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TheRacingX  +   1418d ago
I have a news are already $70 plus, I have been gaming since the Atari and this generation is the worst. The waters were tested last gen mainly on the xbox, $4 for a new golf course or two, $6 for a few new halo maps etc, just to see if it could be done. Problem was, at first you got a full game and the add-on's were just that, prolonging your gaming enjoyment and interest further. NOW it completely out of control... DLC on the disc that you have to pay for to unlock, have to pay to get the "Real" or "Complete" ending to a game , $15 yes 1/4 the price of a "full" retail game to get a few maps (Thanks Activision, you whores) paying to dress up a chararcter, really? $2 per songs for crap that should be on there already (thanks Apple you whores) Its INSANE....the next step is episodic'll be paying $15 a chapter to play a single player game....its already starting. Game publishers own greed is cutting their own throat, sooner than later more people will stop buying that "other" game they wanted or cut out the impulse buy to check out something else they may be interested in, and more publishers are going to go belly up, then we are only going to see rehashes of the same formula games that made money so new ideas will never see light of day and then we all lose.....
madpuppy  +   1418d ago
that is the beauty of just waiting and buying the GOTY edition with all the DLC and add-ons for 20.00.
TotalHitman  +   1418d ago
Try buying a game outside of America. You'll realise how well off you are. Here in the UK, our games already cost $70/£45. I should be happy with this though. Other countries charge even more than that.
nik666uk  +   1418d ago
£45!!! Where r u buying your games from? I've just bought Fifa 12 for £25 new, pre ordered Max Payne 3 and Far Cry 3 for £37 each!!
TotalHitman  +   1418d ago
You pre-ordered MP3 and FC3 for £37 each? Where are you pre ordering your games from, you can pre order games for £5 in most places.
susanto1228  +   1418d ago
What a STUPID article I just bought Deus EX HR for $7.49.....
$7.49 FREAKING DOLLARS!!!!! When are these 70 dollar game suppose to arrive 3000?
madpuppy  +   1418d ago
I think he is referring to the price of newly released games, not ones that have been out for a while. but, that is the flaw in this article. waiting till the price drops is the best option when the price of the game is too much.
madpuppy  +   1418d ago
This is an easy one, you just wait till the price goes down, Time is kind to the patient. Everything has a market value attached to it, If you are willing to pay 70, 80 or even 100.00 for a game then the publishers will gladly oblige your stupidity. If you show them that you aren't willing to pay, they will have to lower prices to keep in line with market expectations or risk very poor initial sales.

The lesson here is don't let the publishers treat you like stupid, endless bags of money.
Jason143  +   1418d ago
ummm Day 1 releases this gen $60
1-2 weeks after release $39.99
1 month after $29.99
I dont see why anybody would get a game day 1 anymore. I always wait for the price drop and grab it at frys or target. They could charge $100 a game next gen and it wont make a difference to me as I will wait for price drop lol
jeeves86  +   1418d ago
Where do you buy your games? Is this kind of thing typical?
nik666uk  +   1418d ago
Game content is getting to be less so the price should be less too!!!! Simple!!!!
nik666uk  +   1418d ago
SNES and Mega Drive games were more expensive new than this gen!!!
girlwithturn  +   1418d ago
In Russia games costs 88$ already.
ShinraE5  +   1418d ago
I will wait and see until the companies announce pricing before I have a reaction.

IF it happens...

- I will buy fewer new games. I can barely shell out 60+ bucks for X amount of titles over time. 10 more a pop simply means less new sales.
- I will buy fewer "risk" games, aka the ones that aren't estabhlished companies and/or franchises. I may miss out on some great "under the radar" experiences, but 70.00 gambles are a big risk (as if 60.00 ones aren't enough)

Hopefully they don't hike it again (it was 50.00 for PS2/Xbox, 60.00 for PS3/360, and allegedly 70.00 for the upcoming gen) but we don't have power over it.

I wish at least a FEW companies would focus less on UBER HD graphics, massive worlds, etc and maybe scale back development costs.

Is it impossible to make a decent looking game which is focused on good gameplay, vice a massive oversized world with 2 million real life scaled cities that make the costs to make sky rocket?

Once of the reasons I like the XBLA, smaller scale, smaller price, still great fun (Bastion, Alan Wake AN, Trenched/Iron Eagle, etc)
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jaymart2k  +   1418d ago
As David Jaffe said.......Games cost to much money.

He said games should cost between $40-$50. Heck he also said you should rent games your not sure of.

We all know how publishers feel about used games & renting.

It's not up to the developers tho. It's the publishers that mark the prices.

After all they are the boss & fund the games.
Smokeeye123  +   1418d ago
I already only buy like 3 games a year. Guess I will be buying even less.

