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TheLastGuardian  +   1406d ago
Twisted Metal should've been on this list. My GOTY so far.
AG-Mike  +   1406d ago
We actually rated it 5 out of 5 in our review. Probably one reason it doesn't quite make the list.
VOP  +   1405d ago
Keep in mind, this article is about the less hyped and forget-able/miss-able titles of Q1 2012. Twisted Metal, at least from my experience, was a game that got some good coverage and was highly anticipated by quite a few people.
killerhog  +   1406d ago
Twisted metal is alright but not GOTY
TheLastGuardian  +   1406d ago
It is if you're a die-hard Twisted Metal fan like me.
TheDivine  +   1406d ago
Its from november but i just grabbed LOTR War in the North and it is awesome. Really fun little hack n slash rpg and the story is great for LOTR fans. You get to visit locations from the movies and also stuff from the books. Only paid 15 for it and loving it, really underrated.

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