. Planet side 2 pulls of these amazing graphics while allowing up to 2000 players playing simultaneously on a massive map with tons of vehicles, customized suits, and basically lots of assets.
f789790  +   1171d ago
Well ok then. That's impressive.

I was about to say the graphics are nothing special.
geth1gh  +   1171d ago
Yea, been playing this game for months. Even if it had launch ps2 and xbox graphics I doubt current gen consoles would be able to run the game playable with the amount of scale and players required.

Hell they can't even get past 24 players in bf3 so how would they be able to run a map the size of NYC with thousands of players?

Also it cost a total of ZERO dollars...
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pr0digyZA  +   1171d ago
There are much better shots around the internet, also this game has a massive massive world with 2000 characters and vehicles.
shackdaddy  +   1171d ago
There's even better pics than those.
donman1  +   1171d ago

I fully agree with you. PS3/Xbox360 are capable of those visuals and Wii U can do that easily. Nothing next gen about those screen shots.
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Axecution  +   1171d ago

I agreed because you're right but i bubbled you down for calling people an idiot on an internet forum about video games. xD
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Axecution  +   1171d ago
lol disagrees.

k nevermind he didn't call somebody an idiot on a forum about video games and that isn't a personal attack on somebody
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SkullBlade169  +   1171d ago
Enjoy your 2fps.
Bolts  +   1171d ago
This is a clown comment. I've been in a sprawling battle with over two hundred players. We're talking epic huge here, like over 40 tanks and planes and hundreds of infantry clashing all around me.

This game makes BF 3 looks like Call of Duty. And it's free.
StraightPath  +   1171d ago
this game looks beautiful people who are saying this game looks nothing special are idiots. For the scale of the game and pulling those graphics is IMPRESSIVE and graphics which current gen or next gen probably wont be able to pull off.
ThanatosDMC  +   1171d ago
This shows those who have played the game and those that cant.... hahhahah
Ducky  +   1171d ago
Here's a better gallery from the beta:

Planetside2 itself isn't a taxing game visually. It does demand a strong CPU though, due to the scale of the game.

When it comes to next-gen, I'd expect launch titles to have similar visuals at 1080p.
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Shacojin  +   1171d ago
Yea it doesnt tax the game visually... until you MAX the Settings and put it at the highest resolution.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1171d ago
dude your talking out of your ass.
Don't compare current games to this 2000 players game.

Does halo have 2000 players, physx, bullet drop, 64 Square Kilometer(25 sq mile) maps?, day/night 24/7 non stop battles in a persistant world?

What current game are you comparing it to?

Oh yeah your waiting for a new console.

This shows the power of pc and also shows how sony can make a great mmo. Hence my pc/ps3 soon ps4 preference.

Now tell me about your $60 hallway shooters with less things to do again?
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1171d ago
Considering that Planetside 2 is an MMO, it's probably 100X the size of Halo 4, or some absurd number like that. It looks pretty damn nice for what it is.
ATi_Elite  +   1171d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
1. Those are Not Ultra Settings!

I have Planetside 2 and have been playing since the Beta.....those pictures are not on Ultra with all the bells and whistles on!

Also the video they supplied is total crap! check the video I have at night and see all the lighting effects!

sure PS2 is NO battlefield 3 on Ultra but PS2 looks better than that! so check the link out for a Nice comparison of PS2 on High vs. Ultra and see the real difference! 1:38 mark u get good side by side comparisons.

2. The stupid editor never mentioned that Planetside 2 has 2000 players per map which is a MAJOR reason why Planetside 2 is not on consoles!

I'm not bad mouthing the consoles but Planetside 2 is a PC Game designed to take advantage of the PC and as of right now I know no console that can have this level of graphics and 2000 players per map!

Surely Next Gen consoles will be more than capable as Planetside 2 is such an awesome game that should be enjoyed by all.

Related video
TooTall19  +   1171d ago
How are you getting ultra? High is currently the best setting available for me. It will look awesome in motion once they enable PhysX.
BitbyDeath  +   1171d ago
Technically 360 and PS3 are last gen now lol
vortis  +   1171d ago
Halo 4 has 2000 players on screen at once and looks like that?

