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Grove_Street_CJ  +   1286d ago
When I saw this... I nearly threw my laptop, but I looked at the brand name and it kept me composed. The brand name was Sony.
ACEMANWISE  +   1286d ago
The impurity of the game industry needs to die. I wish video games were seen for their quality, artistic value, and gameplay mechanics like they used to be seen. Now the foundation for which the industry runs is based on other factors.

I have nothing against social interaction when playing video games. Since the dawn of gaming I've wished gaming would be more popular. I wanted to share my enjoyment of gaming to others because I felt they were missing out on something special. I got my wish 20 years later....although it's not the way I imagined it.

There are many more people playing today, sure. Yet they don't view video games at the level I do. To be honest I don't think they ever will. People like me will always be in the minority and I think the industry realized that and moved on. They decided to give gaming a new image and that's the problem I'm having with the industry today.

It's all about popularity and image. A great video game isn't enough today. The PS3 has proven that.

Microsoft plays heavily on image and popularity. Just look at most of their E3 presentations. It's all about the celebraties they invite and the bands that play. They show off multiplatform games and make it appear like it's an Xbox brand. It's like they want everyone to think that Xbox Live makes every single game out there an exclusive even if it's multiplatform. It's not that the Xbox Live service isn't great but they are using it as the key reason to even play games.

The Wii is essentially doing the same thing. I think motion control is a great idea and very innovative. Yet, like Xbox Live, they make it the focal point of the video game experience. Now I like online gaming and I do like motion control. However, I believe these ideas should have been used as an enhancement to a video game experience instead of a replacement. I don't believe every single video game needs online or motion control. To me, Sony is the only one who realizes this. Yes they have online. Yes they have motion control. Yet they are the only company this generation that hasn't stopped making great games for what they are...great on their own merits.

I'm disappointed that the PS3 was bashed 8 months before release by both media outlets and gamers. I'm disappointed that people and gaming review sites were judging it's games based on the PS3's popularity status instead of it's gaming merits. Above all else, I'm disappointed to see the impurity of the gaming industry written through an article such as this. 6 years later and people still don't get the value of a Playstation 3.
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UnitSmiley  +   1286d ago
Love your post man, and i feel the exact same way. I'm going to show your post to a few of my friends. They all have 360's but atleast i've gotten them to admit PS3 is better. A few of them are even switching to Sony next gen.

Being in the US, it's tough to do that.
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Picnic  +   1284d ago
Good post Acemanwise but remember that, for the second generation running, Sony had relatively poor launch titles. And it wasn't particularly attractive to have such a fat console, regardless of its features. The Xbox360 looked attractive at the start, the PS3 has only grown in to its attractiveness in the last 3 years or so. Sony didn't show that young, fun, lively spirit that the Xbox360 did. Their strategy was to put out a few arty commercials (some of which I rather liked) and then disappeared off the face of the earth. Instead of promoting the PS3 brand they promoted 'Playstation' in general and the PS2 continued to get top draw games. The outcome was that people continued to buy the PS2- and the PSP- after the PS3 launched. The implicated effect was that Sony wouldn't let go of promoting the PS2- they wanted it to continue to be as big a success as it could be. Sony need to go all guns blazing to promote the PS4 and the PS4 alone next time and have a huge launch title for it like Uncharted 4 so that people buy it whilst the price point is still high - the games need to be the focus at the start no matter whether they are single or multiplayer.
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ACEMANWISE  +   1281d ago
When the Xbox 360 launched on 11-22-05 it released with 18 games and a one year headstart against the Wii and the PS3. Gears of War, the first major selling title, sold nearly a year later on 11-7-06.

•Amped 3
•Call of Duty 2
•FIFA 06
•Kameo: Elements of Power
•Madden 06
•NBA 2K6
•NBA Live 06
•Need for Speed Most Wanted
•NHL 2K6
•Perfect Dark Zero
•Peter Jackson's King Kong The Official Game of the Movie
•Project Gotham Racing 3
•Quake 4
•Ridge Racer 6
•Tiger Woods PGA
•Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

The Xbox 360 didn't really have a much better launch nor did they have a system seller until one year later. What Microsoft DID have was image and popularity, a marketing campaign, and an industry empty of any competitiors. It is this foundation on which Microsoft was "perceived" as great even though they had similar conditions as the PS3. When the PS3 did launch the Xbox 360 had the advantage of one great game and a lower console price. The PS3 launched with 12 games...

