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PT Fone Home  +   1207d ago
Great little game... this made me sign up for Playstation plus so I could get it for free on my Vita!
JoGam  +   1207d ago
Yeah but it wont transfer from the ps3 to vita if u have ps plus. Some error.
Kukoo  +   1207d ago
Hi, Kirsty from FuturLab here, thought you'd appreciate an update on the Vita situation. SCEA currently have a backlog of PSP content that they need to approve for Vita. Apparently Velocity is high priority in their approval list so you should all be able to play it on Vita very soon (because it plays THE BEST on Vita). I'll post an update when I have a date or know more.

Glad you're enjoying the game and thanks for an amazing review ZTGD!
FrustratedFury  +   1207d ago
Let's hope they get all this sorted out soon. This is a great game to be played on the go with the Vita.
PT Fone Home  +   1207d ago
I should have made that clearer, I signed up for playstation plus on my ps3 and then downloaded straight to my vita
TheDivine  +   1206d ago
This game is the best ps mini available. Anyone who doesnt have ps plus go buy it you wont regret it. When my sub ends il buy it to support the dev its been awhile since such a simple game blew me away. Good job on the game FuturLab.
Kukoo  +   1202d ago
Aw - thanks :D

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