360ICE  +   1171d ago
If you only look at the pictures, I agree consoles would be able to do that. But behind the pictures are some serious, raw scale. Maybe PS3 could do it. Not 100% sure, but maybe.
TooTall19  +   1171d ago
Honestly I don't think any console could render this scale at 720p and 32 players. This is the first game I played on my new PC that made my jaw drop. The jump from console BF3 to pc BF3 was awesome, but this game is even more impressive.
PickAShoe  +   1171d ago
I own MAG, and that holds about 256 player. Planet Side 2 take it to the next level.
360ICE  +   1171d ago
I think the scale in itself has already been done on console: Just Cause 2, Fuel etc. PS3 also has MAG and a few other MMOs that do sit quite well on the console. I don't see why at least the PS3 wouldn't be able to run at least a slightly reduced version. Another thing: My lap top is able to run Planetside on decent quality. My lap top is fairly powerful, but it's still not quite a PS3.
Flavor  +   1171d ago
Its not so much the visuals as the fact that you can fight with thousands of people at the same time with gunships and tanks and stuff. And there's no lag as far as I have experienced. And it's free.
cj1pate101  +   1171d ago
first off you havent even seen how big the map is. Thirdly a ps3 couldnt run this game even on lowest settings.
PrivateRyan  +   1172d ago
Looks much better in motion
TimmyShire  +   1172d ago
There's actually a video they've done too, link in that story. You should watch it!
bozebo  +   1171d ago
Yeah, they should have turned off motion blur before taking screen shots while playing. Makes it look like it has lazy Bethesda PS3 AA.
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bumnut  +   1171d ago
would be nice if they had hi res screens shots too. Im playing at 1440p and it looks sweet.
csreynolds  +   1172d ago
The graphics are pretty impressive, though having seen what the Unreal 4 engine is capable of I would expect PS4 visuals to be closer to this:

There's a lot of powerful hardware out there Sony could take advantage of...
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dirthurts  +   1172d ago
Lol, sorry man. My high end pc STRUGGLES running that same tech demo at high settings. You may get half that quality on the PS4/720. Maybe.
csreynolds  +   1172d ago
Oh. Fair play. Thanks for the info. Perhaps I should reconsider my former statement... :-/
KRUSSIDULL  +   1171d ago
That demo is running on a GTX680 1080p @ 30 fps and Unreal Engine 4 is built for next gen consoles so it's possible it will look that good. If history repeats itself next-gen is gonna be able to compete with High-end PC's just like in 2005.
vortis  +   1171d ago

You honestly think for next-gen consoles they're going to put in a dedicated GPU that can be optimized to run graphics parity equivalent to a GTX 680?

Dream on, dude. With Sony's current financial state and Microsoft looking to cash in on casuals, we'll be lucky if we get consoles that can output visuals equivalent to a GTX 580, much less a GTX 680.
dirthurts  +   1171d ago
Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to see the next consoles run that well (I'll be buying either a PS4 or 720, depending on the hardware) but graphics are not improving as fast as they used to.
With the resolutions we're running at (1080p and up), you can double the power of your graphics card and only see a tiny bit of a performance boost (10-20fps?). Normally, it takes about a 4x boost in power to double the visual fidelity at around 1080p.
Back when consoles were pushing 480p/i, all you were doubling was graphical detail, But now, new consoles are dealing with more resolution and higher frame rate demands. It takes a ton of power.
bozebo  +   1171d ago
If they want to compete performance-wise with current high-end PCs I could see the next gen consoles not appearing on the scene until late 2014. If they launch next year MS/Sony would have to take quite a big price hit for them not to cost upwards of ~$800 (assuming they perform relative to a home built $1600 PC), if the production cost doesn't reduce for a substantial time (my the next christmas) games would have to cost upwards of $75 to cover the loss taken on unit console sales (they would need to drop them to ~$350 to not lose out on market share). The Wii-U is pretty dire price-performance and Nint still take a loss for each console, it'd be so much worse for a high-end device. Good games still sell on current platforms too.
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dirthurts  +   1171d ago
I see what you're saying, but even if they wait another year, PC's will still evolve 2 more generations (graphics cards and cpu's tend to have 2 gen per year), so really it wouldn't help them cost wise. No matter when they release it, they will probably be 2-4 years behind the most current tech.
BUT, that doesn't really matter. Even at 2 years behind, they technology that will be available is phenomenal.
I don't think they'll raise game costs, and people are already complaining about the 60 dollar mark.
bozebo  +   1171d ago
Yeah that's why I said if they wanted to compete against current high-end. They probably won't, they will probably have graphics chips relative to what a 560Ti is capable of thereabouts and another custom memory/cpu configuration (cheaper for loads of identical machines than how PC components have to conform for plug & play). That would leave them with a reasonable amount of loss per console and a fast sales surge due to a low retail price ($300 seems to be the golden number) so games wouldn't have to be too pricey but they will suck, technologically, after 2-3 years like this gen.

