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ThisIsWaiting  +   2965d ago
I'd say Sony should ...
just keep doing what they are doing and they'll be fine.

MS is going to sink itself with sh!tty hardware AND (after the whole XBL debacle the past couple of days) a glitchy, unreliable (kinda like the hardware) online service.
Bullseye  +   2965d ago
PS3 ok
All the reasons listed in the article have, at some point in time been true,but not anymore.In fact,it's because those reasons no longer hold true that the PS3 is now coming into line with the competition and selling much better.I'm convinced PS3 will go from strength to strength from now on.Unfortunately for Sony, the damage has already been done and even if sales eventually outstrip that of the 360, it won't be enough to win this generation.Sony's best bet is to continue to overcome the early mistakes and arm themselves for the next 'next gen' Now, that's a battle a wanna see!
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scrillakiller  +   2965d ago
@ xbox is the best
39 - When
I was like 9 I use to be fanboy of Nintendo. Been gaming since I was 4 on Atari 2600. 20 when the PS#2 came out ( outgrew fanboysim ) Most of these Sony fanboys are still young kids. Xbox is the best gaming system out deal with it

one ur still a fanboy.rememmber i know u in the real world.ur as hard of an xbox fanboy as they come.u wont buy a wii and lets not get into ur comments about ps3 in real life andonline.

9 Smackdown Commandments:
1. Flame unto others as you would have them flame unto you.
2. Thou shalt own the console you are promoting.
3. Thou shalt have an HD set.
4. Readeth the thread before you post.
5. Do not use VG Chartz.
6. Thou shall not post FUD without a link
7. Games below 90% on Metacritic shall not be considered AAA.
8. A hyped game which receives a rating that doesn't meet the hype is considered a flop.
9. Clicking "report" is like ringing the bell in G.I. Jane.

Hey folks... let's take a step back here.

There's no need for all this personal attacking, and false claims/judgments... this thread isn't about any of that, right?

I think it's just tough for extremely pro-Sony/PS3 folk to absorb the fact that the 360's a better gaming machine, when it comes to game features, innovation, graphics, and online community... not to mention, it's selling a boat load more than PS3... and selling more games than both the Wii and PS3 combined.

Tough pill to swallow for any strong PS3 fan... but those are the facts, whether they like it or no

and for ur commandments

6. Thou shall not post FUD without a link

i do recall u saying yjat mark reign said the ut3 version for xbox would run 60fps on 360 and ps3 30 fps.thats fanboyish and a blatant lie with no no link

8. A hyped game which receives a rating that doesn't meet the hype is considered a flop.

funny halo 3 is on the top of my head
TwissT  +   2965d ago
Article number 3 is very correct, every time I turn on my tv I see at least like 5-7 commercials of the 360 or something 360 related, ths is what Sony needs to do advertise there product, yea sure that the commercials are better this year compared to last years *Thinks of the baby commercial and stutters* but they need to match or yet go beyond in what Microsoft is doing in th advertising compartment. Especially with the big hit titles like MGS4, FF13, GT5 they need to practially BOAST that these titles are on the ps3.
N4M3L355  +   2965d ago
I couldn't agree more
You're right about the advertising. Every time I turn on the TV I see a 360 commercial. I see some 360s and (exclusive) games falling out of the sky to the most undeserving people. With more recognizable exclusives being released this year I hope we'll see better adverts for the PS3.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2965d ago
its only been 1 year and a half
so please stop complaining everybody
Bleucrunch  +   2965d ago
That is what I am talkin about.
Amen brother if only people thought more like you.
AceLuby  +   2965d ago
So many people
are declaring the 360 has won this gen. How many consoles has it sold? 14-15 Mil? Last time I checked the console that won last gen sold 120 Mil+. This is like declaring a winner of a marathon after 3 miles. No one knows who is going to win. 360 has cheaper hardware, but to get the full experience don't kid yourself in thinking you'll spend less than a PS3. And while the PS3 had slow sales in the beginning I believe they did the customer a service by adding in a blu lense. It is a complete media hub in a box and no matter which sku you get you can plug it in to your TV, get your wireless up and w/in 15 min you can surf the web, watch blu ray movies or play one of many great PS3 games. Say what you will but if you want to watch HD movies and connect wirelessly on the 360 it's an extra $250. Personally I like the all in one price.
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Bleucrunch  +   2965d ago
I couldnt have said it better myself. But since the ones that are fueling this war are so dense beyond reasoning they wont probably figure that out. But never the less Bubbles for you!
guerojose  +   2965d ago
An alternative list...
1) Get rid of the standard hard drive, to fracture the user base and not allow developers to have a standard way to cache data.
2) Adopt a smaller media format, like maybe DVD or even CDROM, to give developers less resources to work with, and give gamers less interesting games.
3) Sell an ugly external add-on unit, with another ugly power brick and more cables, for playing HD movies only, so they can charge more for another peripheral.
4) Substitute the all-digital signal path with a kludgey A/D HDMI output. Better yet, do away with real HDTV capability altogether.
5) Dumb down the system design with a slower memory architecture and a more "conventional" cpu.
6) Sock their customers with ongoing charges for online gaming, and micro-charge the heck out of them for every piece of trivial content, like XMB themes.
7) Redesign the system to allow for only proprietary, expensive add-ons like the HDD, memory cards, etc.
8) Concentrate almost completely on a single gaming genre, like shooters (or even a single cartoony franchise), and stop wasting time trying to develop diverse concepts like Eye of Judgment, Echochrome, Singstar, web browsing, Linux, etc.
9) Make the system out of cheaper, noisier, disc-damaging, failure-prone components, to lower production costs, and allow them to sell the same system multiple times to the same people.

