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SuperStrokey1123  +   1417d ago
Umm i thought it was pretty obvious that you needed to be connected to their online service to get the games. Thats why it was bundled with the 3G version and not the wifi one.
ClydeRadcliffe  +   1417d ago
Sweet! So it's okay now to sue people if you're too dumb to understand what "with activation" means? Nice one
hazelamy   1417d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
strifeblade  +   1417d ago
this guy made me realize sony stole 10$ from me. now i have decided to return my vita. yake that sny for treating your customers like crap
th3_d3an  +   1417d ago
really?....really? good luck with that buddy let us know how it turns out lmao
Sikct9a  +   1417d ago
Wow someone send this guy $10 already. What a baby!
mattiebo123  +   1417d ago
I'd call the author an idiot, but I'm afraid he'd sue me.
C0MPUT3R  +   1417d ago
Why would he buy a 3G Vita and not want to activate it?
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.
He can sue all he wants, he will lose bad.
YipMan86  +   1417d ago
Yeah, I hope he does not to plan to buy a smartphone in the near future lol.
BTW. I think if he wants to sue someone over that, he should have tried to sue AT&T in the first place...
Raoh  +   1417d ago
Just realized this is the same site that recently posted an article (if you want to call it that more like fanboy rant written in crayon)stating that the Playstation should die.

SirNintend0  +   1417d ago
Desperate for hits much?
Krakn3Dfx  +   1417d ago
N4G needs to restrict opinion pieces from Bitmob, they'll just let anyone over there write shit, and 97% of the time it's complete garbage like this.
Freshnikes  +   1417d ago
Man I paid $299 for this vita plus $15 the day after and I haven't got my game voucher yet!! It's been 35 days for me what are u suppose to do as a customer? Stop buying Sony or sue!
xfrgtr  +   1417d ago
this guy has flamed the website not once, but twice in a day with Sony hate.And it works
Freshnikes  +   1417d ago
I just got off the phone with Sony, and they told me to wait for my voucher! Lmao this company is a joke! It been 35 days since I activated my AT&T pass $15( haven't used not 1 mb) if I would of known this I wouldnt activated my plan and bought the game ssdd $15.. On the box it says u will get a voucher within 30 of activation! I'm done with this company!! Look at the stock price for sny it's at a all time low!! They can't even get sending out a voucher right!! I also own a ps3 so I'm being real this company is doomed!! They have no vision!! Another thing the AT&T rep. Knew more about the voucher then the Sony ps vita specialist, what a joke
Hueynewton2012  +   1417d ago
Not one but 2 anti SONY articles in one day LMAO this is almost as pathetic as the "author" not being able to read the deal offering regarding his Vita purchase. BTW you didn't get a hit from me.
Zardos  +   1417d ago
Fishing for hits. My guess is those that bought advertisement space are not very happy with the low traffic the site gets.
godzilla72  +   1417d ago
Who buys a Vita for the 3G? Heck with that, its a portable gaming device, not a frikin phone! Read the fine print next time, geez!
Zardos  +   1417d ago
Oh, wow. Talk about being stupid. It has a sticker in the box. The process by which you get the free was reported by AT&T and Sony weeks before the launch itself... and he's supposed to be a "professional journalist?". Hahaha.
Kaizin514  +   1417d ago
Bitmob, home of articles aimed to bash Sony for website hits. Please take note of the "The Playstation brand needs to die" article that has graced N4G the past few days.
SpinnerM  +   1417d ago
Ok...I got 7 disagrees from my post. Somebody explain to me how I'm wrong? Did Sony advertise Killzone 3 remote play or not? Answer: THEY DID!!! Deceptive. I bought the damn thing for remote play as advertised. Now they have no plans of releasing Killzone 3 for remote play, but by god they're making a "Special edition" Killzone just for Vita...for purchase. Money grubbing a$$holes. Fulfill your promises, Sony!!!!
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