I do think the step up in performance by them waiting till 680GTX quality graphics are viable though, games designed solely for tessellated rendering allow optimizations and detail that can't be put in a game that'll also run on DX9 (well, it can, but it takes loads more time from the artists and level editors)

If one company waits, and the other releases earlier - there should be a giant performance difference.
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vortis  +   1171d ago
I agree with your second comment entirely.

Although I'm thinking they'll go along with something like a GTX 480 before a GTX 560Ti. They'll probably go as cheap as possible while trying to boast as much raw performance power as possible.
Mac420   1172d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
Knight_Crawler  +   1172d ago
This is what we should expect from Sony and MS next gen console but I going to to be bluny here and ssay that I don not expect much improvement next gen from this gen, the only yhing I see both console adding is more RAM.

Sony will continue to use Blu Rey and they will upgrade the cell,as much as3rd party developers do not want to put work into it Sony will no throw away miilions of dollars on R&D.

MS will use there own disk format, sorta of like Nintendo and I expect a complete over haul with heavy PC specs.
TimmyShire  +   1172d ago
Most will disagree with you. They'll think you're just a PC elitist fanboy, but I actually agree.

Just look at the rumours for the hardware planned to be in PS4/X720 - not confirmed, obviously, and while the specs are good they don't seem particularly ground-breaking on top of what is currently available for PCs.

It's a shame, but tech is moving at such a speed these days it's hard to think they could do anything else.
GroundsKeeperJimbo  +   1171d ago
Pretty Much, new but standard GPU to optimize and hopefully about 8x the RAM.
Rashid Sayed  +   1172d ago
Killzone 3 looks way better.

This what PS4 games should look like:
MasterCornholio  +   1171d ago
Thats why im holding off on buying a Wii U because i believe that the PS4 and 720 will be a lot more powerful than it at the same price point.

Not saying that the Wii U is a bad console it does have a unique controller that should radically change the way some games are played but it wont be anywhere as powerful as the next consoles by Sony and Microsoft.
wishingW3L  +   1171d ago
but Killzone is a corridor ala FF13 while Planetside 2 has multiplayer maps at a scale that we have never seen before. BTW both games are from Sony anyway.
beerkeg  +   1171d ago
Show me Killzone 3 with 2k players playing at the same time Rashid.
shackdaddy  +   1171d ago
Lmao. That's so blurry XD
iamgoatman  +   1171d ago
Killzone 3 doesn't look all that impressive though, particularly the textures which can be pretty low res. In a like for like comparison with another linear PC game like Metro 2033, the difference is massive.

Like many have already mentioned, this game can support 2000 players at once. Add that many players to even the best looking console game and graphics go through the floor.
Norrison  +   1171d ago
Oh god, just look at the ground textures, the textures on the right side, the textures on the distance!

Tell me that blurry mess is better than this, what's worse is that killzone 3 is a corridor shooter and planetside 2 is a MMO with 2000 players on the same map and a map bigger thant the whole killzone campaign. Killzone 3 is a low res mess, it looks "good" to some because of the excessive motion blurr and the ugly instagram color fliter

Now tell me with a straight face that this

Looks better,oh and also your image after that, bf3 already looks better

There are better screens but I want to be fair
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aquamala  +   1171d ago
lol no, kz3 is so last gen
EliteDave93  +   1172d ago
To be honest that doesnt look impressive at all.
ginsunuva  +   1171d ago
But too bad it is. On my pc it may just be the best looking game I've seen since BF3 or Crysis. When completely maxed, Planetside 2 is unbelievable, especially with 2000 players and 50 square-mile maps.
Dovahkiin  +   1171d ago
So many people talking shit in this comment section. It's disgusting.
ninjagoat  +   1172d ago
Its needs a release on ps4 imo theres a real chance of this being a runner against the halo genre from what ive played on PC.
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josephayal  +   1172d ago
Killzone 2 looks way Better than this
ThanatosDMC  +   1171d ago
The screenshots doesnt do the game justice. You'd have to see it moving. All the lighting, shadows, bullets/lasers, explosions, etc...

Though there are areas in the game in low res or just havent loaded yet.