Oops, I've gone over 8 already. But these would go a long way toward "catching up" to the competition. That is, if the goal is to sell more/cheaper/less-capable systems, and give gamers lesser games and far less value for the money. Some gamers, however, may be more concerned with having the most capable entertainment system, and the most fun and diverse games to choose from, than they are with how many total units the platform sells. It's quite the quandary.
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Nytr8  +   2965d ago
Silence Sony Fanboys who are giving the PS3 a bad name, the more they bash on about how superior they are the more they alienate themselves.

Let the console and its games do the talkin.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2965d ago
why even argue
seriously ladies and gentlemen everybody needs to relax , its freakin new year and its time to get wasted . I always tell people this if the xbot was the gaming machine of all gaming machine than why dont we see the ps2 masses jump on the xbot360 when it came out ? cared to explain ?
Xbox is the BEST  +   2965d ago
it costed $300 and $400 respectively and that is not mass market price.
Why don't we see the masses jump on the POS#3 when it came out? care to explain?
Nytr8  +   2965d ago
Most ps2 users are loyal to their brand so a large majority wouldn't even switch if the 360 shat diamonds.

Also the same majority could have defected over the the 1st xbox but they didn't so what would make them wanna switch when they know a PS3 is inevitable.

Another large majority of gamers are limited to what their parents decide to buy them, they may want a 360 or PS3 or Wii, but tight ass mum and dad are gonna buy them the cheap ass ps2 bundle and their GONNA LIKE IT. lol

Also there is the simple fact that Sony is a well established gaming giant and Microsoft is playing serious catch up. And most people will hedge their bets on the pedigree rather than the young upstart.

On the other hand, if you realy enjoy gaming and can afford your habit then I highly recommend burning your PS3 FTW flags and get out there and pick up a 360 and a Wii and have a blast.

Or are you guys not real gamers. I dont know how you can say that you are unless you experience what gaming has to offer through any medium
I did and Im all the more experienced and tolerating from it.

I agreed to your comment about the getting trashed bit.

Im off to get merry...

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Darkiewonder  +   2965d ago
It helps
If they don't give release dates during creative thinking time.
mintaro  +   2965d ago
there is only one thing sony needs to do i cannot stress the word NEEDS enough.
and that is............................ ............................... ............................... ............................... ......................make sure the games that they expect to be big sellers, talking bout MGS4, Killzone 2, Final fantasy 13, etc are good. plain and simple
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2965d ago
@ xbox is the best
ps2 owners are still enjoying there ps2 my friend . why jump off a ship when there still supporting your product . I didnt pick up a ps3 until i finish god of war 2 . Its sad to see the first xbox user who never really got to use there system . When the ps2 user are done and there getting ready to pick up a new system what do you think most of them will buy ......seriously think about it...

xbot - wrong answer
sony 08 hell yeah( and there the smart ones ) just right on time
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2965d ago
2008 is all PS3 and Wii
PS3 has TOO MANY HUGE games coming out in 2008 it`s going to be hard for 360 to compete.

