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BraveToaster  +   1171d ago
spike  +   1171d ago
Does Max Payne have difficulty settings?
RaymondM  +   1171d ago
I had faith in good old Max, and it looks like I won't be let down tomorrow! Although I do wish he would have kept his hair.
bahabeast  +   1171d ago
i am getting this bad boy ROCKSTAR is in top 5 game makers.
WetN00dle69  +   1171d ago
1:42 left till i get mine!
bigcupofSTFU  +   1171d ago
since i dont care for multiplayer on max payne, i shall rent it.

also anyone who only wanted the SP, how was it? (i know im not the only one who doesnt care for MP)
Redcrimson101  +   1171d ago
What a terrible review, really! If you're a true fan of max Payne lime myself you'll get this game without giving a dam a out any review.

Now all I have to do is figure out what system I should get it on. Ps3 or 369. I heard the 360 version is two disc.
MarkusMcNugen  +   1170d ago
Actually, if your a true fan of Max Payne you'd know it wasnt developed by Remedy or written by Sam Lake. So you shouldnt put too much stock in it being a true sequel to the second game. Ill get it and see for myself, and if it doesnt feel like a Max Payne game with the right atmosphere, I will NOT be very happy with Rockstar for ruining one of my favorite game series.
Zephol  +   1171d ago
All the games from Rockstar are overated
spunkee311  +   1171d ago
I'm really really excited for this. I loved the first 2 games. To this day, I still remember most parts of the games. Those games are excellent. I still remember having to follow a trail of blood as you hear your baby crying in one of the delusional trips that Max frequently had.

Most of all, I'm excited that Rockstar came through on this one. I was really worried when it was first announced that the effort and passion wouldn't be there. But I'm glad I was proved wrong. It looks like a very long game with a lot of modes. And the best surprise of all, is that its looks like the Multiplayer is actually fun and well implemented and not some tacky/broken add on (Bioshock 2, Bionic Commando). And with a DLC Season Pass for this game, it looks like they are definitely going to support it. Can't wait to get this!
MarkusMcNugen  +   1170d ago
I have a feeling it will be a good game but it wont really feel like a Max Payne game to me. It's not written by Sam Lake or developed by Remedy...
Kos-Mos  +   1170d ago
Ign is the most popular review site on n4g even though people always complain about their reviews.
Somebody  +   1170d ago
I thought the lower right corner was the review score for the game at 90. And then I came back a hour later, it jumped to 91.

I know MP3 might be good but not THAT good that it warrant a review score increase....

Oh, it's the actually number of posters in the comment comment section. The score was on the left.
SicilianGunner  +   1170d ago
im gonna skip max payne for Diablo 3!!!!
sriki007  +   1170d ago
multiplayer is quite different.
I like it :)
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