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NYC_Gamer  +   1116d ago
I'm happy to be part of that 1.1 million :)
noprin  +   1116d ago
a great game like Witcher 2 should sell lot more than that
Croash  +   1116d ago
Oh, don't worry, that's about to happen.

Hell, I might buy the PC version again to secure an already Enhanced Edition patched game and not have to go through downloading 10's of GB every time I re-install the game.

It might also be time for me to get a new laptop so that I won't play through TW2 with a 640x480 resolution to keep 60 fps.
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Mariusmssj  +   1116d ago
Well the enhanced edition patch is 10Gb :D
Croash  +   1116d ago
I know, Mariousmssj! But there will also be a PC retail version of the Enhanced Edition so I might end up buying it in the next few months.

At least it's future-proof, unlike many PC games of this generation. I know I'd be able to re-install TW2EE 15 years from now without having to use any activation key or account verification online and without the need to get patches from a server that might not exist anymore.
As long as disc trays keep on
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360GamerFG  +   1116d ago
Glad to add to that number when the enhanced edition launches on 360
KING85  +   1116d ago
Yeah I picked this up when it was $15 on amazon. I haven't played it as of yet, but it's good to know PC players will be getting the free update.
Game3s  +   1116d ago
While 6 million pirated the rest.
Baka-akaB  +   1116d ago
lol at the disagree , this is a game that indeed no one got any valid reason to pirate .

This time no drm or dlc or abusive schemes to hide behind - at most you could see someone launching it a few times in iso form to see how it runs on their pc AND then buying it - and yet ...
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aquamala  +   1116d ago
One of he best games I ever played, glad people without a gaming pc get to play it soon
Tai_Kaliso  +   1116d ago
I have my copy reserved for the Xbox 360. Hopefully that adds a couple more million to the total.

Glad they are moving to some new AAA next gen titles after the release on the 360 though, I'm dying to see what these guys can do with new hardware.
NYC_Gamer  +   1116d ago
I'm happy that CPR is expanding their fan base. pretty sure many 360 owners will enjoy/support The Witcher franchise...This is what gaming is about being able to share/experience the same great games regardless of platform.
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pandehz  +   1116d ago
Cant believe someone disagreed with you.

Nevertheless here's an agree
pandehz  +   1116d ago
They deserve a lot more. I dont think my 1 copy even made a dent :(

Come on gamers lets support these guys. I have been keeping track of all the things they've been upto since launch and everythings on the positive side. Never seen or heard of such good support from a dev before.
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ninjahunter  +   1116d ago
Considering the budget and that digital PC sales make about double profit they made bank.

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