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gypsygib  +   1341d ago
N64 games were mostly 69.99 in Canada.

Just wait till they charge 70 bucks a game then another 30 bucks to for an annual online MP pass.
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jeeves86  +   1341d ago
I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers this.
catfrog  +   1341d ago
publishers should follow a model, if you spend more, you should charge more, but if games like uncharted 3, gears 3, and metal gear solid 4 are selling for $60, games like hanna montana and babyz dance should be selling for $30. so that is, you spend more, you charge more, you spend less you charge less. this one price fits all thing isnt the way to go.
MacUser1986  +   1341d ago
You know a little patience and restraint go a long way, do you really need the game the day it launches? Wait a few weeks and get a it cheaper on Amazon because they ALWAYS drop the price of a new game by $20 within the first two weeks.

Human beings need to learn the words restraint and patience unless you can and don't mind paying full price.
honkyjesus  +   1341d ago
Looking at day one DLC, the price is well over seventy for many games now.

Sixty dollars is still a lot to pay, if a game made like Skyrim is seventy... fine. They work on DLC after the game. I am still waiting for consoles to deliver more in between stuff, thirty or forty dollar games. I think the days of anything that isn't AAA or indie are fading.
256bit  +   1341d ago
this article is stupid. games during the ps1 n64 era some costed $60. no the next gen games are still going to cost $60. who the hell approves this article anyway?
C0MPUT3R  +   1341d ago
I haven't paid $60 for a game in years. They always go on sale within a month or two.
$39.99 is the most I pay for games these days.
Games ship unfinished & need patches anyway, so I wait one month the game gets a couple patches and is $20 dollars cheaper.
larrym  +   1341d ago
Not to mention I felt sorry for anyone who owned a Neo-Geo. The games were arcade perfect, but they COST $200 bucks, lol.
Grove_Street_CJ  +   1341d ago
Well I can say this in the PS2 era games were $59.99 (Newly Released) not including tax, I still have the sticker on some of them that say that. PS3 brand new for the most part I've bought games day one at $59.99-$64.99. To tell you truth I think Sony as well as other companies know that $70 games are at that "unreasonable mark"
Awesome_Gamer  +   1341d ago
I dont think that will happen.. They will keep it $60 but they will make tons of on-disk DLC and make us pay for it (unfortunely)
Conzul  +   1341d ago
Idk. I might be persuaded to buy a game for $70 if it was infamous 3. (open, dynamic world, shared user made content , etc. Something actually worth such an outrageous price)
blackhammer  +   1341d ago
Good thing I rarely buy new video games. Bring forth the sales, baby!
NnT3291  +   1341d ago
Games have always been $89-99 here in Australia
Yodagamer  +   1341d ago
I doubt they will get to $70, all the game companies are probably gonna make their next consoles easy to develop for and that should keep the cost down.
Soldierone  +   1341d ago
Honestly 60 dollars was justified early on in this generation, but it never went away since people happily payed the price. Development costs went down, and yet the prices are still high....

60 dollars is already pushing it, you push it higher and used games become even more enticing. You get rid of used games, well watch how fast your sales slide downhill and how fast that price goes back down to 60. Hopefully if that happens people won't be happy at 60 anymore either, and it drops to 55 or even 50 again.

Want to talk about how high prices are? Then why do companies constantly report how well their games are selling? Didn't COD just break records? Make good games and not 4 hour Resident Evil's and your golden.
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frankboy2012  +   1341d ago
Snes/mega drive games were more or less at the same price back then,its funny really because although the graphics weren't 'next gen' the games lasted twice as long and the gameplay was certainly their.This gen its a case of (by the way I'm not tarnishing every game here)it feels like your getting your in between average of 5-8 hours campaign mode and a half baked multiplayer excluding your call of dutys,battlefields etc sometimes it feels like eyecandy over gameplay to me.So if they put the prices up on next gen games we want more bang for our buck oh and tone down the pay for dlc which is already on the disc doubt that will happen tho :/
REALgamer  +   1341d ago
That would be nice. That's $40 US cheaper than what we are forced to pay in Australia, and the same price as 3DS games.

Don't believe me? Here's the largest game retailer in Australia (owned by Gamestop):
BuffMordecai  +   1341d ago
Anyone who would pay $70 for a new game is a goddamn fool. If the consumer doesn't fall for it, they have to reduce the price, or face diminishing profits.
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JoeSchmoh  +   1341d ago
This is the result of gamers congratulating graphics more than gameplay. So now, cause everyone wants high end graphics you're gonna get high end price tags. I hate to say it like this, i'm not trying to say everyone is stupid. Its that if people don't speak up for shit on sites and forums. We ain't gonna have a sony or nintendo anymore cause everyone is hating on them so much. Look at how DLC and Digital Only games is pissing off gamers. I was telling people it was a problem 3 years ago. Now people are realizing it the closer we get to a newer console generation.
susanto1228  +   1341d ago
And they want to stamp out piracy...riiighhhttt
Elvis  +   1341d ago
Why I don't care:

Because I will either buy it used or pirate it.
Asgaro  +   1341d ago
My PC games range from 15 to 55 euro. Never higher. :)
aaronobst  +   1341d ago
You Americans are lucky. Games are literally twice the price here in Australia...
Tzuno  +   1341d ago
Because someone throw this gossip to observe the people reactions and if it works well prepare your wallet. That's how it works even if it will be 65$ to make you feel that you won over 70$ price. At the end of the day they win.
jeeves86  +   1341d ago
Playing the devil's advocate here, but gaming is an expensive hobby. There are more expensive hobbies to have, but having a top of the line console with a stack of games next to it is expensive.

That being said, you guys sound like a bunch of old people complaining how much bread and milk costs at the grocery stores, or how much fuel used to cost. You could feed your family at McDonald's for less than $10 - do you see a pattern here?

In games, the cost of production has gone up, whether it's due to the cost of tools used to make the games or the cost of the manpower to make those games. The cost of living is getting higher, which affects the entire market, not just one or two areas of it.

I am however wary of how DLC will affect gaming's future and I do see developers loading in a bunch of it with future games. So in the end, gaming might end up costing more than $70 a pop.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1341d ago
Increasing the price will only increase piracy and the amount of people that use Gamefly or only buy used games.
abant7  +   1341d ago
I rent most of my games for PS3 these days, I do buy the odd few i'm a fan of though; actually the last game I bought for full retail price was dark souls. Games are just so expensive these days especially on a good gaming month that it's just too expensive for a lot of people.
edilions  +   1341d ago
60$ games are a rip-off already
At least last gen and before....was better because games were finished/less glitch-fest and not cut... to be charged later or unlocked (Crapcom and their 20$ incoming STreet fighter X Tekken)
TBONEJF  +   1341d ago
If video games on next generation consoles going up to 70$ then theirs NO WAY in buying next gen. I already having a hard time trying not to spend 60$ on a game.
Dfooster  +   1341d ago
Every time the next gen hits we get told the same thing. Games cost more to make blah blah blah it will cost more for the games blah blah blah.

no they wont they will cost exactly the same as they do now, maybe the big franchises like fifa and call of duty will try and rob a few extra quid out of the sheeple who cant miss their yearly updates but everything else will remain as is because there is only so much people will pay to be entertained.
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