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blinkingfast  +   1116d ago
nice that is good news i would check it out as a demo for sure.
Gaming101  +   1116d ago
A star wars game for casual gamers who find the controller too scary? No thanks.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1116d ago
Althrough I mostly agree this kind of game don't need motion controls of any kind, an oportunity to test before buy is never a bad thing in my book.
guitarded77  +   1116d ago
You should definitely check it out. I picked up the game for $30 new, because I was interested to see how bad the game is. I'm not going to lie, parts of the game have some serious control issues leading to some frustrating moments. But there are also parts of the game that are some of the best experiences on Kinect, like Pod Racing. I've see people scoring the game from 3 - 7, and I agree with the higher end of the score spectrum with control issues in some game modes keeping it from being an excellent game. But should the game be patched with more precise controls, it would be the best Kinect game on the market.
rick5292  +   1116d ago
For all the kids that hit the disagree button, have you even played the game? And if so, what other kinect game(s) do you think is better?
impulse135  +   1116d ago
this has to be the worst game on the kinect
M_Prime  +   1116d ago
i think RANCOR RAMPAGE is actually one of the most fun parts on this game, though i haven't tried pod racing yet
honkyjesus  +   1115d ago
For all the kids that hit the agree button...
Zha1tan  +   1116d ago
Thought it was going to be a demo of battlefront there for a second....

F#@K you lucasarts
Fylus  +   1116d ago
You and me both:(
jony_dols  +   1116d ago
Hoping for a demo of game that has never been officially announced, was a bit of a long shot!
Fylus  +   1116d ago
Still, it would have been a hell of a lot better than this:/
bumnut  +   1116d ago
Im still holding out for a new tie fighter game, imagine how good they could make a Star Wars space combat game with current tech!

Won't happen though, Lucas is too busy with crap like this and 'new' Star Wars.

Wake up George, you have one the greatest franchises ever and are doing nothing with it.
Zha1tan  +   1115d ago
The sum of this convo is basically that Lucasarts need to stop making crap kinect titles.
Trenta27  +   1116d ago
That game was terrible. I wanted to break that stupid game...
Sony360  +   1116d ago
I would say thanks for the demo, but I already know not to buy it.
Trenta27  +   1116d ago
I really wanted to give it a shot. I had my doubts, but I didn't think the game would suck this much. Oh well. More money wasted on stupid games.
Lucretia  +   1115d ago
u honestly honestly thought it would be good? its kinect, sorry for your loss of money but if you believe in anything kinect with all the obvious critisism. seriously, not all bashing is because people are fanboys, its because it actually sucks balls. but u know that now.

i mean what made u buy it when you heard there was a dancing mini game?

i hope u dont fall for the DBZ kinect game lol
vikingland1  +   1116d ago
That game def looks like it would be for kids imop. Not knocking it for that. I shall go download it right now anyhoo.
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TheModernKamikaze  +   1116d ago
Now I can dance to Han Solo XD
volcane  +   1116d ago
jony_dols  +   1116d ago
At least he moves better than Commander Shepherd!
Lucretia  +   1115d ago
seriously, anyone who bought this garbage deserved to suffer through this. its MS once again taking your money and smacking u in the face with it.HAHA and its freakin hilarious
SilentNegotiator  +   1116d ago
"The press and the critics hated the game, but the people that looked around that and bought it seem to actually enjoy it!"

Thanks, 123Kinect, for once again pretending like Kinect enjoyment is some underground club. But the reality is, it is a bad game, and clearly most did not enjoy it very much.
modesign  +   1116d ago
people will now be able to try out this disaster before not buying it
egidem  +   1116d ago
Unfortunately the demo arrived purposely after the game had been shipped. This was to cash in on the initial hype sales, which means a lot of people regret buying the game at release date.

Not releasing a demo before the game ships is an excellent business strategy, but it also shows that the developers/publishers are not confident/sure with what they're about to sell.

This is not always the reason however. Some devs/publishers simply don't bother with demos, because they know whatever they put out there will sell like hot cakes, Activision being exhibit A.

At least we can concur on the fact that when they justify a reason for their lack of a demo as saying "The game was simply too large and too complex to strip down to a demo", they're talking bull. If they can work under tight deadlines and manage to make one (sometimes more) demo for an event such as E3, or for the press behind the scenes, why can't they make a demo before the game ships??
xPhearR3dx  +   1116d ago
Because making demos cost money. Sure, they could release the demos they shown to the press, but those could be really early builds. I've actually previewed a few games where what I played was the same as the demo released 6-8 months later. Asura's Wrath for example. I played that game last July, the demo released on XBL/PSN was EXACTLY the same. This can often give gamers the wrong impression despite the "Demo does not represent the full product" bull.
egidem  +   1116d ago
I'm in a 3 year Game Development program (2nd year now) and I'd have to agree that it's no walk in the park. We're currently working on a 6 people team assignment and our goal is to come up with and make a simple 3D game by the end of this month.

