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Tolkoto  +   1420d ago
My brother had the same disappointment with the lack of Super Stardust HD. He's not suing, though :)

I'm interested to see where this goes, if anywhere.
Dir_en_grey  +   1420d ago
The thing is, it wasn't even fine print.

It was clearly stated on the bonus sticker:
"AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game WITH ACTIVATION"

I don't get how this guy calls himself "journalist" if he can't even read properly...
FriedGoat  +   1420d ago
(Aimed at author) Sorry but this guy is a douche. For one complaining about the Vita being pricey? Moron. So what if you wait a month, it does not say get game INSTANTLY. I bought my Vita and got wipeout after I topped up £5 and I had to wait a few hours. I didn't moan because wipeout didnt magically appear straight away. Buy a retail game you cheapskate. SSHD is like £7 quid and he's moaning like a little girl.
Also if you sue, Good luck ever getting on PSN again hah.
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gamingdroid  +   1420d ago
I don't know if it is worth suing over, but to be fair to the guy, the wording "With Activation" doesn't clearly say that a purchase or payment is required since an "activation" doesn't necessarily mean it has to be paid service.

AT&T themselves don't use wording like that, as they often use something to the effect of "with 2-year service agreement".

In short, "activation" is ambiguous and can see how a person not familiar with how these services work can be confused.
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Muffins1223  +   1420d ago
Still kinda dirty trick
darthv72  +   1420d ago
i see it like this....
You can either forgo the use of the data service and buy the game itself for $10 or pay $15 and get the game and 2mos of service.

I'll take the later of the two and just not renew once the time is up. I dont plan on using the 3g anyways but it is nice to have if I ever got the urge to do so later on.

Here is a question. I saw that motorstorm was available for free to vita owners. I dont have my vita yet but I did dl the game to my ps3 for later when I do. Is it the full game or some special edition version that would pale in comparison to the full version?
fear88  +   1420d ago
Title should read "Self Professed Educated Gamer and Consumer Fails to Read Retail Box. Sues Sony because he can."

Seriously. If you are an educated consumer, you don't fail to read the box or the printed material. This poor dunce is just making himself more of a public fool.
Exquisik  +   1420d ago
I hate ill-informed journalist like this Ed Grabowski. It is because of journalist like him that consumers are misinformed.

I have taken several pictures of my 3G bundles just to prove how ill-informed this journalist is.

Here is a picture of the box with the label on it.

A close-up of the label

As you can see, it says "With Activation." You may perceive it as however it may deems fit to you, but to me it means free downloadable game with activation, ergo you must activate the service for the free downloadable game.

In the inside, there's a little flyer with information on how to activate the ATT DataConnect and get the 2nd month free of ATT DataConnect. There is also a disclaimer, which I'm sure no one read.

And there's also another ATT DataConnect flyer (more like mini-booklet), except this one shows you how to get the free game.

The inside of it

And on number "3." it specifically stated that a game voucher code may be redeemable "30 days after your DataConnect Pass activation."
SilentNegotiator  +   1420d ago
My word. That's the saddest lack of basic reading skills I have ever seen from any sort of journalist.

His words: "Nowhere, not even in the fine print, did it say that I had to pay to get these promised bonuses"

What was on the box in large print, that he acknowledges reading: "8GB Memory Card, AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game With Activation For A Limited Time Only"

Sad. I hope he loses thousands in court fees for wasting so many people's time.

"And that was that. Sony had made it clear that they had no intention of admitting they had manipulated me. Lied to me. Used me. They were willing to lose my business forever over $10"
They didn't give you a free game because you did absolutely nothing to deserve it. You can't read properly. You can't understand a basic sentence with simple structure. The sticker was clear as day. You even said that you read the darn thing. Sigh....

You activate a paid service, you pay for the service. Get a BRAIN.
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Anon1974  +   1419d ago
What's stopping him from taking it back? Confused? Fine. Take it back and ask for a refund. Most places will take back merchandise like this within two weeks, no questions asked.

Or, you could just whine and expose your lack of basic comprehension skills to the entire world and go ahead with a lawsuit. To each his own...
LastDance  +   1419d ago
Blizzard have been pulling that trick for years with WOW.

