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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1415d ago
I hate it when movies or games break the 4th wall.
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   1415d ago
What about in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, it does it, and you can't not love that film.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1415d ago
Ferris Bueller is actually kind of a dick. Just watch the movie. He ruins the life of his neurotic friend, who already has a strained relationship with his overbearing dad. And its all just because he want's to take a day off. He even looks down on his poor girlfriend.

As a child of the 80s I'm happy to say that Ferris Bueller is a dick.
TheoreticalParticle  +   1415d ago
His girlfriend's obviously banging his best friend the entire time, so yeah, of course he's not into her.
PhantomTommy  +   1415d ago
Ray Liotta breaks the fourth wall at the end of Goodfellas, you can't hate Goodfellas.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1415d ago
Ok I'll give you that one, but that's at the end of the film.
dark-hollow  +   1415d ago
Actually it depends.

I hate it when they overuse it but in some occasions it could be a little bit funny.

Like Francis scene in super paper Mario with peach when you try to flirt with that geek she says "who's picking those choices? Am not marrying this dork!" XD
Pozzle  +   1415d ago
Boston Legal did it heaps of times, and it was great. :D
It was always funny hearing the characters talking normally...then all of a sudden they'd say something random like "I haven't seen you all episode" or someone would start humming the show's theme tune.
synchroscheme  +   1415d ago
If you've played the new Kid Icarus game, you'll know that it has no 4th wall to speak of. It's great. :)
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