We already have a couple of simple concepts and just finished prototyping them using primitives, but there's still A LOT of work to do in terms of art assets, without even touching the scripting/programming side. 3D work needs to be modeled, UV mapped (pain in the a--), textured, some needs to be rigged for animation etc. before we even reach a pre-alpha stage. Point being, if this is challenging for a 6 people team, then I agree because I understand how it would cost money to studios.

But the thing is, they're able to do it early, as I suggested by the demos shown at say E3, which means that they have at least the gameplay down and running. Why don't they simply continue using this strategy, even later on in development?

Either way, if I download a demo build of say 8 months ago and play it, come to the conclusion that I don't like it (perhaps it's full of bugs) despite it being very different from the shipped build, it's STILL better than dropping $60 on that shiny new disc with no demo on the hopes that the gameplay will be as epic as the game's CG launch trailer.

I believe it's more of a marketing strategy than an issue regarding demo production costs. Call of Duty can easily be split into a demo - just give say one level to people to play, as the game can easily be segmented, and they've got more than enough cash to make it happen. So why don't they??

Hell, Volition managed to take Red Faction Guerrilla - an open world game more complex than Call of Duty - and slice it down to a demo right before the game shipped - and they STILL did it!
edonus  +   1116d ago
You are using a little false logic there. When you say cashing in on initial hype, and also say it is because devs and publishers are confident in their product, are actually conflicting ideas. If they arent confident and think the game is horrible then they wouldnt release a demo at all.
Demos are made to give people an idea of what a game is going to feel like. Releasing a demo actually says "we have a product that is great and we want you to see how great it is". Remember they could have always just left the game without a demo. You dont highlight something you are ashamed of.

And I remember a couple of years ago the devs said they were cutting back on demos for E3 because it took time away from the teams working on the game itself.

I say the devs have seen how much fales and negative information has been put out about their game and want to give people a chance to see for themselves.
Rhythmattic  +   1115d ago

As I am not a software programmer , would it be easier to do something like PSN does with a full game time limited demo?
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Y_5150  +   1116d ago
Imagine the disappointment of a star wars fan buying a Xbox360/Kinect bundle just for this game! Oh the horror!
xPhearR3dx  +   1116d ago
I'm sure they bought the bundle more for the Star Wars Xbox/Kinect and controller itself rather than the game. Otherwise they'd just buy the game separately.
Fylus  +   1116d ago
I dunno, there are some seriously hardcore starwars fans out there... Like my uncle who is in his late 30's and has a bedroom plastered in StarWars merch (you can't see the floors or walls). Funny thing is, even he thinks this game looks stupid.
WitWolfy  +   1116d ago
Would've been a better bundle if they actually bundled it with the first Star Wars force unleashed. Never really liked the sequel as much as the original to be honest.
Relientk77  +   1116d ago
Not getting it, The game looks terrible and I heard it was terrible
Nodoze  +   1116d ago
Hmmm I wonder why they never released a demo??

I think we all know why they didn't release one. Even THEY knew it was utter crap and did not want others to see this before they bought it. Lucasarts once again proving they are nothing more than money hounds.
TheDivine  +   1116d ago
Idk looks like a fun game to me. Not something hardcore like ninja gaiden or street fighter but something that me and friends could have fun with. The pod racing and lightsaber duels seem pretty dope for a contrller free game.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1116d ago
I find it fascinating that so many N4G kids hate this game with a sincere passion, even though, not only have they never played the game, but they dont even own Xbox 360! LMAO!!!

This is just proof that its not about the games with fanboys, its about brand loyalty and Xbox hate.
Getowned  +   1116d ago
I only hate the game because they waste time with Kinect starwars and force unleased when they could of made SWBF3!. to add insult to injury Force Unleashed initials are FU and after that to the people that actually liked force unleased the made FU2 making me think thats what Lucas Arts thinks about it's fans now a days, All they want to do is screw us over.
Hellsvacancy  +   1116d ago
Wtf sort of crack are you smokin Strikepackage? ive never been bumbed in the arse by a dude before, i KNOW im not gonna like it, nothin "fanboy" bout that

People are hatin on it because the games crap, think of those poor conmsumers who bought it at launch thinkin they where gettin a Star Wars game but ended up with dance game
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Imalwaysright  +   1116d ago
Instead of worrying about other people why dont you tell us what you think about this game?
FantasyStar  +   1116d ago
~Princess in a battle~
glennco  +   1116d ago
under 10s need only download it. if you are older forgetaboutit
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1116d ago
The title made me think this was a demo for an awesome Star Wars game or something. Disappointed it was Star Wars Kinect...
edonus  +   1116d ago
This thread just shows the level of foolishness kinect is up against.