Old news
miyamoto  +   1419d ago
Don't take these morons seriously they are told to write crap like these for a living. They are in for the page clicks.
xursz  +   1419d ago
Author looks at his articles on the front page of N4G with a huge grin on his face.
antz1104  +   1419d ago
Wow, this guy has flamed the website not once, but twice in a day with Sony hate. Front page no less, thats a feat.
gaffyh  +   1419d ago
bitmob's non-existent credibility just went into negative figures.
irepbtown  +   1419d ago
A bit stuck up his ass this guy is...
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Krakn3Dfx  +   1419d ago
He's not a journalist, he's a blogger who writes poorly researched and constructed op ed pieces. Don't confuse self-dillusion with actual ability.
Dee_91  +   1419d ago
haha bitmob pumping them out
story quality WTF
like this website? NO
g'day to you

edit: dear god please stop calling him a journalist even in an ironic way its still derogatory to real journalist.
editX2: wat Krakn3Dfx said
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Diver  +   1419d ago
dang bitemob that's two sony attack articles this week.

people should be aware bitemob was founded by dan hsu the editor that ran egm into the ground.

four months after the ps3 launched hsu chose the cover of egm showing a ps3 with a tomato slammed against it asking 'what went wrong'. the ps3 hadn't launched in the eu but was still outselling the 360 and he asks what went wrong.

where was the cover with the ms rrod billion dollar debacle asking what went wrong?

has any mistake in gaming ever cost a billion bucks? how often does any company in any field ever make a billion dollar mistake?

hsu wrote in his column that he laughed at the sony execs when he showed them the upcoming cover of egm. yeah dan hsu real objective pro - not.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1420d ago
And this is why you buy the wifi only edition.
TBM  +   1420d ago
i understand the flyer as i would get the 2nd data month free from at&t, and i would get the voucher from them, but i call to make sure and they said call sony.

i did and they said code would be sent out 30 days after the free activation of data plan. i said ok and moved on with my life as im patient enough to wait.
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kikizoo  +   1419d ago
Oh look, "bitmob" again, after "the playstation brand should die"...

poor desperate fanboyz...or worst, employees for propaganda marketing.
callahan09  +   1419d ago
It's not false advertising. The words "With Activation" in the statement are where this writer misconstrued the meaning of the advertisement. The statement on the box said:

"Over $55 Bonus Value. 8GB Memory Card, AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game With Activation For A Limited Time Only."

Again, the important part here is: "AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game WITH ACTIVATION."

This means that "Activation" is a pre-requisite for receiving the free data session & downloadable game.

What did he think "Activation" meant? Activation generally means that you're beginning a new service, and that costs money. I think the implication here is that when you sign up for 3G service, you get a free month ADDED ON to your service, and you get a free downloadable game code.

It makes perfect sense, to me.

It's like those DirecTV ads that say "Sign up and get HBO free for 6 months." It's not like you can just say "Here, I'm signing up for the free HBO." No, you have to sign up for their service, pay them for their service, and then along with that, you get free HBO.
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Eddie20101  +   1419d ago
The sticker on the box says with activation, also there are two flyers inside that expalin everything very well. He has no case and I doupt he is going to sue Sony. He is just grandstanding and trying to get hits.

Even if he did not completley understand the sticker on the outsideof the box there is no excuse for not reading or understanding the well explained and detailed flyers inside the box.
killcycle  +   1419d ago
how comment 1.1.2 got 34 disagree's is beyond me
otherZinc  +   1419d ago
SONY should sue Ed; for buying multiple PS Consoles when they didn't & dont have good co-op games that would make someone buy 3 PS, 3 PS2'S, & 3 PS3's: WTF? Nut!

SONY has done this for years & people are now just learning this, well good. Now, Don't be fooled by SONY again.
StraightPath  +   1419d ago
ps vita 3g model is not even worth it anyways.
fluffydelusions  +   1420d ago
Must be from the US...

BTW so am I and sue happy individuals sadden me :(
Hicken  +   1420d ago
The worst part is that he's too stupid to realize he wasn't promised anything free in the first place.
Conzul  +   1419d ago
He isn't stupid. The wording on the outside of the box made ME, as well, think that I would receive both a free month and a free game.

