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Plank   1261d ago | Spam
Shok  +   1261d ago
Viva Pinata in a damn fighter would make me lol SO hard.
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shoddy  +   1261d ago
The whole list make me laugh.
srcBFMVBMTH  +   1261d ago
Lol. Well considering Microsoft's pathetically small amount of exclusive characters in general, hell even 3rd party characters. Laughing is completely understandable. :)
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chuckyj1  +   1261d ago
So you forget the fact that MS owns Rare correct? Meaning their whoe stable of IPs. Which can cover a lot of characters. conker, Killer Instinct, Perfect Zero, Viva Pinata, Jet Force Gemini, battle only name a few That is just one company they own.

Throw in Twisted Pixel characters (splosion man, Ms. Splosion man, comic jumper, the Maw

throw in Gears of War, Halo, possibly Voodo Vince (good reviews, poor sales), Crackdown series, Blue Dragon, Fable series.

A lot of people gives MS grief, but they own a lot of IPs. People just don't want to dig them up and admit it.

they could easily make an all-stars game out of IPs they own without dipping into 3rd party pools.
onyoursistersback  +   1261d ago
this hole article has to be a joke right?!? lol.......
(from Alen Wake)
"Special attack: Agh! A blinding flashlight! In my eyes! Two parts annoying, one part infuriating, three parts deadly. One further part irritating"
SockeyBoy  +   1261d ago
have you even played Alan Wake? he knows how to battle. What about how he hit the dr. in the police station? oh mr wake sure knows how to swing a punch.
SockeyBoy  +   1261d ago
Sorry that was aimed at the author, not you onyoursistersback.
crimsonfox  +   1260d ago
Isn't it insane that they have those Rare characters, Yet don't do anything with them. I have longed to see a full badass Konker's Bad Fur Day sequel :(
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Blankman85  +   1261d ago
Ha ha ha!! That pic made me Lol! And the title of the game had me chuckling too. We need more light hearted articles like this. Good show sir.
I just wish those we do not speak of were not already on the way to ruin the good cheer here.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1261d ago
Microsoft already came out and said they wouldn't do a Smash Brother's knock off.
If your looking for a Smash Brothers game, try Smash Brothers, or the PlayStation All Stars one. I just don't think a Microsoft All Stars game would appeal to very many.
IQUITN4G  +   1261d ago
Why would MS throw money at something they know wouldn't sell all that well. All Stars will be very telling just how a game of this type will sell on other machines. People forget that only Nindendo do Nintendo. MS similarly has it's own way that happens to be nothing like what Nintendo does. Both make healthy profits
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Qrphe  +   1261d ago
Fans asked for All-Stars; no one is asking for this game from MS.
j-blaze  +   1261d ago
Fans asked for All-Stars? source please

on topic: Microsoft beat 'em up? oh yeah i'm personally interested...
Wayne- Lost Planet
Frank West- Dead Rising
Leon- RE6
Big Boss- MGS3
Ezio Auditore- Assassin's Creed
Kaim- Lost Odyssey
Ryu Hayabusa- Ninja Gaiden
Ken Ogawa- Ninja Blade
Nero or Dante- DMC4
Alan Wake
Master Chief- Halo
Marcus Fenix- Gears of War
Geralt- The Witcher 2
Sam Fisher- Splinter Cell
Yuri Lowell- Tales of Vesperia

DO IT MS!!! i think if they consider making this game it's going to completely destroy ps all stars...hopefully developed by Platinum or Capcom japan!
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fabod86  +   1261d ago
hahaha are you kidding us?
not only the list looks lame but also how many first party chara do you think MS can pull off?
the most part you listed are from multiplatform franchises...
MysticStrummer  +   1261d ago
Yes please... do it MS... showcase the fact that the majority of the "big" games and characters on your console appear on other platforms. That would be so delicious.
slimpickens  +   1261d ago
Well to give microsoft credit they do have Rare characters along with Bungie and other titles like splinter cell. They could do it but probably don't want to.
specialguest  +   1261d ago
Where are the Killer Instinct characters? Remember, MS owns Rare. Fulgore, the baddest character in the KI series has to be in it.
srcBFMVBMTH  +   1261d ago
Leon, Big Boss, Nero, and Dante would have a MUCH BIGGER chance of appearing in PS All Stars bro. lol
wanieldiik  +   1261d ago
I really can't imagine Big Boss being in that shit. Also, the rooster is bad and you should feel bad.
DigitalRaptor  +   1255d ago
LOL... is all!
Max-Zorin  +   1261d ago
Is this some sick joke?
Jazz4108  +   1261d ago
Didnt you know that everyone in the industry that wants news they can trust turns to
NonApplicable  +   1261d ago
Reads Title...

