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Xx-ADITYA-xX   1339d ago | Offensive
Tzuno  +   1339d ago
Although i enjoyed PS1 and PS2 very much the PS3 started with left foot for me no backward compatibility with ps2 games leaving aside the 60Gig version of the console and not to mention the launch price. That make me change my mind about Sony but that doesn't mean that the brand have to die who knows what next gen holds.
TBONEJF  +   1339d ago
THIS IDIOT NEEDS TO STFU or GET THE HELL OUT from writing shit like this
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1339d ago
I wonder how many PS2 users switched to the 360 after the year head start and pricy PS3 unit. If there was no Sony brand, meaning no PS2, there will be no 360 popularity in the US.
Darth_Bane79  +   1339d ago
NemesiEX  +   1339d ago
The Xbox brand needs to die,together with the rest of ms...
izumo_lee  +   1339d ago
This gen absolutely confuses me to no end with all the negativity towards a single brand. The Playstation brand this gen has been dragged through the mud & gutter for this entire gen by the gaming media & the public being informed by the gaming media.

I will admit that Sony really messed up at the beginning of this gen due to their over confidence after the massive success of the PS2. It was that arrogance that set them back big time in the minds of the public but that should not have hindered the PS3 sales. Look Sony destroyed the competition the last 2 gens and like in any other field, when you are at the top people want to see you fail. Be it jealousy or hate people wanted to see Sony fail for no particular reason.

Gaming journalism needed that spark to write anything to deal with the downfall of the PS3 & they got it when Sony announced the $600 price. That price although cheap for what it did & contained it was just bad luck it was during the economic downturn. That right there was the fuel the gaming media needed to kickstart the Playstation downfall.

Ever since no matter what the PS3 did there will always be something negative to say about it. Not saying that Nintendo or Microsoft also receive negative articles, it is just the brunt of that is towards the Playstation brand.

People tend to forget the last 2 gens of Playstation & what that meant to us gamers. The Playstation brand made it ok to play games no matter your age. The Playstation brand ushered in some of the best franchises in gaming like Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, Medal of Honor, Metal Gear Solid etc. The Playstation brand made JRPGs a household name with arguably the most successful game in the Final Fantasy series.

A lot of us older gamers understand the legacy that the Playstation brand means to the gaming world that some of the younger gamers of this generation simply do not seem to grasp. To think that someone has the thought to want to see it die is confounded & simply astonishing. It is like saying the Nintendo brand needs to die....
Tommykrem  +   1339d ago
So because PlayStation doesn't appeal to a certain group of people in the North American market (or at least, so you think) the brand needs to die?

How about telling them that you own a Wii? They'll probably not take to kindly on that either, and yet, the Wii has sold more units than the 360 in total, if not when regarding that certain demographic.
king05  +   1339d ago
So when is the "Xbox brand needs to DIEEE" page popping up???
BIGBOSS08  +   1339d ago
nintendo and sony been around for a long time. they know what its about. microsoft should fuck off and take halo witrh them
Zardos  +   1339d ago
Actually, "it's Nintendo's been around for a long time". Both Sony and MS are "new" to the hardware side of things.
Zardos  +   1339d ago
My hitz, let me show you them!
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