You're not calling *me* stupid . . . are you?
live2play  +   1419d ago
2 stupids make a right
Conzul  +   1419d ago
@CaCl well that's a shame: With your contribution we now have one too many.
irepbtown  +   1419d ago
Conzul, this is MARKETING. To try your best to get the consumers to buy your products. Even if it is worded weird you need to use common sense.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1420d ago
I guess he's adamantly suing them because he wants to continue buying their products. I personally wouldn't sue if I had such a situation happen with a company that doesn't hold a track record with me. If I've been a loyal customer for a significant amount of time along with spending substantial amounts of money on their products and they treat me in such a way that was done in this person's case- then yes, suing would be a thought that would cross my mind.
THR1LLHOUSE  +   1420d ago
I don't wanna encourage throwing lawsuits around...but if there really wasn't any fine print and if Sony really did treat him like this, I don't blame him for being pissed. I certainly would be.
Game4life  +   1420d ago
The only people I would ever sue would be the people withholding content and releasing day 1 dlc but even that wellI don't buy those games so it doesn't matter to me

But man does this author sound like a little stuck up B1#^%
THR1LLHOUSE  +   1419d ago
"But man does this author sound like a little stuck up B1#^% "

Says the guy who'd sue over Day 1 DLC....
Game4life  +   1418d ago
and i also don't buy those games to begin with so it doesnt matter to me. as I said above. For example. I refuse to buy a bioware game simply due to the fact of how much dlc is released right at launch. Exclusion of content and all another example is capcom. i love capcom and all but they have really becomea bloody rose in that aspect. They make good games, then sell dlc that is on disc for a ridiculously high price.

Call me what you want buyti think its stupid that developers put out day one dlc for a game and expect people to buy it when all they are doing is withholding content. What happened to the good ol days where youd just buy a game and enjoy it without the need for dlc day 1 to get the full package? (im fine with dlc so long as its not right around the launch of a game) you can tell me that its just "bonus content" but in all reality it is not
ziggurcat  +   1419d ago
there wasn't any *fine* print... it was *large* print.

and this would be like suing the director of drive because you felt that you didn't get enough action - utterly stupid.
B-Real206  +   1420d ago
I find it weird that a journalist didn't know about the "small print". I pretty sure if he visited N4G or the PS Blog/Forum he would have know about this before he went to the store. It was kind of misleading but I think most people are smart enough to know that nothing is free. The "free month and game" were to pull you into using a Att data plan and paying for it.

In the age of internet it's not very hard to research a product before you buy it.
I would take it as a lesson learned. Anyways, to each their own. I hope your path leads you to the outcome that you desire.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1420d ago
Does it say that you have to pay for a month of AT&T service on the package?If not then its false advertisement.Then Sony should give you the promised items.
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solar  +   1420d ago
Anyone who disagreed with you are brainless lemmings.
Arksine  +   1420d ago
Seriously? I bought this bundle, and I knew exactly what it meant the moment I saw the sticker.

It seems to me that the "brainless lemming" would better describe someone that thinks you can activate wireless service without actually purchasing a plan. I've dealt with multiple wireless phone carriers, many offering bonuses upon activation, and never did I think I could activate it without actually buying service.
joeorc  +   1420d ago
"Anyone who disagreed with you are brainless lemmings."

or there was not enough room on the package to Explain what the deal is with "Activation" was or meant with this deal. And thus the TWO full color fliers inside the box that clearly Explained the Deal.

the sticker on the outside:
Over $55.00 Bonus Value
8 GB Memory Card was where? inside the Box!
AT&T Data Session and a Downloadable Game "With" Activation for a limited time only.

the Key is "With Activation" what does that Mean?

Well there was TWO full color Fliers explaining what "With Activation" Meant.

All that info would not have been able to be put on the outside of the d@mn Box. Also the info explaining this was not in Small Print.
HarvesterOSarow  +   1420d ago
I'm pretty sure there is some where that says, "1 month after paid 3G activation you will be given a voucher for one free game off of psn."

There's no way Sony would lose this lawsuit. It became common knowledge at some point, and it was the purchasers responsibility to look into the issue if he/she had any questions.
forevercloud3000  +   1420d ago
I also got the 3G Bundle, and While it might say you needed to sign up with AT&T service it doesn't tell you that that is ONLY after you paid a for one month...and that you have to literally wait 30 days before a voucher is sent to you. Also I might be mistaken(but I don't think I am) but I saw no indications of these stipulations anywhere on the box, only on a vague slip of paper INSIDE the box.

I love me some Sony products, but I definitely felt shafted, especially after wrestling with AT&T for over a week after they charged me but still denied me service on my VITA :/
joeorc  +   1420d ago
"Does it say that you have to pay for a month of AT&T service on the package?"

the Outside package sticker is to tell you get the Bonus with "Activation" the full Info is inside the Box in details.

it's right inside the d@mn package there is even TWO d@mn flier's! on the whole thing which he claimed there was not.

Ed's Quote:

"After tearing apart the packaging and looking for the AT&T pass and the code for a free game, I found nothing."

