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-MD-  +   1411d ago
I'll probably get one in a couple years, after another price drop and a revision or two. Mostly for Revelations.
StraightPath  +   1410d ago
thats some quality games right there, vita needs games badly.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1410d ago
That's it?
godzilla72  +   1410d ago
How bout Nano Assault, Ace Combat and Williams Pinball?
-Gespenst-  +   1410d ago
I'm just waiting for Zero Escape - Virtue's Last Reward. Has anyone played 999? Definitely one of the best DS games ever.
cpayne93  +   1410d ago
I'm waiting on luigi's mansion 2 and paper mario, I'm gonna also want mario 3d, mario kart, Revelations, and zelda when I get my 3ds.
azizmb  +   1410d ago
I'm waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3D, Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion 2 myself. Really looking forward for those.
IceTheRetroKid  +   1410d ago
I'm loving Kid Icarus: Uprising a lot, I'll be picking up, Spirit Camera next month.
firelogic  +   1410d ago
LOL!! That's one fantastic Top 10 list. 6 of them are older console ports. What a GREAT handheld!! Oh, and the #1 game is a 12 year old port.
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IceTheRetroKid  +   1410d ago
You know I have to say, you have a point, MGS3, SSF4 and Tales of the Abyss are ports, OOT3D and SF643D are remakes, 3DS needs to get it's act more together. I agree with you.
AWBrawler  +   1410d ago
This is just their opinions and I would have put Kid Icarus 3 as number 1 on that list. Also I would have added in Skylanders, Samurai Warriors, pushmo, Sakura samurai, Dillon's rolling western, Sonic Generations, and Pokemon rumble blast .

3DS has a pretty good selection of games both retail and downloadable. And there's still more to come. I am looking forward to Animal Crossing, Luigi's mansion, Heroes of Ruin, kingdom hearts, code of prIncess, fire emblem, paper Mario, spirit camera and more

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