We already had the release and the critics going retard mode on their reviews. It well documented that the "so called" core gamers think the game is horrible even though most of them havent played it or didnt play it right. That is already stated.

This is about the game getting a demo and giving people a chance to play it. The only comments we should see on here is from people that didnt play it, then played the demo and want to discuss what they liked or didnt like. Arbitrary "this game sucks, and this game is bad or this game is for kids" comments are a waste. Other than serving as a circle jerk for fanboys kinect haters.

Like with any game if you dont come into it with a clear and open mind to really try and play it you wont like it. There is plenty of interesting things in this game. For those who are really playing the demo try switching back and forth from single grip saber fighting to 2 handed grip. Use the double grip against the bigger tougher opponents it works really well is fun and shows more depth in the combat system. Also try and be creative with the force, use it to break enemy attacks.
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Hicken  +   1116d ago
You're SO content to defend the Kinect and all its games, it's really a little sad.

Why WOULDN'T people have negative things to say about the demo of a game that's been documented to work poorly in many- if not most- cases? Is the quality of the demo somehow so much better than the final release that it warrants a different opinion? And why is it so late AFTER the game's out that the demo finally released?

These are all valid things to debate here. Hell, anything regarding Kinect Star Wars is valid to talk about, and given that Kinect's accuracy in the game is in question, it's valid to bring up Kinect's overall accuracy, as well.

If the game sucks, it sucks. You can't just come in at every time people say it doesn't work and call them trolls and Kinect haters. It may be fine if you're a kid, but Star Wars fans will mostly be disappointed, and core gamers will mostly be disappointed... unless they have some unreasonable, unexplainable love for the Kinect, and so feel the need to defend it at all times from anyone who has anything remotely negative to say about it.

Let it go, dude. Kinect games are, by and large, garbage. And the ones that aren't don't appeal to the majority of core gamers. It won't kill you... will it?
PinkPartyPony  +   1116d ago
Playing the game right now, it's fun.

The motion controls either work perfect, or not at all.

Would recommend if you got a Kinect for free, like me, and rented the game, or got the game for a maximum of 20$.

It is not worth buying a Kinect for, or buying the game past 20$ IMHO.
edonus  +   1116d ago
Well remember you are only playing a demo, and the game retail for $50.

As for controls they normally only stop working when you get out of place.
PinkPartyPony  +   1116d ago
No, I'm playing the retail title right now, not the demo.
edonus  +   1116d ago
What parts do you have issues with controlling, because I have played it since launch, went through Jedi Destiny Mode about 4 times, podracing 2, Rancor Rampage level 7, and Jedi master on all duels except Vader and the controls work great. In fact I have more issues with the controls in Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 than Star Wars kinect.
Sucitta  +   1116d ago
I'm guessing your 50+ with that battlefield comment..
Imalwaysright  +   1116d ago
Youre either LYING, your controller is broken or just recently started playing core games and when i say recently i mean 1 hour before you made that comment... ok make that half hour.
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edonus  +   1116d ago
No... I dont lie. And keep in mind I never said i was bad at the games. In Battlefield 3 in mp I would be trying to jump over obstacles like a fence or into a dumpster and the animation of a jump would play but you wouldnt go over the obstacle. Sometimes you did sometimes you didnt and thats what was frustrating because it was something you know was suppose to work. I remember times just sitting there jumping against the fence like 7 times and it not working. I'm sure this is documented in early posts about the game, I think they patched most of it but some of that crap come up here and there I had to learn how to work around it so I barely notice it if does still happen now.

In Mass Effect 3 it sometimes locks up on your powers even when they are set to work. Like Biotic charge then use the nova, works perfectly sometimes but sometimes it locks up and wont let the second power work. And in Mass Effect 3 the cover is a little too sticky sometimes. Like I said i'm not saying I dislike these games or cant play them or that I am bad at them. I'm just saying in Star Wars Kinect I had less issues. Once I learned the proper movements and what they did across all modes it was damn near flawless.

Sorry everyone out of bubbles.
Con-Fu  +   1116d ago
Really, was that the big problem with selling Star Wars Kinect, people needed a chance to play it, and that by playing it, it would seal the deal. Once you hear you can dance with Han Solo, every one above the age of 5 should walk away.
Young_ART  +   1116d ago
i cant wait to feel how immersive the controls are /s
devilhunterx  +   1116d ago

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