The new bug right now that's really annoying is the proxy chat screwing up. You end up hearing people from far away instead of just 100m away.
specialguest  +   1171d ago
I have both KZ2 & KZ3, and those graphics are starting to look outdated now. There's no way in hell KZ looks better than this:

The art style isn't aiming for realism like BF3 or Crysis, but it's the lighting and effects that makes it beautiful.
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claud3  +   1171d ago
Them graphics are old looking and PC graphics at high specs
I_am_Batman  +   1171d ago
Looks good - But not mindblowing on the screenshots.
ninjahunter  +   1171d ago
Yea their better, but i like to compare to games that actually are out :P
So witcher 2(SCREENSHOT PARTY!!!!):

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fossilfern  +   1171d ago
Both are great examples of how PC is and always will be leaps and bounds ahead of the consoles.
gazgriff2k12  +   1171d ago
you guys are missing the point. yes the graphics are good and yes there are already games out that looks better than plantside 2 but how many of theses better looking games have 2000 players er none. look at MAG on ps3 has 128 players and horrible graphics, low frame rates and painted backgrounds also battlefield 3 runs at 60fps with 64 players and some of the best graphics this gen on pc. on consoles it has 24 players 30fps frame rates and good grapics (no AA). my point there no why of porting planetside 2 to ps3 unless you use nintendo 64 graphics even then it might not work simply too many players
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oIITSBIIo  +   1171d ago
I played the game on max setting it is OK but there is a lot game better looking than PS2
TRU3_GAM3R  +   1171d ago
what?? even crysis 1 looks better then this, i want to see somthing new somthing "shiny"
bozebo  +   1171d ago
"PlanetSide 2 is a game that would work extremely well on consoles, so why isn't it available for Sony's PS3?"
Consoles have nowhere near enough RAM. There can be several hundred players clashing at once in Planet Side 2 with full physics and a few hundred audio sources. Next gen consoles will find that a breeze. Graphics wise, next gen consoles will totally kick it's ass and pretty much match the current best looking PC games (lower res and frame rate of course).
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ThanatosDMC  +   1171d ago
It was a really ignorant statement.
Mikeockizard  +   1171d ago
To all the people bringing the scope of game into play, the title doesn't mention scope, or customization, or anything other than simply asks, are these the kind of graphics we can expect from next gen.

Taking these graphics alone at face value, they look like early current gen projects. Look at how little is going on here beyond the large number of players: low res textures, very little geometry or environment detail (bland alien planets with little to no vegetation), horrible sky textures, etc. Honestly, the only thing that even looks above average is the up close detail of the players and effects when in motion.

To compare to another large scale open world game, I say even vanilla Skyrim on a high end PC beats these visuals in every single category, albeit in a SP world. Maybe this looks great for a MMO shooter, but I expect my SP games on next gen to look more like Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, and Skyrim with tweaks and mods.
Zha1tan  +   1171d ago
Keep Dreaming children, Sorry but I run a GTX 680 and an i52500K overclocked to 4.6GHz with 8GB of ram and the game runs at 30fps in large scale battles lol.....
Mikeockizard  +   1171d ago
It is purely a matter of scale. If you like MMO shooter games, you will likely get some games that look like this next gen. I don't think anyone is saying all this is possible this gen, just that the graphics alone are not impressive, even compared to current gen console games.

Removing the scope of the game and the 2000 players, this game looks average at best. Next gen visuals on SP games will blow these away in every category, and that is why I'm glad I'm a SP gamer. To each their own....
beerkeg  +   1171d ago
'Removing the scope of the game and the 2000 players, this game looks average at best.'

The very point is that 2000 players are playing at once, you HAVE to take that into consideration. The only other game that comes close in scale on consoles is MAG, so compare it to that if you want.

This is a game that consoles at the moment simply can't do.

To not take into account what the game is achieving is just ignorance on your part.
Zha1tan  +   1171d ago
Have you played the game on Eashmir at night on max settings? Have you seen Amerish during sunrise? or seen Indars Canyons during the day?

Im going to have to assume the answer to all those questions is no as this game is FAR above consoles, a million miles above them in every department and the ultra graphics preset isnt even released yet until they optimise the game more.

If you think the graphics are average you havent played it on max settigns simple as.

And once again to mention the ultra preset is not out yet and PhysX is not out yet.

Wait until this game is optimised with the ultra preset, physX enabled and is running in all its glory.

Next generation? sorry but PC is already there and this PS2 is pushing boundaries and you cant just brush off the player count. Id like to see any other developer including everyones beloved DICE even attempt a game of this scale.
Mikeockizard  +   1171d ago
OK, judging by all the disagrees, apparently I am wrong and I will eat my words. I have NOT played this game, however I thought we were to base our opinions off this article, since that is the only frame of reference most of have.

According to this article, all I get are some crappy, low res screen shots of bland environments and the question are these next gen graphics? According to me, no, they are not.

HOWEVER, after digging deeper, spending hours downloading and tweaking the game and researching dozens of websites, and consulting everyone I know, I now see that indeed, these graphics can look nice. I stand corrected....
Norrison  +   1171d ago
Weird, I've seen youtube videos of really intense fights of guys with 680 running it at 60fps with fraps
Petro  +   1171d ago
Yeah I have sli gtx 670 with ultra and the ultra settings are really demanding (ini file trick) settings and I still get 60 fps.

