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LakerGamerEnthusiast  +   1385d ago
wow honestly, I think you just killed a bit of your reputation by announcing that you ARE SURE of this being the release date. Better hope your right because if not it could kill some of your fans off and the validity of your website and reputation.
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   1385d ago
I thought they actually found something good, wtf is this crap lol?
Plagasx  +   1385d ago
MISLEADING FUCKING TITLE. Jesus, I jumped out of my chair for joy when I read it only to click and find out it was only a fucking OPINION....

sabu08  +   1385d ago
so you are saying with no proof or confirmation , that it is releasing then because other games are releasing around the previous and following weeks ...... good logic this must be the release date
Proeliator  +   1385d ago
Oh look, another horribly misleading title on N4G that gets approved mindlessly.
Enigma_2099  +   1385d ago
Again... did Rockstar confirm this?
TBONEJF  +   1385d ago
TIME TO HEAD BACK TO LIBERTY CITY TO KICK SOME ASSES. Best part of GTA V NIKO and CJ guest stars. but who's the new guy? can't wait to BUY IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!! Another R* game added to my collection.
BlackSharinganX  +   1385d ago
i just want the game this year
irish4life09  +   1385d ago
asshole needs to change the damn title of the thread
FarCryLover182  +   1385d ago
Do you have proof??? Just because "you now know COD is coming in november???" wasn't that obvious like 2 years ago??? Cod has come out in November every year since 2005.

But anyway if GTA does come this fall, except Borderlands 2 and/or Bioshock Infinite to be delayed til spring. However, I think GTA will come April or May 2013. Not a lot of competition, and this time has been Rockstar's biggest time to release games since 2008. I think they're gonna follow the pattern than jeopardize sales against all these other titles when they can maximize sales and profits against little competition later.
mt  +   1385d ago
I hope they make something similar to GTA San Andreas. or tweaks the game to be something like red dead redemption. GTA4 was good game but disappointment because it wasn't great.
DeadIIIRed  +   1385d ago
I like how the "Opinion:" part of the title was just chopped off when it was submitted to N4G.
DeeZee  +   1385d ago
It's crazy, and the mods are just letting it stay at the top. It's worded like it's a news piece. Maybe they'll take it down by the morning...
Darth_Bane79  +   1384d ago
It's the morning and they haven't. Guess the mods want the hits for their website too..
DeeZee  +   1384d ago
Ha-ha, well they fixed the title.
honkyjesus  +   1385d ago
Fishing for hits/10.

I wouldn't mind them releasing it on the same day as the new COD. Rockstar has a habit of trying to really stick it to other games' release dates.
SuperBeast811  +   1385d ago
It wont come out until next year its not R* style to release two big AAA games a year and this year its all about Max Payne GTA 5 in 2013 youll see.....
tweet75  +   1385d ago
im hoping we get a surprise at E3 and find out GTAV is coming first to wiiu. A surprise nintendo announcement.
Mattman310  +   1384d ago
You know what would be more professional? If the title didn't give off the idea that October 9 was the actual release date, when this is really an opinion piece, so as not to fool anyone. You could do that, you know, have a shred of journalistic integrity, but then how would you get such a high traffic rate on N4G?
Darth_Bane79  +   1384d ago
Exactly, once they have enough traffic then they can convince more peole to advertise on their website. So pretty much this is turning into tabloids..
TheModernKamikaze  +   1384d ago
I know am still going to buy it whenever
BitbyDeath  +   1384d ago
Crap article had me believing that this had been officially announced.

Time to vote you down Trendy, you should know better
bauer007  +   1384d ago
This guy is so dumb! Hes trying to suggest Rockstar should be worried by Resident Evil LOL worried about another generic COD? Rockstar are bigger than everyone else, they dont worry at all when to launch their games!
TesMgsFan  +   1384d ago
I think that Ocotber will be the month of games and Gta 5 will have his place in October!!! :D
Horny  +   1384d ago
I'm counting heavily on black Friday. Too much stuff I want including the Wii u and some vita games. Besides that...
Black ops 2
Bioshock Infinite
Resident evil 6
Halo 4
Assassins creed 3 (maybe)

And Sony and ms haven't announced exclusives yet. After e3 this last can become longer.
Darth_Bane79  +   1384d ago
Why does fake articles get approved like this? I'm tagging Trendy Gamers as the "Esquire" of videogames from now on.
Arts1000  +   1384d ago
conjecture : it should be stated on the front page of this article .
T3MPL3TON  +   1384d ago
Yep. This guy is right there is a gap must be GTA5 what else could it be? Nothing but GTA5. Yep.


I love the GTA games but I hope this doesn't come out until like 2015 so that people will stop all this foolish speculation for a little bit.
camehlheon  +   1384d ago
I don't think we'll be seeing GTA V in 2012. Maybe not even a trailer. It seems that Rockstar always start teasing their games just a few weeks before their release, and all the recent R* games have been released in the April/May period, we can expect GTA V for Spring.
danieldeath  +   1384d ago
Nope October 9th will be the release of 2nd trailer.
bnaked  +   1384d ago
WTF? GTA5 will be one of the best selling games ever, nobody at Rockstar cares about other releases.. GTA5 is THE game release!
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DirtyLary  +   1384d ago
Random opinions are news now, great.
Games4ever  +   1384d ago
GTA5 needs to be, as it was in The Ballad of Gay Tony. That was brilliant :)
Bounkass  +   1384d ago
I hope not. I hope they put some more time in it! :)
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