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
Call of Duty 3
Genji: Days of the Blade
Madden NFL 07
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
Resistance: Fall of Man
Ridge Racer 7
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Tony Hawk's Project 8
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PirateThom  +   1286d ago
If they didn't drop it for the Vita, they won't drop it for their next home console.

Fact is, there's parts of the world where "PlayStation" is synonymous with gaming. It's only the US and, to a lesser extent, the UK where this brand issue is at play and, not without merit, it's two regions where Microsoft advertise heaviest.
Rah5er0  +   1286d ago
The true haters are the ones that mention: "The writer's only trying to get hits" - duh! this is N4G - we're all trying to get hits---amateurs!!
madjedi  +   1286d ago
Doesn't make the content of the article any better, trashy title usually means a trashy article, this one is no exception.

What websites like these deserve is a ban or an ignore feature.
Denethor_II  +   1286d ago
Should Xbox change their name for all the people in Europe who are loyal to the PlayStation brand?
Personally I don't think that is the answer. PlayStation has so many great experiences, but people like that who are loyal to an Xbox probably only play COD and what not. These people have had their minds made up by advertising, a department were Sony has lacked.
Staude  +   1286d ago
America is not the world. In europe the ps3 has sold far more :P
Enigma_2099  +   1286d ago
... so Microsoft can take over, right?

That's what he really wants, isn't it?
Platinum_k  +   1286d ago
Alos88  +   1286d ago
How did this shit get approved?
Pana  +   1286d ago
I'd expect an article like this back in 2006 not in 2012 when the PS3 is only 3million units behind the 360 worldwide.
Yukicore  +   1286d ago
I prefer Sony and PS3, because they do business so much more fair than Microsoft, I don't like to be milked and PS3 makes me feel safe and free, while Xbox breaks down and you have to pay monthly fee for online and I just felt like slowly bankrupting.
BertlSenix  +   1286d ago
Now how many people are on their 3-5th 360?

Its a fact a lot of 360 owners have more than one.
The console had a failure rate of 80% in the first few years.Even with the warranty crap and all that a lot of the people switched to newer models...Some probably even from Core to Premium...than to Elite and Slim.
Im on my 4th 360...One died and 3 are for the 3 Regions.Thanks to the outdated Region Code crap.

The PS3 would be ahead by millions if there wouldn't have been the need to replace your 360 all the time.
The only mistake Sony made is to build a reliable console that won't die that easily or gets replaced by better versions of your console.

And for North America > The 360 would be dead without Call of Duty,Halo and Gears.
Numbers show it - The PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide for 11 Months per year for 4 years in the row now i think.
Than magically November comes...The Call of Duty month and the 360 is increasing sales that even Justin Bieber is only dreaming about.Of course only in North America
Europe isn't that strong anymore for CoD and the PS3 Version is selling more here LOL

To sum it up
Sony made the mistakes to have a reliable console that doesn't need to get replaced every year.
Sony made the mistake to not have the right Deals with Activision for Call of Duty.
nik666uk  +   1286d ago
Why don't people argue about someones choice of television or dvd player like they do console? It's because it's very immature which makes your workmates immature, if u can't just ignore them and not let it get to you then you're a bigger crank than they are!!!!!!
VonBraunschweigg  +   1286d ago
Playstation needs to die because a few drones flipping burgers told you so?
dollison27  +   1286d ago
What dickhead wrote this article? Give me a fucking break!
ybadr  +   1286d ago
Stupid article ...
paddystan  +   1286d ago

If Playstation dies, a big part of gaming dies.
listenkids  +   1286d ago
Bitmob desperate for hits? Two bullshit "articles" on top.
Jovahkiin  +   1286d ago
Im a bit of an xbox fanboy but this article is BS. site is looking for hits ! Ps. My Vita rocks haha
Picnic  +   1286d ago
If you want:

1 To play the 3 Uncharted games
2 To play Heavy Rain
3 To play Little Big Planet
3 To have a bit of a go on Playstation Home (a virtual world chat room with customisable avatar and mini games)
4 To play Bluray films on your console (not that I am that bothered about that)
5 To use a PS3 controller which is quite a classic, if conservative looking, design.
6 To play online games free of charge (ideal for me as there are only a small handful of games that I play online and free sounds better than 'so many pounds per month for a
better online service'- when better online service is partly opinion anyway as you can't play PS3 exclusives on an Xbox360).

you've got to have a PS3. The slimmer version looks a lot better than the old version.