Can't tell if looking for hits or delusional.
NonApplicable  +   1261d ago
If Microsoft made this type of game, they wouldn't be able to call it a fighting game. The lack of physical contact(guns) would define it as a shooter.
specialguest  +   1261d ago
If MS do decide to make an all-star type of fighter, I hope they make a Power Stone clone instead of something like SSB. Power Stone was a great game.
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NeoTribe  +   1261d ago
Totally agree. Powerstone was the shizzle.
HammadTheBeast  +   1261d ago
6 different Master Chief colors. You heard it here first.
dragonyght  +   1261d ago
Its this a joke lol. Screwed that the only fighter ppl want from MS...i mean from is Killer Instinct 3.
3-4-5  +   1261d ago
- Master Chief

- Banjo & Kazooie together

- Shu ( Blue Dragon )

- Chicken Chaser ( Fable )

- Capell ( Infinite undisovery )

- Kameo

- Kinectimals Tiger

- Edward Kyle ( Operation Darkness )

- Joanna Dark ( Perfect Dark Zero )

- Takechiyo ( Samuri Showdown : Sen )

- Yuri ( Tales of Vesperia )

- Azuma Clan Recruit ( Tenchu: Z )

- Protector ( Too Human )

- Toy Soldier ( Toy Soldiers )

- New Recruit ( Wreckateer )

I like my list better. What do you guys think ?

These are just the exclusives to xbox 360.
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Genmu  +   1261d ago
half of them are not even memorable recognized characters.....

dont try to show something m$ dont have characters unlike nintendo and sony
3-4-5  +   1260d ago
Well duh...

of course Nintendo has better characters.

I was just listing the possibilities, because my list is all xbox360 exclusives. Meaning those would be some of the characters to choose from.

And it's obvious this list is Horrible compared to Super Smash Brothers.

I wasn't trying to show you personally anything though, I was just showing people what the list could look like.....and it doesn't look nearly half as good as any SSB game.
TheDivine  +   1260d ago
I like it just add Kaim, Jansen, and Seth from Lost Odyssey. I love them all so mush i couldnt narrow it down. It would also have to be something different, more like Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct (and use KI characters paving the way for KI3). It needs to be more not mature but bloody and adult as most MS games are violent and more adult (wrpgs, fps, gears, even Lost Odyssey was a jrpg with adults and a dark depressing story). Id dig a 2d fighter with all the best MS characters and cult favorites. They acually have a hell of alot of ip's.

I dont want another ssb clone thats for sure. That style works for Nintnedo but not for everyone. Its tacky to straight up copy stuff imo and not needed. Look at LBP. It was to fill the 2d platformer void on the ps3. They didnt reskin Mario they made something awesome and unique. Even LBP Karting which is a rip off of MK is unique and fits within the LBP "world". PS All Stars is just reskinned SSB and im jut not excited. Id rather have had a dissidia styled 3d fighter from sony. Now THAT would be perfect and kick major ass. Oh well it will be fun to see characters come together still.
THE_MACGREGOR  +   1260d ago
Technically Small Arms counts as a Smash Bros Clone
But heres something to add
Captain Price- Call of Duty 2
Elves -Shadow Run
Sgt. Johnson- Halo
Kid with the big helmet in Psychonaughts