...And the game industry wonders why it's losing money...
SicilianGunner  +   1418d ago
both my 360 and ps3 broke ylod and rrod 3x whatever the price i just hope next gen is going to be more reliable or else im quitting console gaming for good and sticking with pc and handheld
iliimaster  +   1418d ago
yeah bring the price up and chop the game up more and more each damn time a new game comes out... i can see it now 70 bucks a game then another 30 for DLC that should of been in a 70 $ game to begin with... 12-12-12 DREAMCAST im waitin
Duoma  +   1418d ago
I remember a time when games were in the 30-40$ price range.
If they go up to 70$+ they can go screw themselves period. It would be one thing if the wages scaled with the cost of living these days, but they dont.

Everything goes up while my damn paycheck has stayed the same. Its bad enough i work two jobs just to get by and im not going to bust my ass even more just so i can afford entertainment, they can seriously go f*&ck themselves.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1418d ago
PS1 games were $40 new when I was a kid. PS2 were $50 and PS3 is $60. Next gen will most likely be $70 and no way am I paying that for a game.
iliimaster  +   1418d ago
exactly well i mean the go to games yeah like halo GOW Gears uncharted mario im talkin established games COD battlefield's yeah okay damn ill be forced but the unknowns??? hell no im not risking almost 100 bucks on a unknown adventure that might suck and when i go to game stop to return a 70$ game i might get 30 if that
PooEgg  +   1418d ago
I would not mind playing $70 for a game if they cut back on the DLC nonsense. Just charge everyone $70 and sale us complete games. If they want to make a little extra with DLC do it ONLY as expansion DLC, because I don't mind DLC that comes out a couple of months later and expands on the story, but I do mind DLC that makes you feel like it was pulled from the main story so it could be sold separately.
blvdnights  +   1418d ago
Go on Amazon right now and look at any AAA game that just came out recently and then tell me who's really paying too much for a game. Even if we had to pay $70 for a game that just came out no one is paying full retail price for very long. You want the latest and great right now then you gotta pay top dollar nothing has changed.
Unlimax  +   1418d ago
Believe me.. Next Gen games will cost more than 80+ $ !
SuperBeast811  +   1418d ago
I hope your wrong but I have a feeling your right well if thats the case WII U here I come Nin will keep them at 60 bet on that
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SuperBeast811  +   1418d ago
games will only cost what were willing to pay so if they dont sell at 70 they will have to drop it or more and more people will just ignore launch days and wait for price drops thats what I find myself doing more and more.
JayFergg  +   1418d ago
I used to buy all my games new, Till i graduated highschool now i only buy 2 or 3 games new now a year i just wait for the buy 2 get 1 free deals
geth1gh  +   1418d ago
It truly sucks but its not unjustified.

With the way the economy is and add to that the exponential higher cost of next gen development, I think you still get off easy for only having to pay $70.
GRiMLiNX  +   1418d ago
the only thing I can say to this, is that it would be an extremely bad choice for publisher to raise the price, they would end up loosing in the end.
where the consumer will move from AAA games to mobile games that cost a fraction of the price asked for a console game, and thus slowly dragging console gaming down to extinction.

the only way forward would be to tightening anti piracy system and lowering exponentially the price, to something everyone can afford, its a win win strategy.
J86blum  +   1418d ago
Thats fine the price can go up, I'll still buy mine preowned (holds edge card.) and I have read people flamming Gamestop but im going to be honest, a good 75% of the games this gen were not worth their 62.00 dollers (not including DLC cost.)So I will continue to buy preowned until the games are worth their cost.
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1418d ago
70 bucks is nothing. I used to pay for Neo Geo games!
rob6021  +   1418d ago
honestly only 20-30% of games should even cost $60. Most games should charge $40. It's just every company wants to tout their big games as 'AAA' and if they cost less than $60 they're afraid people will think so - which isn't true. Sports games are a shame coming out every year at $60, $20-$30 is what we should pay considering the amount of work/effort they put into the updates.
Drithe  +   1418d ago
CHeap gaming will always be around. You can bank on that. I will NEVER pay 70 bucks a game. I will wait for the price to come down.

You can say all you want that, "Well I guess companies will stop making games then." But they wont. If the consumer puts their foot down then we get what we want. Period.

End of Line.
kingduqc  +   1418d ago
My face when I buy game off steam for 5-7$ While console fags still buy em 60$ a peice.
Dazel  +   1418d ago
We had this before the last gen, same arguments and they still charged the same as before.
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Jonmau5  +   1418d ago
This article provides no actual fact or any hint of anything that has been said or hinted at by publishers or retailers to justify or show that they are thinking of a $70 price tag for future games.

This article is an opinion piece, fair enough. However the opinion is based solely on the fact that games used to be cheaper, then they increased them so they now MUST increase them yet again? No, they must not.

They may release to around £50 but they will quickly come down in price to around the same price points we have for games today (£40).
Publishers and retailers alike want to sell their games and even though they can make more money from less people, they can make EVEN more money that if they find the price point that means the price is accessible to more people's gaming budgets.
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