360 fans will talk about ALAN WAKE, which i`m not even sure it exists. LOL.

Casual gamers will say who`s Alan Wake at this point, and I for one don`t think its coming out till 2009 and who knows what it`ll be going up against by then.

The game that probaly has the most chance for 360 in 2008 is Splinter Cell and Fable2, and that just NOT enough.

By Xmas next year if that`s all 360 has going for it against GOW3/GT5/MGS4/FF13/LBP/KZ2 it`s in some serious trouble.

Also GOW3/GT5/MGS4/FF13/LBP/KZ2 are all completly different genres of games and that in itself is amazing considering their 2nd year games.
(which is why i love sony)

the Wii is having it`s time right now, but i`m not sure how much solid software they have coming in 2008 and that WILL effect the Wii sales eventually once the craze dies down, cause believe it or not it`s is a gaming machine.

If Sony can get their price down.

2008 is the PS3s time to be the PS2.
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n4gTurnsU_WickedGay  +   2965d ago
this article
is ridicules. he made 3 good points, releasing home, better advertising and releasing more exclusives. but releasing games w/o bugs? come on, ms and Nintindo haven't done that either. every game has bugs/glitches, and even the orange box on ps3 is playable so don't give me that "all ps3 games are too buggy to play" BS.

psn does need some polishing but overall it works fine.

how many SKUs does the 360 have? 360-4(core,premium,elite,arcad e)SKUs Ps3-2(40gb and 80gb)

lack of innovation? w/ blu-ray and games like LBP and Echochrome i would say sony is leading in innovation.

lack of exclusives? ok, i can admit the 360 has won 07 hands down in the exclusives department but ps3's games pickup again starting in Feb. i'm not saying "PS3 owns 08". no, it doesn't, but the compilation for next year will be steep.
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pshizle  +   2965d ago
dont expect too much
ps3 will just do a bit better than 2007

remeber that sony made a big deal about their 2007 lineup expect some what the same in 2008
Eamon  +   2965d ago
money money money

PS3 needs to be less expensive.
Salvadore  +   2965d ago
2 things Sony needs to do:
In-game XMB and roll out more titles (PSN & PS3).
THE BIAS  +   2965d ago
WE ALL KNOW the 8 things Microsoft needs to do to STAY ALIVE
They need to:

1) Shove their red rings up their fairy passages
2) Release a HALO themed ass-wipe
3) Release PICTURES of how Peter Moore joined Microsoft WITH hair, but slowly RIPPED it out. Cos he's a bald bastard
4) PROMOTE how their online can only go 16 player MAX. WHOA, NEW AGE ROCKSTAR
5) BUY a nice mud pool for them PIGS to swim around in like fat, money snorting BASTARDS
6) RELEASE a new Xbox 360 Towel Edition, for those miscontrived heated moments the machine has trying to read a dvd
8)Advertise its plaethora of CRAP for 2008. Hey, lets all JUMP IN to the pure crap of 2008!!!!
HCS  +   2965d ago
i swear
Every single last one of you need to get a LIFE.

You gripe, moan and argue about the games more then you play them(your always on the counting boasting flame wars down each others throat.

MGS4, Little big Planet, Killzone and FFXIII come out, most of you will probably get no further then the third chapter. and if they don't score above 90% you will all be crying, crying and crying like a baby for mama's tit.

Who actually has a crystal ball and tell us what will happen in 2008?

NOBODY, and xbox 360 is doing just fine in it's second, it's microsoft's second entry into the console market and could do little better in japan. But you can be a viable competitor or even win without japan(sega genesis, need i say more) the only reason they didn't win was they introduced the sega cd and 32x, that was their fault.

Microsoft has hardly any reason at all to shake in their boots. Sony is doing as good. Brand name is STRONG, very STRONG but microsoft made sure they got a headstart, so they could even the playing field and they have. It's already doing better then the first xbox given the playstation's monopoly and has a stronger hold on third party developers(square enix and namco making games) then xbox did.

The war is far from over, but i advise alot of you to actually go play these games out there and enjoy them for what they are. Instead of arguing nonsense.

