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RIPSKATEDESTROY  +   1372d ago
i think the reason for the "unnecessary simplified crafting system." is to make it easier to play with a controller instead of a mouse & keyboard, it worked fine for me
WetN00dle69  +   1372d ago
Never played it for the PC but no problems here. I have no idea what these fools are smoking......
Blastoise  +   1372d ago
Wow a 3? I know its not supposed to be as good as the PC one but surely its not THAT bad
Perjoss  +   1372d ago
No it's not that bad at all. I've played both and this is a really good version. Only things that bother me a bit is the world is not infinite (but its still very, very big) and that this is not the latest build but apparently they will be patching it right up.
vikingland1  +   1372d ago
Hit's the lowest review that I've seen.
the worst  +   1372d ago
just what i thought
this game is stupid
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WetN00dle69  +   1372d ago
Actually no, the game is pretty cool.
Trenta27  +   1372d ago
Don't listen to this review. While its not as good at the PC version, it's still amazingly fun. The only major downside I found in the game was the map sizes, which are really small.
Jourdy288  +   1372d ago
This is either flamebait or was written by somebody who seems to enjoy Googling how to play Minecraft.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1372d ago
lol yeah i keep seeing how people are mad about recipes just being there but then im like, "okay you would rather they not be there but then everytime you need one you....control+escape, google, look at it". wtf is the difference between it being in the game or you just googling it the minute you need it lmao?????

anyway this is just for hits. i played it last night for 3hrs straight. fantastic game, fantastic port. is it as good as the pc version? no, but its still amazing. PC=10, 360=9
svoulis  +   1371d ago
Part of the reason minecraft was popular at first was the idea of LEARNING how to do everything and make recipes. Before the wiki was created and everything was just "google" it. The game was actually fun because it would get more and more expansive the more you learned.

When you take a big element out of that regardless if its a PC game or 360 game, it feels cheap. I played both and I have put and crafted amazing things on the PC version of the game.

I got bored of the 360 version rather quick because even though I know how to craft everything already. Doing it was part of the fun.

Going online and finding out recipes for Minecraft is like going online to search for Intel cases in Call of Duty, or using a strategy guide to beat Skyrim. How fun would Skyrim be if you knew exactly where everything was and you didn't really need to explore.

Could be said about this game as well.

I would not give this a 9 on the 360. 6 at best because it isn't just a "port" of the PC version its a dumb down version of the game entirely. From the size of the maps to the community.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1371d ago
yes it is a dumbed down version of the pc but what game on pc to console isnt? pcs have a lot more capabilities than any console ever will so thats to be expected.

and i highly doubt you never looked anything up at first. this is the internet age, wikis were prob available within days of it being out.

and while i do agree that part of the appeal is the discovery, that kind of feeling died when the internet became huge. its just our day and age, you and i both need to get over it.

the appeal of minecraft anyway is building and exploring both of which are largely intact and perform quite well on the 360 considering. the controls themselves are also admirable considering its moving from keyboard/mouse to controller

and lastly, if you've played the pc version already then you should know how to craft everything anyway so it wouldnt matter whether recipes were included or not, you now how to make everything already.

overall they did a great job. i respect your opinion but i don't agree with it. i stand by my 9.
jjb1981  +   1372d ago
It's ok I guess for 360
svoulis  +   1371d ago
I feel like the review is only fair if you think about how Minecraft became so popular.

The whole idea of the game is to build, create or make your own adventure/survival.

The mod community is so large on the PC that the 360 version will never be what the PC version is, but that goes for a lot of other games as well. But once you take the "Create" element out of the game (simply select from a menu what you want to build), the game becomes nothing more than a Lego set. I wouldn't give it a 3 out of 10 probably more like a 5 or 6 but I feel the whole "lore" of the PC version was the idea of learning and creating..and the 360 version takes away the learning part.
shammgod  +   1371d ago
Just a shoddy port. Plain and simple

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