He would have known there was no code Document listed but He would have known the info about How to get his free month of data pass an the free game, if he would have read the D@mn flier's. which was inside the box they were Both there!

him saying there was no such info an had to go online, he has clearly been caught in a d@mn lie! an yes i am calling him out in fact . i know d@mn well he is because i bought the 3G bundle an im looking at the flier's right now , right on the back it clearly states

in bold black lettering:

"Free game requires purchase of a qualifying DataConnect Pass Plan for one month."

Its a white flier with the PSVita picture on the front under the PSVita picture in big bold Orange lettering

"Change the way you play" in Orange
when you access AT&T Mobile Broadband Network in Black letter's.

He could be suing but it will fail. Sony gave out not only info inside the Box, but weeks before the d@mn system was released.

"Sony had lied to me?"

So How has Sony Lied to you?
When the info was right on the Official Playstation Blog weeks before the PSVita was released.


the Info was on two fliers was right inside the box!
joeorc  +   1420d ago
"While it might say you needed to sign up with AT&T service it doesn't tell you that that is ONLY after you paid a for one month...and that you have to literally wait 30 days before a voucher is sent to you. Also I might be mistaken(but I don't think I am) but I saw no indications of these stipulations anywhere on the box, only on a vague slip of paper INSIDE the box."

A)it's not Might need to, it does tell you in fact it does.The two fliers Explain Quite Clearly that is the only way you can get the added data an free game.

B)only on a vague slip of paper INSIDE the box


The full color fliers are Vague?
its very clear cut an worded very well an to the point.Those two fliers was one of the first thing's you see in the box,aside from the full color folded Quick Guide.

I am going to disagree with you on the idea that the fliers inside the PSVita package explaining this are Vague.
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homer  +   1420d ago
We both know you are lying. You didn't buy that bundle.
GillHarrison  +   1420d ago
This journalist is an over-entitled idiot. He's mad because he didn't manage to actually read the deal? Even so it's just $55. Less actually as the 8 GB card is $30 bucks, so he's actually making a big deal over $25.
NYC_Gamer  +   1420d ago
That does not matter the journalist should have got everything that was promised to him on the his article and he says that no where on the box that it said he had to sub to AT&T service to receive the items.
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GillHarrison  +   1420d ago
I guarantee the advertisement had additional information as indicated with a "*" or some other form, specifically "with activation." Deals on products have huge amounts of legal information behind them to prevent things like this from happening.
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PixL  +   1420d ago
So dramatic. But he admits himself that it said "with activation". I'm sure he had no clue what that means. Well... If he's illiterate, that's his problem only.

I don't say it's right to advertise in such way. But if you don't understand what they write on the packaging, you should ask your mummy to go with you while shopping.
GamingBuddha09  +   1420d ago
its like those deals that offer a second smartphone for free or a lower price point. in order to qualify for those deals u would have to pay the activation fee and other fees. he should have treated the deal as if he was buying service for a tablet or a new smartphone
clearelite  +   1420d ago
drama queen
Vaud-Villian  +   1420d ago
You can sue every MMO too for not getting the free,month without paying too. Oh and your $55 claim should be a bit lower since you got the memory card.
SoundGamer  +   1420d ago
'It comes to this:' You will sue Sony and lose; Resulting in more money lost due to court and other fees surrounding the suit.
gtxgamer2  +   1420d ago
What a baby.
KonohagakureFC  +   1420d ago
"Over $55 Bonus Value. 8GB Memory Card, AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game With Activation For A Limited Time Only."

I'm sorry but at what point do you see the word 'free' anywhere?
Kran  +   1420d ago
Too right. Oh I know where he saw it.

"...with activation FoR a limitEd timE only."

The guy who wrote the article... like wtf ¬¬
ronin4life  +   1420d ago
I certainly don't see anything mentioning further payment.
And if you have to buy or pay for an extra service, it isn't exactly a bonus value.
Kran  +   1419d ago
Cmon. Is an extra $10 for a month of the 3G services really that much just to get all the bonus stuff?
jujubee88  +   1420d ago
If justice is served, this man will either drop it or lose the case.
I do not like companies but I can not feel the slightest bit of sympathy ... Well, I can not be fueled and amped up by being pro consumer on this issue when stuff like subsidized phones and micro transactions on FarmVille can easily lead to raking up hundreds in hidden costs. And the latter examples are far more blatant and damming to consumers perceived value of the gaming industry.