There are many things I love about the Xbox360. The fun of the Kinect, having the iconic studio Rare, Alan Wake. But the PS3 does compete in some very specific ways. But, for me, the PS3 is not synonomous as much with 'good old innocent fun'. I wouldn't take Ratchet and Clank over Super Mario Galaxy or Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. In fact many of the best known games on the PS3 are shooters or shooter hybrids.

So overall I can see why the Xbox360 has sold more. It arguably deserves to after the excrutiatingly slow start of the PS3's line up. The Xbox360 may have had RROD but it got the branding , marketing and range of games generally very well from the start. The PS3 just looked like a big dead fat monolith at the start of its life with quotes from Sony about it not being about the games not inspiring confidence in a games console. And Move is simply not as inspiring a concept as Kinect. The Xbox360 pitched itself far more as a family console and yet it still has a hardcore image. And the Xbox360 still got some arty stuff like Limbo (as did PS3 later on).
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mastershredder  +   1286d ago
Sigh. Just what gaming journalism needs, more drama.

Let's turn anything positive into negative and vilianize where we can. Why stop there? Let's hope for the worst for gamers and wish for demise for all console manufactures.
Nexy  +   1286d ago
Xbox brand nowadays means giving up on internal studios, investing almost all the money on Kinect trash and turning a console into a Facebook and Youtube hub.
RaidoUK  +   1286d ago
Im sorry but how is this even a story? yet another xbox fanboy

if it wasn't for xbox game devs would still be making games for pc and no purely focusing on console, so i motion that it is Xbox that is killed gaming lowing the quality and standard we all USE to enjoy.

and we all know xbox is for 15 year olds
Elvis  +   1286d ago
Cool story bro, needs more dragons n' shit.
STGuy1040  +   1286d ago
Is brand recognition important? It's important from a marketing standpoint. Even from a consumer standpoint the Playstation brand is synonymous with gaming. Even if Sony renamed its Playstation brand to something else, what would it matter to the millions of players that just started gaming? They still would be purchasing a brand they're not familiar with and it would take years for that new brand to establish itself. If you apply the logic of the article to this scenario, you end up with the same dilemma.
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kingnick  +   1286d ago

The PS1 was great as is the PS2 and PS3.

If anything I think Sony have plenty of lessons to learn from this gen.

I can see Microsoft becoming complacent and if Sony provides a more open system I can see them winning back developers.

I went PS1>Xbox>Xbox360> as my main consoles with Gamecube, PS2 and PS3 on the side for exclusives.
SnowBlu  +   1285d ago
eventually all they would do it change the name

although using a diffrent one for publicity is a good idea but still
momthemeatloaf  +   1285d ago
I'm among the older crowd and from the USA, me and my friends still play PS3, but I will admit we are a dying breed that is still giving the playstation brand some popularity in the States, however, the younger generation has took over most of the landscape and they prefer Xbox. All the kids I know game on Xbox, and the only games they know are Call of Duty, Madden and a few others.

If you play PS3 online you hear mostly young men talk. When you play Xbox it's all kids who only know the Xbox brand because they were too young to remember when playstation was popular.
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JoeSchmoh  +   1285d ago
If the Xbox didn't BREAK ALL THE TIME and I can play the games I downloaded to it without having to be signed into my Xbox Live Account (Internet Connection). The Xbox is a BIG HUGE RIP OFF! I really really reallly really really do feel sorry for people who buy an Xbox. Because it really is an American system that tries so hard, but it just keeps farting out. The Playstation 3 is just a better system overall...PERIOD! Why you think FANS GOT WIND that the new Xbox was gonna be ALL DIGITAL and all of a sudden u don't hear shit about it anymore. Their new console will be all digital, but watch! You're gonna need a fking internet connection just to turn that thing on! WATCH! LOL
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OllieBoy  +   1285d ago
This site is ran by Dan Hsu, the biggest Xbot in the media.

Pay no attention.
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