You cant really add killer instinct to the list since microsoft hasnt done anything with the frachise
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hazelamy  +   1261d ago
surely Fenix's special would be to call the Hammer of Dawn down on his enemies.
from the beach  +   1261d ago
Could do it from Rare characters alone, lol, not that I particularly think that company should be doing a fighting game. Anyway, it's a horrible idea.
Genmu  +   1261d ago
lol m$ dont have characters and pathetic low exclusives games so how are they gonna doa smash game wtf....
StreetsofRage  +   1260d ago
Master Chief
Marcus Fenix
Boomer (Left 4 Dead)
Shu (Blue Dragon)
Banjo & Kazooie
Fable Wizard
Joanna Dark
Dust (From Dust The Elysian Tail)
Galen (99 Nights 2) <-----I love these games!!!!
Hudson Horstachio (Viva Pinata) Again if Pappa Rappa is going to fight Kratos than their is no reason why I can't see a Pinata fight Master Chief.

If Sony can put lame ass characters from last gen like Papappa Rappa than Microsoft can put lame ass characters like Blinx. Than add a bunch of third party characters just like Sony has like Big Daddy and the Tekken Guy and you got yourself a lineup.

Hell my roster kicks Sony's roster up and down the block! But please Microsoft, don't do it. Nobody wants to see Master Chief fight a Pinata... just like nobody wants to see Kratos fight some lame ass characters.
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Tito08  +   1260d ago
With Heihachi, Dante, Kratos & Raiden, those alone would kill your entire lineup!!!!
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chuckyj1  +   1260d ago
Here would be my list of Microsoft owned characters...

1. Master Chief
2. Cortana
3. Conker
4. Banjo & Kazooie
5. Captin Smiley
6. An Agent from Crackdown series
7. a Zombie from Crackdown 2
8. Joanna Dark
9. Marcus Phoenix
10. Locust from Gears of War
11. Voodoo Vince (a Voodoo doll) for those no familar
12. Killer Instinct (multiple characters) obvisouly not all
13. Viva Penata! (could work Pokemon work in SM Smash bros)
14. Of COURSE BATTLE TOADS heck I'd throw in all 4 of them

(15.) Would say Allen Wake (but I think IP belongs to Remedy)

It didn't take very long to come up with that list. MS could easily do it if they wanted. but, I don't think they have any intention to.

As for gamers who say MS doesn't own any IPs either A) No nothing about gaming, and don;t do their own research. OR
B) are simply fagboys looking to troll.
TheObserver  +   1260d ago
I think an all star fighting game would not fit 360 image so well. An all star shootout, that would be better. I am not making fun of MS either. Have Halo vs Gears vs CoD, vs any other shooter they wish to put in there. Imagine Master Chief using a Lancer to chainsaw through Marcus Fenix. Or imagine a CoD dude calling a gunship to wipe Master Chief and Marcus Fenix. They also have more characters to use too. The Covenant, the Locust, ODST, Space Marinces, etc. That would be a better twist on an All Star Battle Royal if you ask me. An All Star Shootout.
Rock_On_PS4  +   1260d ago
Marcus Fenix
The Cole Train
Master Chief
General RAAM
Gordon Freeman - Half Life series
Joanna Dark
Frank West
InTheLab  +   1260d ago
Not gonna bash anyone's list but I do have a problem with adding Rare titles that ONLY appear on Nintendo consoles like Killer Instinct. Once there's at least one Killer Instinct on a MS platform, fine....but what does it say about your platform that you have to dig up old Nintendo games to fill your roster?
CShadow   1260d ago | Trolling | show
Roccetarius  +   1260d ago
Microsoft wouldn't be stupid enough to make a game as well. Sony's version is mainly a game to market other games.
shadow2797  +   1260d ago
I'm flabbergasted that people don't see it's a joke. Why so serious?
Paranoidplayer24   1260d ago | Trolling | show
black911  +   1260d ago
Who made this Article Really????
Mikefizzled  +   1260d ago
Whilst there may be enough first party characters its stupid naming them off since this site is ran by sony fans who have only ever heard of Master Chief.
ginsunuva  +   1260d ago
The game would be called: Marcus Fenix vs. Master Chief

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