When people make it a point to say Vita is more expensive, properiatery, etc compared to their iphone that they have on contract, spend money on devalued dlc for "f2p" games and use the proprietary app market; something is wrong with what we as consumers look at (in our "casual gaming").
THC CELL  +   1420d ago
Another bash from a site looking for hits
Soldierone  +   1420d ago
I wouldn't sue, but it is kinda shocking how many hidden fee's are all around the Vita lol. I love my Vita and am super happy I bought it, but the more you play with it, the more pricey it gets.

I'm sure a new model will come out eventually where a lot of the hidden costs are no longer there though. As for this you are indeed a sucker, you bought the 3G model lol
BlackTar187  +   1419d ago
I don't really know. What are the hidden costs? other then a data plan?
Soldierone  +   1419d ago
Memory card is a big one, and I'm sure a hard drive based one will come out soon.

There was a bunch of stuff I found last week, but I haven't been playing it lately so I can't remember. I know one of them was the fact there was no "value pack" this time, like when the psp released at least you got a case.
BlackTar187  +   1419d ago
Thanks yea i have no idea like i said would like to buy a vita but its usefulness to me is just not there since i cannot look at a screen or a book for 2 long due to neck complications.

Thanks for the input
GraveLord  +   1420d ago
Troll now wrote an anti-Playstation article

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bridge this morning.

did you guys read the article? He feels like him and Sony are(*were*) BFFs or something lmfao. The guys is crazy.
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gamingdroid  +   1420d ago
The authors are not the same person on both articles. They are from the same site, but they have a lot of independent contributors.
gamingdroid  +   1419d ago
I shouldn't be, but I am surprised I got 5 disagrees and no agrees for stating a fact that any moron can verify themselves.
madjedi  +   1419d ago
Then they need to lose 2 of those independent contributiors.
It's not the information that is getting the disagrees, it's you being a wolf in sheeps clothes, aka pretending be neutral, while clearly being a massive 360 fanboy. At least how i see it.

The super pro anonymous stance after psn got hacked, sound familiar.

Maybe they don't like dishonest posters, or pretenders, neither do i.

The authors might be different but the overall agenda has been the same lately from bitmob bash sony or it's ips. Does any big ps3 site bash microsoft, this frequently.

If your talking about the competition more than your console/brand of choice, that tells you how badly mixed up your priorities are.

Hell between bitchmob and ms xbox.home, it feels like 2008's doom and gloom articles again. With the added bonus of many websites begging to kiss apple's ass and tell us the greatness of ipad/tablet gaming. -_-
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mobhit  +   1419d ago
You're a wolf in sheep's clothing. Everyone can see through you.
Oner  +   1419d ago
+Well Said madjedi...VERY Well Said
#16.1.4 (Edited 1419d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
gamingdroid  +   1419d ago
Whatever you think of me doesn't change what I say as a fact, is suddenly NOT?

In fact, it actually proves my point that fanboys (yes you!) will disagree to meet your own agenda!!!
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TheGamingArt  +   1420d ago
LOL, talk about a lost law suite. It's stated on the sticker.

http://portablegameplayertw... <- derp
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Nerdmaster  +   1420d ago
Where exactly does it say that you need to pay for a month to get the bonus?
peeps  +   1420d ago
"With activation for a limited time only"

It's right there lmao
Nerdmaster  +   1420d ago
Oh, I see. So everybody should know that "activation" means that you have to pay for a month, even though you are getting a free month as a bonus (or "bonus"). Now I get it.
#17.1.2 (Edited 1420d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(12) | Report
sypher  +   1420d ago
Its an open and shut case. The 'journalist' if you can even call him that. Wanted something for free. Nothing on the offer does it say anything about free. It says value as in you do all this and you get great value for money!

Nothing about getting something for nothing.

Doesnt take a rocket scientist to realise if the stuff was free. There would be big giant letters saying FREE
YipMan86  +   1420d ago
Dunno how it is in other countries, but in my country 3G network is not free. So if you want to "activate" a 3G network you have to pay lol.
Edit: Yes, its that simple.
#17.1.4 (Edited 1420d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report
Nerdmaster  +   1420d ago
For free? He's paying $299. It doesn't say FREE, but it says "over $55 bonus value". Bonus = "something given, paid, or received above what is due or expected".

Of course 3G is not free, but if the package says that you're getting a free month requiring only a vague "activation", it's completely understandable that for a lot of people "activation" might mean "to turn the option on" instead of "paying for a month to get the so-called 'bonus'".

