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Pledius  +   1416d ago
counter sue coming from Sony because he made a big article in the high traffic internet to degrade their brand name + other ideas made up by their firm

lol @ videogame "journalist"
SuperStrokey1123  +   1415d ago
Id laugh if they tried to sue him for slander or something like that lol.
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gypsygib  +   1416d ago
It's a bit lame to have an emotional attachment to a company. Sony or any other company doesn't care about you at all, they just want your dollars.

It's not an emotional relationship, it's a heartless exchange, you get a product they get money. If the product is good then maybe you'll buy another from that company.
tiffac008  +   1416d ago
Yup, you said it my friend. Consumerism is a one way street.

So the lesson of this story is, research properly before you buy anything. So you won't misunderstand the promos.
unworthyBOZO  +   1416d ago
My hand is not big enough for the faceplam that goes with this article.
TronEOL  +   1416d ago
I do think this kind of thing does need to be avoided. Sure, everyone should know nowadays to "google it" before buying ANYTHING expensive, but it really SHOULDN'T be like this. The companies should be more honest about what you're actually buying. It shouldn't be figured out last minute after you paid money and opened the box.

Then again, there is a lot that goes on in this world that shouldn't. So maybe what I'm saying doesn't mean anything.

Thankfully, I got the Wifi version of the Vita and haven't been lied to yet. So while I love the Vita and Sony, I also sympathize for the people who got screwed over by advertisements.
AusRogo  +   1416d ago
Complaining because you have to wait to get a free game that Sony is giving out when they didnt even have to? Fuck sake, you ungrateful fuck.
Bowzabub  +   1416d ago
Be sure to sue the judge after he laughs your ass out of court. Numbskull.
Raoh  +   1416d ago
LMFAO umad?

This is how it is when you deal with a carrier.

Grow up.
SpinnerM  +   1416d ago
Forget about the "free game" for a minute. How about Sony misleading it's customers with the remote play function? The whole reason I purchased the Vita was to play PS3 games on a handheld...specifically Killzone 3, as SONY ADVERTISED! WHERE IS IT?!?!?! Clearly the capability is there, as the hacked Vita showed on YouTube (playing Battlefield 3). Sony won't do it. Why would they? They're not getting anything out of it. I've been a faithful Sony PS owner for years now. I'm so PI$$ED that they misled us. I'm seriously considering going a different route the next generation...and I never thought I'd say that.
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Jihaad_cpt  +   1415d ago
This makes me feel sorry that people don't take the time to ask questions. America has become the worst in terms of needing nannying.
Wintersun616  +   1415d ago
What's up with this recent spike of anti-Sony crap from Bitchmob?

I would understand it if they actually had reason to but they're just desperately clutching at straws to throw whatever rock they can at Sony.
BitbyDeath  +   1415d ago
Everyone should mark this shitty site down so they can't post here anymore.
phinch  +   1415d ago
mas aswell sue microsoft for the whole milo joke while we are at it
sly-Famous  +   1415d ago
BS! This guy will never sue Sony, just looking for hits. Please someone call the whaaambulance!
tarbis  +   1415d ago
They should change the name of their site to idiotmob. It suits them perfectly.
Flatbattery  +   1415d ago
Author sounds like the kind of guy that would be fooled by a scratch card claiming that you could win a holiday or a car that you find in magazines.

"oo! what have I won?" *scratch, scratch* "I've won a gold prize, I wonder what that could be?"

You know the type of thing, spend wads of cash on a premium rate phone line to learn you've probably won a cheap towel set.
gazerino  +   1415d ago
Did you not think to ask before purchase how to redeem your free game and AT&T data service?
eferreira  +   1415d ago
why is he suing sony when AT&T is offering this?
Rob946  +   1415d ago
I'm sorry but this is stupid, He says how Sony say he's no even worth $10. He makes it sound as if the game is so cheap. If it's that cheap why didn't he just buy it himself? I'm sure almost everyone knew that they'd have to purchase a month of ATAT Services first and if he didn't want the ATAT then he could of bought Stardust and a 8GB memory stick for less money then the extra $55 he spent.
mastershredder  +   1415d ago
Great investigatory journalism. Plus, make a nice dramatic article about why you are suing Sony (need some attention?). Good luck on that one genius, doubt you have even ever sough legal advice/council in you life.

