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WonderboyIII  +   1370d ago
Real Talent
Since the time I have finished Titan's Quest, I was dreaming abou ta sequel. Gaming since has been on a decline. With same IPs being abused to limits never known to the gaming community before. Real game makers and devs were assigned the task of Kinect games like RARE. EA, activision and MS has tons of talents, but when the only way to pay the bills is to develop Call of Duty 24, real games will start to fade away. Grim Dawn, the spiritual successor to Titan's Quest is here to enforce that this is a fact. We need more of this gaming passion.
aawells07  +   1370d ago
Much agreed. This game looks to be a great addition.

Check out the Kickstarter:
Mythicninja  +   1370d ago
it's amazing to look at the game play from this and realize it's only pre alpha, let alone from a two man team. the soundtracks on the kickstarter awesome as well
MWH  +   1370d ago
well said brother. those who can't contribute for whatever reason can spread the word to widen the interest in supporting these devs who are the true inventors and re-inventors of gaming industry.

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