I really can't believe that so many people are actually defending Sony on this. The guy is a jornalist, so what? It could be anybody. Is it absurd to ask Sony to write a "one month of paid service required" or something like that instead of the vague "activation"?
Oner  +   1419d ago
It's really not that hard to understand to those who have even minimal reading comprehension ~

The "bonus value" is when you OPTIONALLY go through the Activation process which does not say FREE anywhere (as to the activation aspect) so you cannot rightfully ASSume that it is "free"! Only the free month is "free" AFTER the paid for activation (as is under normal business practices) but ALL of this is explained COMPLETELY CLEARLY within the package anyway!

This article and ANYONE who agrees with it are biased, immature fanboys. PERIOD.
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BlackTar187  +   1419d ago
Nerdmaster. You have to realize how dumb this makes you sound . Did you get no common sense growing up?

Upon activation is at least to me not a term indicative of "FREE" otherwise it would say Free service Free or something other then 'WITH ACTIVATION" say that out load and it sounds like it costs money if you say that out loud and you think that sounds like a free handout or free in general then maybe i can sell you some ice.
Kran  +   1420d ago
"AT&T Data Session And A Downloadable Game With Activation"

"After tearing apart the packaging and looking for the AT&T pass and the code for a free game, I found nothing. Confused, I did a Google search. That's when I read the truth and felt devastated. If you wanted the free game and the month of AT&T 3G service, you had to pay AT&T for a month of 3G first...Sony, my dear, dear Sony. They lied to me."

Um... No. They didn't lie to you. You said it right there. "A Downloadable Game With ACTIVATION"

And unless you're quite thick, they do mean the AT&T service. So yeah. Good luck in the courts mate because I know who will win..... (if you're not smart again, it will be Sony)
GamingBuddha09  +   1420d ago
dont smartphone/tablet service providers do the exact same thing with sales pitches like 1st month free, second phone free, 1st phone free etc?
jon1234  +   1420d ago
haha what a loser!! i hope he gets counter sued and gets "raped" by sonys lawyers
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sumus  +   1420d ago
As least he was not told that he was holding it the wrong way....
Ethereal  +   1420d ago
While most of us were a little disappointed that we had to buy a plan and wait, your a fucking moron if you think you got cheated. Worse shit happens daily, did you not get a free memory card and an awesome gaming system. Grow the fuck up. Its a business....people's perceived entitlement makes me sick.
ExCest  +   1420d ago
Trying to sue Sony is like trying to sue yourself. They have a big enough legal firm to find a way to miraculously counter-sue you. Terrible idea to sue them. Terrible idea to sue anyone because you didn't read the fine print.
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Regent_of_the_Mask  +   1420d ago
It's come to this: Crying on N4G
rothbart  +   1420d ago
Jesus Christ... please... anything that pisses you off... LAWSUIT!!! I stepped in dogshit and nobody had a sign posted to warn me... LAWSUIT!!! My TV show was on but stupid election coverage caused me to miss part of it... LAWSUIT!!! I mistakenly logged onto N4G for some meaningful stories and ran across this whine-fest... LAWSUIT!!!

Besides, you're about a month freakin' late on this bitchfest. Did you REALLY post an article to N4G hoping to get hits on a gaming related issue and NOT see all the other sites bitch about this over a month ago when they walked out of the store opened their boxes and noticed the same damned thing? You didn't? LAWSUIT!!!

ugh. I hope you sue them... and lose a few hundred bucks while you're at it. This is FAR from something that needs to have a lawsuit attached. Sheesh.
stephmhishot  +   1420d ago
So this guy, a video game journalist, didn't know the conditions surrounding this bundle in regards to acquiring the free game, but the rest of us did? When I was trying to figure out what to buy, the initial 3G bundle, this bundle or just going for the Wifi and buying a 32GB card instead, I did my homework and decided against this bundle because of this very fact.

I suppose this is the kind of guy who Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts had to guard against, thus steaming cups of coffee have to have "WARNING THIS IS HOT YOU IDIOT!" less they get sued when said guy spills hot coffee on himself and blames the company for the burn.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1420d ago
Lol. This guy is going to lose this case HARD!
catfrog  +   1420d ago
not a big deal, making a fuss about 10 or 15$? its going to cost him at least $25 in legal fees to bring them to small claims court
GodHandDee  +   1420d ago
Could be the easiest win for Sony in a court...ever
deletingthis34675334  +   1420d ago
Nobody fooled you, your lack of reading comprehension skills did. That is your problem. Stop whining and being cheap over a $15 activation fee. It is not the end of the world.
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