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FinaLXiii  +   1408d ago
That´s like saying im a poker player without even knowing the rules.

casual gaming pfff.
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theeg  +   1408d ago
"If we only made PC games - like we did 20 years ago - we would have failed a long time ago." need to make good games to be succesful as a pc only developer....ask blizzard or cd projekt

unfortunately ubisoft, you cant constantly churn out crap and be successful on for you since you enjoy doing that.
ZippyZapper  +   1408d ago
UBI seems to be doing a pretty good job. They don't try and suck your money away by charging you $25 to unlock tanks like EA does with BF. There are a lot of good games in the house that Tom Clancy built. I have more respect and would give my money to UBI way before I would Activision or EA.
sllshrm  +   1408d ago
Looks like you don't play games on PC much...
aliengmr  +   1408d ago
Not a PC gamer.

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