Even after the terms and conditions are slapped back in his face by members on his site, he is still trying to be "right".

Suggestion: delete the article and save face.

Bitmob, you seem to have a issue with less than stellar articles and stirring fanboy shi7 storms. Gaming does not need crap like this. Refocus you efforts into something more productive and informing. Judging by the last few articles coming from you guys, you may want to rethink your "community writer" submissions.
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OMEGAZONE  +   1415d ago
The Judge is going to take one look at this laugh and throw it out the window so fast it will reach lightspeed.
Elvis  +   1415d ago
I hope you lose :).
bobrea  +   1415d ago
So you didn't do your research and its sonys fault?
BX81  +   1415d ago
Much to my surprise the majority of the kids here sided with sony /S. If it stated with activation and not paid activation, then sony knew exactly what they were doing. They wanted to make you think it was free. To be honest the majority of companies are like this. It reminds me of a person who will tell you the truth but only if you ask the specific question that requires the truth. PS. nothing is free if you have to pay for something in order to get the free item. I side with all consumers on this one.
chrisgay  +   1415d ago
Obviously he read it- it offered a free service, which one could reasonably assume would need to be activated. Upon activation, he would receive his free game. It is unclear that he should have to pay for an extra service- the term 'activation' is ambiguous and it is absolutely fair for him to assume that it is his free month of service that must be activated.

"Data session and downloadable game with activation (of said data session)" is the suggestion the packaging made.

On another note, I don't understand why so many people are jumping at the opportunity to defend the mega corporation here- perhaps legal proceedings are a little far in this circumstance, but it is clearly a sly piece of labelling. Sony doesn't need you in its corner, it should be bending over backwards to meet your consumer demands. So do some demanding! Demand some labelling that CLEARLY states the terms of the offer it is promoting.
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mobhit  +   1415d ago
Has nothing to do with defending corporations. That guy didn't read the fine print. He was either dropped on the head when he was little or he lacks reading comprehension skills.
FancyPants-MD  +   1415d ago
i like the way he put in the editor note "Ed, a lifelong Sony fan". very classy.
btw im going to sue lynx deodorant cuz i never got all the women like they show in their advert.
Trenta27  +   1415d ago
It's my birthday today. Can I have a Vita, Sony?
RaidoUK  +   1415d ago
how can people complain about this kinda thing, if you get got by it its your own damn fault for being so naive
Silly gameAr  +   1415d ago
JoeSchmoh  +   1415d ago
Any normal idiot like me would know that CELL PHONE COMPANIES DON'T JUST GIVE OUT FREE DATA PLANS! What a fking IDIOT! SONY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS! THAT'S ALL AT&T! The person who wrote this article is FKING RETARDED! and that's why sony sent his stupid @$$ back a letter basically saying "Uh, you're too retarded/illiterate to understand how cell phone plans work!" I HAVE FRIENDS WHO SELL CELL PHONES! It's like COMCAST CABLE! THEY GIVE YOU 3 FREE MONTHS WHEN YOU "SIGN UP!" OH MY GOD! I just SCREAM! >_< HOW STUPID ARE SOME OF US GAMERS! CHRIST! I am so SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE TRYING TO DESTROY SONY ON SO MANY LEVELS IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! FUCK MICROSOFT! HOW ABOUT THAT! THEY'RE THE BIGGEST FUKING SIDEWINDERS IN THE FKING WORLD!
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JoeSchmoh  +   1415d ago
You have to SIGN UP (pay money!) because if not you will have all these people SCAMMING at&t getting FREE DATA and they're LOSING MONEY because of people who want to SCAM/TRICK THE SYSTEM! GET IT!? The person who wrote this ARTICLE IS A FKING IDIOT, I HOPE HE DOESNT REVIEW GAMES AND IS TAKEN SERIOUSLY!
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