Processor: i7-3930K
Memory: 32GB 2400mhz
SSD: Patriot Wildfire

I got this computer so I could play Arma 2 on highest and 10000 view distance, and it still lags like crazy (stupid view distance). I get probably around 20-30 fps in Chernarus.
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Gamesgbkiller  +   1171d ago
killzone3 or bf3 ?
OK :)
KillerPwned  +   1171d ago
I am loving this game! Sadly we will only see this type of game with these level of graphics on PC unless console makers decide to state bumping up the horse power and especially speed of their respected consoles.
modesign  +   1171d ago
lets not forget that this game looks outstanding while suppporting 2000 players on the battlefield. so far the ps3 can support 512 (MAG), graphics do take a back seat when it comes to MMO's on consoles and PC, however Planetside 2 has made it possible to combine MMO and quality graphics all in one. thats what i would expect from NEXT gen consoles.
bumnut  +   1171d ago
I thought MAG was 256
Pandamobile  +   1171d ago
MAG had 256, and it looked like a PS2 game.
BitbyDeath  +   1171d ago
Here is MAG -

Here is Killzone on the PS2 -

Seems you are wrong Panda
Ducky  +   1171d ago
^ That's odd, I didn't know Killzone and MAG ran at 1920x1080
Teajae  +   1171d ago
A lot of people dont know that its open world, with thousands of players playing on the same map plus planes and vehicles, day/night and no loading except switching continents and respawning....kinda like Battlefield with steroids...try comparing that to other shooters...
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swat_teem  +   1171d ago
The Vanu Smile Apawn these Picture =P this is a great game pulling off great visuals with 2000 players Vanu FTW
MrChow666  +   1171d ago
great graphics for a game with such a big scale but I got to say the art style is ugly
MeatAbstract  +   1171d ago
I can imagine many people are saying "Look at [Insert current popular FPS here], it's nothing like that"

Planetside 2 is HUGE. Of course, size isn't everything but then again, looks aren't either. But considering the sheer scale of the game, the images shown here are very impressive.

Gameplay-wise. It's a shooter. It's fun, it's tactical, and fighting for a base, taking out generators, taking controls after hours of fighting is incredibly satisfactory.
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ratcop22  +   1171d ago
Honestly games like Killzone 3 match this. Not in scale but IN GRAPHICS yes sir.
Daves  +   1171d ago
Almost agree.

But it's the SCALE that matters in this game.

Sure KZ3 looks good, but a single map is just a pixel on Planetside 2 map scale..
ratcop22  +   1171d ago
I wouldn't say a pixel. I mean combine Killzone 3 story scale. Yes it still doesn't match it. But I could say it rivals it in some ways.
TemplarDante  +   1171d ago
Some aspects are very similar between KZ and Planetside 2.. but the Ambient occlusion and motion blur+ that lighting system (dynamic day/night cycle) sets this game apart from anything Ive played before.
MYSTERIO360  +   1171d ago
Game looks great especially as its a MMO, hope this game makes its way on the PS4.
TemplarDante  +   1171d ago
This game is AMAZING!
Im a console gamer, PS360..
Now, this week.. I built a mid range PC, I5 2500K stock clock at 3.3ghz, 8gigs DDR5 and a MSI R6770 with 1gb DDR5...
that setup runs this game at Max.. its perfectly optimized game engine!
Excellent game.. Ive never played a game at this scale ever before!
The Forgelight game engine is definitly going to run on PS4..
Just what Ive noticed, character movement, lighting, looks alot like Killzones game engine.. but where KZ3 maps are tiny.. the continent in Planetside 2 is simply incredible! I never knew it was possible to have an MMO on this scale with graphics like this with 2000 players!
Bravo, Sony.Bravo. You have a masterpiece in this game! If my mid pc is going to play this game max, imagine if PS4 has an 8series AMD GPU...
:) Screw the gloom the media spins saying the hardcore games/gamers are in jeapordy, Planetside 2 will help us stay afloat.
WiiUalpha  +   1171d ago
One tiny little flaw there dude GDDR5 is only in graphics cards. You can only use DDR3 for RAM. Nice try though
TemplarDante  +   1171d ago
typo, DDR 3 ;)
sitharrefus  +   1171d ago
Game looks Haloish, i downloaded and played it and its fun but hard to control and the menu is confusing, other than that its fun.
StreetsofRage  +   1171d ago
How are the shooting mechanics? The first one SUCKED THE BIG ONE when it came down to gameplay.
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