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cliffyboy21  +   1414d ago
whoever wrote this article needs to die. but you think about it. if there was no playstation there would probably would be no xbox from the beginning. but if not for nintendo then there wouldnt of been no playstation. so really of course we all need to thank all of them cause nintendo started the chain reaction for both of them.
dcortz2027  +   1414d ago
To whoever wrote this article, grab loaded gun, put gun in mouth, pull trigger.

aaronobst  +   1414d ago
Okay, I flat out refuse to read this article with a title like that... Good points or not.

Seeking hits does not improve your credibility.
Yomaster  +   1414d ago
People still talk about this shit?

I like my Xbox, you like your Playstation. We both like video games. Who takes the time out of their day to write this garbage?

Play what you like. It's no one else's business.
Yomaster  +   1414d ago
Hmm...a disagree on a comment that takes a neutral standpoint.

The intelligent are a dying breed...
Braid  +   1414d ago
Oh yeah? And on which platform would you play MGS, Heavy Rain, Uncharted and many other industry changing games? Don't come back to me with the worthless "then those would be released on xbox/nintendo" argument, if there's no competition you don't get jack sh#t in the corporate world.
Solid-Sun  +   1414d ago
*sees asinine troll article, goes back to playing ps3*

Krakn3Dfx  +   1414d ago
Not even going to give this trash the benefit of a click to read. Playstation as a brand is still one of the few profitable things Sony is producing, the idea of it dying is just ridiculous.
CodeNameTBW  +   1414d ago
wow there so many people that hate on SONY I don't understand y thou?
busytoad  +   1414d ago
I love my ps3. Free online,Great exclusives,blu-ray player,and last longer than xbox 360's.

i refuse to ever buy a microsoft console again after mine red ringed of death, so fing glad i got the ps3.
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1414d ago
Story quality?
Like this website?
Batzi  +   1414d ago
This thread should die.
Relientk77  +   1414d ago

PlayStation forever
tiffac008  +   1414d ago
Why would a company re-brand one of their most popular products? (and in Sony's case you can argue their most profitable electronic product(s) as well)

The call made by the article just doesn't make any business sense...
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A LIVING LEGEND  +   1414d ago
because if the Sony Playstation 3 was instead ' Sony Occasional Gamer' now with fewer games and additional fees,I would gladly buy one.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1414d ago
Thats wierd ...

Conversations with my friends or random people go something like this:

Me: Hey Whats up.

Them: Not much, just checkin out some games.

Me: I have a ps3. What do u have?

Them: 360.

Me: Im sorry.

I thinks its hilarious. Generally, i dont get mad at 360 gamers. I just feel bad for them bc they get shit on over n over by M$ and theyre too blind/naive to see it.

M$ wastes their money on marketing, multiplat dlc and kinect ... at the expense of the hard core gamers

While Sony takes that same amount of money and invests it in GAMES and quality development studios.

M$ is for the blind.
PS is for the hardcore.

Those who like games know which system is the one to own.

Enjoy ur exclusives 360 players ... oh wait ... what exclusives? U dont have any! Lmao
ShaunCameron  +   1414d ago
<Enjoy ur exclusives 360 players ... oh wait ... what exclusives? U dont have any! Lmao>

As a guy who chose the XBox 360 over the PlayStation 3 when wanting to upgrade from the Wii, that stings!

Most of my XBox 360 collection are games I could have complimented the PS3 exclusives I bought with while the other multiplatform games that weren't available for the PS3 could be given to the Wii.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1413d ago
Its never too late bro. Sony would love for you to enjoy their titles.

Ill tell u like i tell my 360 friends, ur missin out!
ShaunCameron  +   1414d ago
Why? I like the name "PlayStation."
unworthyBOZO  +   1414d ago
Hey bitmob and Dan "SHOE" Hsu its not 2006, so get over it PS3 is successful. So stop crying.
ThePistolWhippedDog  +   1413d ago
Instead This Gen Must Die.
We have all accepted lack - luster games to justify our "next gen" existence & i'm tired of it. I as well as you played better games last gen & you know it. Forget which consoles..... its irrelevant. Hardly better graphics & the well placed first person gun in thy hand have surpassed any creativity, originality or just plain fun. Not too mention constant remakes of burnt out series...... If the goal now is to appeal to the so called "next gen gamers" then Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft the formula is simple..... guns, guns, & more guns. Sad but true.
aDDicteD  +   1413d ago
what a joke..
A LIVING LEGEND  +   1413d ago
Zombies with guns idiot
smashcrashbash  +   1413d ago
We already talked about this in a previous article. Sony can't just drop the PlayStation name just like that. You will cause even more confusion among your customers. When you have a name that is well known you can't just drop it.It's amazing how people just write articles without the slightest knowledge of how business works.

You want Sony to drop the PlayStation brand and then what? Start over with something else because of unreasonable hate? Sony can improve everything that the PlayStation name stands for but dropping the name that people recognize you for in the middle of strong competition is an idiotic idea.It's a good thing businesses don't take advice from fanboys and dumb article writers. They would be out of business by now.
Drainage  +   1413d ago
yea it sucks that the Xbox is the mainstream console in america even though it is garbage . Follow the trend and once it is a trend, its hard to switch over a whole nation. Microsoft did the whole social thing early and they won the nation while the Playstation did flying crying babies in a white empty anti social cube room .
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CaptainN  +   1413d ago
A rebranding wouldn't be so bad at this point.....Sony's popularity isn't what it used to be for many reasons. They systemscame out a year after 360, that was mistake number one. They priced it at $600 dollars at launch, that was mistake number two.Third mistake is the hack of their online network, and no many don't feel safe gaming on their network. And of course fourth mistake was betting against Nintendo coming in and taking back their market share, plus someA. fifth mistake, which is just my opinion, is this 10 year lifecycle nonsense. Tech advances too quickly these days to try to make it last ten years.The market was used to 5 year cycles and now its all of a sudden Sony decided ten is better.

There are a lot of reason Sony can use a makeover, there company is bleeding money and their game division is probably the only thing bringing in money now. But its no where near what they probably expected. And with Vita numbers remaining quiet lately, who knows how that's affecting them financially. A reboot of sorts might actually help them. We know it has to happen eventually, because who wants to buy a Playstation 7. It will need rebranding eventually, so might as well start now.
zu4G  +   1413d ago
no, That XBOX rather need to DIE!!
Tommy334  +   1413d ago
The 360 has a small 2.5million due to these main 2 reasons
1. The year head start
2. The RROD(idiots rebuying consoles after puting console sales up)
NoTheMama  +   1413d ago
Haha! Biggest load of shit i've read in a while!
ritsuka666  +   1413d ago
Love this articles of flamebait in N4G. LMAO...
mechlord  +   1413d ago
arent we over these articles??

Seriously, Playstation needs to die because your 30 co workers call you lame for owning it.

You cant generalize something like that and conclude the brand needs to die, as am sure the same can be done with the xbox.
Omnislash  +   1413d ago
Why? Only a fanboy would say things like that. Playstation has pretty much been the best console of choice ever since it came out, and even if you dont like the Playstation you cant say it is a bad product.
monkeyfox  +   1413d ago
Your co-workers are idiots. The terms pack mentality and peer pressure spring to mind.
The playstation brand whether you like it or not is a very powerful brand and is possibly one of the worlds most well known. Maybe not quite as powerful as Coca-cola, macdonalds or google but still one of the best (certainly outside of the bubble that is the US of A)
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