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VaddixBell  +   1212d ago
I really respect developers like Valve and Blizzard for their "When it's done" attitude... but this just looks like poor management.

Either management aren't giving the team the resources they need or just there's just no one saying "no" to anything there or a mix of both.
Greyslash  +   1212d ago
And this is where Square surprises us all and shows this along with KH 3. LOL, oh man, I crack myself up sometimes. :/
FinaLXiii  +   1212d ago
Goddam it this pretty much means it will be a multiplat because SE already lost to much money on this game and not to mention the DLC.
Ragnaarock  +   1212d ago
Square Enix final E3 announcement***

"I know you fans have been waiting along time and we are very excited to reveal,(que exciting music, and dramatic pause) Final Fantasy XIII-3. During trailer whole audience leaves*

Square is asked in an interview what happened to FF versus.
*"We at Square have been closely monitoring consumer feedback and have come to a conclusion that fans were more eager to see a sequel of a sequel of FFXIII so we left Nomura to work on his project alone while diverting full production on this new title."

Interview with Nomura
"I understand fan eagerness of FF versus and would hope all the fans can be a little more patient. I am working hard on completing the game but as of late it seems as though i have been lacking the man power to finish the game."
zaz12  +   1212d ago
Who needs a FF game?we already have The Witcher?
JJOR64  +   1212d ago
Hurry up and finish this dang game so I can get Kingdom Hearts III already.
theeg  +   1212d ago
moving it to ps4 would be a great idea!

60 frames

im all for it!
gam3fr33k  +   1212d ago
I would be perfectly ok with them scrapping it and moving on to kingdom hearts 3 to be honest. But I mean, if its gonna be a show stopper I wouldn't announce it either and let it be a surprise so who knows?
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