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-Mika-  +   1180d ago
Wow this game looks amazing. Ninja theory has done a great job. You fans were complaining for no-reason.
Abash  +   1180d ago
I can't believe Im saying this, but I want this game now. That was just too awesome
ritsuka666  +   1180d ago
Ninja theory has done a great job."

Sooo, you already played the full game for say this? '-'
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RivetCityGhoul  +   1180d ago
are you kidding me this isn't even part of the game. you to pay more money to play this.
catch  +   1180d ago
It is a pre-order bonus so you aren't paying more.

Edit: If you don't feel like watching the entire video it clearly states around 1:30 it is free with pre-order at Eb games or Gamestop.
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Makasu  +   1180d ago
It's 720 MS points and €8.99 / £7.29 on PlayStation Network.
Brownghost  +   1180d ago
Why are you surprised? Its capcom.
Jinkies  +   1180d ago
It really dosen't, it looks nothing like a DmC game...blah blah blah <insert things already said a million times on here before>...seriously can't be bothered to repeat this argument.

"You fans were complaining for no-reason."

Don't you dare say were complaining for "NO" reason when everything which has been said since this was announced have been nothing but good, solid complaints.
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Hanso  +   1180d ago
"You fans were complaining for no-reason."
Yeah only..

-Day 1 Dlc
-Broken DT
-Stylish Meter for Noobs
-Combat too slow
-30 fps
-Enemys behave like theyre sleeping
-Actual Combat system offers nothing new!

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Katana Yamato  +   1180d ago
Not Day 1 DLC
Don't use the DT then (even tho DT is suppose to make you overpowered)
Play in a harder mode
Subjective but whatever
60fps is gonna be on the PC version so this complaint is invalid
Play a harder mode
DMC 4 didn't offer anything vastly new either besides Nero's DB and Red Queen ability and Dante's on the fly switching which should've been in DMC 3 but because the PS2 had less RAM they didn't implement it. It just gave the illusion of variety.

Yeah so all the complaints are invalid now because the PC version will probably solve some if not all the "problems" people have with the game.
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CrimsonDragon90  +   1180d ago
If you don't like the new DmC, then why on every new video here on n4g, you always have something to criticize about the new DmC. What your doing is,your being a butthurt fan. Why don't you just move on and forget about this game.
Kurylo3d  +   1180d ago
I gotta say, i have beaten every devil may cry game, and im a fan, but they got so freakn corny. This one looks 10x better then the last 3. Looks on par with the original
dark-hollow  +   1180d ago
Lol seriously?
DLC announcement when the game isn't released yet?
animegamingnerd  +   1180d ago
it's capcom this was to be expected by now
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1180d ago
I'm one of the few that think this game looks great and was going to pick it up....but day one DLC again Capcom? f*** that you just lost one of the few guys who was going to buy this game.
Hanso  +   1180d ago
Im proud of you friend
keep fighting the good fight!

4 dlc's ALREADY !!!!

-Vergil Chapter
-Samurai Pack
-Bone Pack
-Golden Pack

I bet costumes will be dlc soon too
in past DMC Games we could unlock them ourselfes
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yewles1  +   1180d ago
"You fans were complaining for no-reas"--

Baka-akaB  +   1180d ago
You wouldnt even understand what the fans are complaining about , and quite frankly , you're one of the best ad against any game around here
rezzah  +   1180d ago
You just never paid attention.
Vandamme21  +   1180d ago
animegamingnerd  +   1180d ago
5 bucks says it is on the disc
Kalowest  +   1180d ago
Actually $8 will.
FunAndGun  +   1180d ago
lol, perfect comment!
TRU3_GAM3R  +   1180d ago
combat too slow!
GenoZStriker  +   1180d ago
DOWNLOAD A NEW DEVIL MAY CRY CHAPTER -> Download ... -> DLC -> Capcom -> O_O $$$$? -> Paid DLC?

I hope to God they do not charge for this or I am going to kill a Devil.

Things I have noticed in this trailer:

1.) It appears they have changed the looks on Vergil's face. He looks much better than when they originally announced his appearance in the game and slightly similar - you could say the Western version - to the original DMC3 Vergil.

2.) The pace of Vergil's gameplay also seems much faster than Dante's and honestly looks much better and close to what DMC4 was.

3.) Doppelganger is back, atleast for Vergil it is.

4.) The obvious new move set.

I think this is by far the best and most convincing video they have released of DmC. However, the simple fact that it's going to be downloadable raises concerns that it could be paid DLC and will not be included with the game on release.
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Crystallis  +   1180d ago
I didn't like how they changed Vergil's looks, but he still the same bada**. I was on the fence of buying this but after seeing Vergil its a done deal.
Kalowest  +   1180d ago
Some here, it's so sad, we want the game now for Vergil and not the main character(Dante).
Kalowest  +   1180d ago
I don't like the look of the new Vergil, but his chapter(DLC) looks better then the some of the actually games.
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Kalowest  +   1180d ago
Take out "the" after then.
Hanso  +   1180d ago
OH woW DLC trailer months before game release, f***** Crapcom.

did they fix the broken DT for Donte yet?
If its still the same im not buying it..
Alos88  +   1180d ago
That's a pretty big thing for a preorder bonus.
Whitefox789  +   1180d ago
Sooooo they lied......

After TGS 2012 Trailer showcased Vergil people were asking if Vergil was going to be a playable character.

Alex Jones response, "I want to be definitive, he's not playable in the game. I don't want to be coy about that and have people think they're getting one thing when they're getting another."

Either insist on the possibility in some form of DLC or just downright say yes we will have a portion separate from the game with him as a playable character.
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Katana Yamato  +   1180d ago
He meant the MAIN game. This is a side-story/mission. And of course they're gonna offer DLC, ya know Capcom aren't the only ones who do DLC other companies do as well. Publishers don't have to spell everything out for you, its common sense nowadays to expect it.
WildStyles  +   1180d ago
Obvious selling tactic for Capcom. They're trying to get some of the old DMC fans interested before the game comes out. Why else would they release this trailer so early?

Capcom ain't slick.
Acquiescence  +   1180d ago
So it's free if you pre-order?
That's a pretty sweet deal if there's a lot more additional content. I hope we get this offer in the UK.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1180d ago
next game i buy will be this
aDDicteD  +   1180d ago
another dlc,, that vergil playable scenario should be unlock and free when you buy the copy and not as pre order and the samurai weapon pack should be the only one that you get exclusively when you pre order it. i dont really like how capcom handle's dlc.
ILive  +   1180d ago
This is looking really good. I miss old Dante obviously but I am starting to warm up to this one.
j-blaze  +   1180d ago
"play as one of the most wanted Devil May Cry characters, Vergil"

yes we want to play as Vergil the REAL Vergil not an imposter! i said NO to this game since the very first trailer and i'm still on my word, cheap trailers and DLCs won't change my mind....thank god next year we will have games like Anarchy Reigns, MGR, Lords of Shadow, Killer is Dead and hopefully Bayonetta 2

DMC is a Japanese game it should go to japan nuff said!
pandehz  +   1180d ago

Day 1 for me
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EverydayGuy  +   1180d ago
I would pay $8 to play the DLC, without having to buy the game.
demetrius_wright  +   1179d ago
let me start off by saying ima die hard dmc fan,i like what they have done with the game. i have all 4 of the games(a beast in them)i think this one is cool.i have a question to ask and im not trying to be a jerk but if you don't like/hate the game why watch/keep up with all the news on it? capcom or ninja theory are not forcing you to buy anything.advertising dlc before the game is out? call of duty does the same thing. just my opinion, peace.

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