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Omega Zues  +   1382d ago
Wait...your making me wait? While my PC hungers for it?

Wow, talk about giving your fans the finger.

I'll pass.
leemo19  +   1382d ago
If anybody is going to get time exclusive for skyrim it should be the pc fans. There the one that actually fixed the broken ass game on pc and made it even better looking.
Squadron40Dive  +   1382d ago
Yo mad ppl be trizipping Whats this Dragon guard shit
WetN00dle69  +   1382d ago
Awesome!! Cant wait!!!!
turgore  +   1382d ago
Instead of investing in timed DLC, microsoft should invest in first party exclusives.
ThichQuangDuck  +   1382d ago
I personally sold the game due to getting bored of the repetitiveness of going to the arrow and killing what was there over and over. Also did not feel any affect on the world based on any decisions in quest that I accomplished, was just a matter of whether I did them. Thus when talking with friends there would be few differences in anything. I am a fan of DLC that is substantial to continue games, but to announce it 6 months after release and still be looking at summer is a lot, I suppose it is rewarding for those who still have the game. Unless it reinvigorates what I personally thought got to be stale gameplay, I will remain uninterested
Veneno  +   1382d ago
This is how I felt about Fallout 3. Bethesda's games are always impressive the first few hours of exploration, but then you realize that it is mind-numbing repetetiveness and your decisions don't feel important.
ThichQuangDuck  +   1381d ago
I actually liked fallout 3 though, maybe I was more interested because of the setting because the combat was also bland there,but I enjoyed the VATS. If they had a solid combat system for fallout 4 and truly improved then I would be super psyched. Plus fallout had decisions that made me more feel I affected the world
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1382d ago
Umm yeah sorry. As much as I loved Skyrim, it's a bit too late for dlc now. I got other things to play like Diablo 3. The timed exclusivity hurts them quite a bit too, the later they release this the less interest there will be, that's a given.
iammason  +   1382d ago
I think you guys need to argue less about the fact that its exclusive, since everyone will get it regardless, and start discussing what the hell is going to be in this game.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1382d ago
Am i the only one happy about the 360 getting it first thats not a 360 gamer? THey beta test it and then i find out if its worth buying before spending money it, seems like a good deal to me...
nick_or_dawood  +   1382d ago
PS3 user here. I don't really care. I played the game hard for 2 months and then got burnt out. Plenty of other games to keep me busy. If Beth wants to wait till the story is out and spoil it for ps3 and pc that is their call. Plus there are a lot of games coming out Sept-Dec. Seems risky
HalfCarrot  +   1382d ago
You must remember that Oblivion almost didn't come to PS3 at all. Bethesda's done a lot of work with Microsoft and there's something to be said for being loyal to a fruitful partnership.

That being said, I am a PS3 person and it does chap the ass a bit. I ought to have waited for the GOTY edition; the bugs would have been worked out and I'd have all the DLC for roughly the same price as the game. Although update 1.5 has the game running like a dream! And I'm still having a blast getting lost in side quests.
coolmaster  +   1382d ago
hmm. let me think. gta iv's dlc was also "exclusive" to 360 so bethesda cant really mess this this thing up. of course it will be on ps3. and pc of course
theeg  +   1382d ago
Kind of a dick move on Beths part, if anyone should get the dlc first, it's ps3 owners, the game was pretty much BROKEN on release for ps3 players, it's still doesn't run great on the xbox360 from what my cousin said, he said it gets frammy when ever there's a ton of action, but my nephew has it on ps3 and its framerate sucks for no reason.

I think this is some outright bs, and this is coming from a pc owner who will never buy dlc for any game, I play peoples mods that are more creative half the time than the devs crap they try to milk people for.

for shame Bethesda , for shame

people, come on over to pc, there's a lot more freedom here!

mods, free to play, mmo, rts, indie, more mods, better graphics, emulate every game system, including the wii and ds, preceeding xbox360/ps3, plus a backwards compatible library going back to the 80's!
portal_2  +   1382d ago
Hmm... Dunno - Im pretty much done with Skyrim, played for about a month and got burnt out and bored. I'd prefer to spend my money on PSN games or put it towards retail games.
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C_Dub  +   1381d ago
def excited for this. My character is already a vampire so if this has anything to do with them it could be a lot of fun. I only hate having to wait until summer but maybe it's more than just a linear mission.
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1381d ago
This far into the generations, and people are still crying about MS using money. Just finally face it... Multi Plat games are mostly better, and bought more on the 360.

It's just the way it is this generation. Deal with it.

Better luck next gen with getting stuff better, and first when it comes to multi plat games.
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