Who expected Gears of War to sell like it did?


and don't hold your breath on killzone 2, i can already see it being the most disappointing game of 2008.
m9105826  +   2965d ago
Only an idiot would claim that either console is doomed in 2008. They are both pulling very impressive numbers. However, my reasoning is that, even if it hasn't already done it by that point, the PS3 will easily catch 360 sales when MS drops support for it at some point in 2010/2011 to release their next console. I know I'll be disagreed with, but I can't see DVD lasting too much farther into this gen. It will require things like reusing lots of textures, multiple discs, and heavy, heavy compression, all of which detract from the quality of a product. Games like iD's new Rage are already showing this limitation, as the Megatextures used in the game can easily take up to 4 GB for each large level. This is why it will be 2 DVDs on the 360 and a single Blu-Ray on the PS3. I know there will be people who claim that multiple discs is fine, and I agree, but only for some genres. For an RPG, a change in discs is standard, even accepted as a break in chapters, but think of a game like GTA. There's no way a game like that could be on multiple discs and work well. Either way, neither console is going anywhere for a good amount of time. Can't everyone just learn to get along and quit trying to seem bigger than they are over the internet? It was funny for a while, now it makes it painful to read comments on ANY game journalism website. For every intelligent comment, there are 10 or 20 completely ignorant fanboy comments from BOTH sides.
shoota33  +   2965d ago
Even for rpg's Dvd's are unexceptible,any game with multiple disk is unexceptible in this day and age its 2008 for christ sake it isnt the 90's.But xbox fanboy's will defend dvd to the death no matter what.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2965d ago
couldnt have said it better ,they all know this but they love to argue . seriously they even got me arguing about shil ...
tapdis  +   2965d ago
hey, hey , hey
they need to tap dis bong
strum  +   2964d ago
I hope both systems stay in business. I hate the Wii, it's too kid focused for me to get into. So we need the two adult consoles to fight each other so the consumer can get the best games.

Sony has to fix a few things though. One thing is the load times on my games suck on the PS3. :(
m9105826  +   2964d ago
Have you played Uncharted? There's no loading times in the entire game. You could start at the beginning and play through the entire game and not load once. And before the fanboys come in and try to say otherwise, Blu-Ray has a faster data transfer rate than a dual-layer DVD.

EDIT: Why the disagree? I hate when people disagree and won't back it up...
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vickers500  +   2964d ago
Ok we get it, enough with the f*ckin "thing sony needs to do", "things sony SHOULD do", "things sony CAN do", etc. We all know the ps3 needs some work, but please stop approving these stupid "top (insert#here) lists", they're getting really annoying and repetative, I feel like I'm reading the same d@mn article every week.
Raptors  +   2964d ago
Wow this site has really sunken low. Why are all Zhuk's comments being reported as spam but not nasim/tanod/shmee? I dont think I have ever agreed with Nasim on anything yet I never would ever report him as spam or anything. There's freedom of speech and I feel if Nasim wants to say anything he is more than entitled to it. If the day comes I feel to ignore him (I highly doubt it as I find his and Zhuk's comments quite humorous) there's always the option to do so. If you're gonne report one, then you should report the other but IMO you shouldn't report either of them. Which leads me to my next point, obviously zhuk and nasim love their respective systems and some might find their responses quite annoying. But why are you some of you getting so worked up over what they're saying? If you were to pass out on the floor would your 360/ps3 give you cpr? Of course not. So why are you taking this console war so close to heart? Just relax and enjoy the amount of incredible games that are coming out. Geez man.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2964d ago
Yeah agree
They hit TheMart yesterday (in an Xbox news post), all the while $nipers comments were the same. I said somthing about it being a double standard but apparently it was over looked like all PS3 fan comments. I see it everyday, TANOD, HarryEtTubMan, mag-lev shadow, DJ, and wil4hire (whatever the hell his name is) I been reported a few time myself and I was even "on topic" If the double standard continues, all it's going to do is reduce hits on the site and they will start losing money. Just ask Gamespot what can happen when you lean to far one way.
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sonyfanonly  +   2964d ago

NiteWarrior  +   2964d ago
This may be a little off topic but I wonder if any xbox fans on this site have ever played the ps3 before. I have given the 360 a chance and it doesnt seem any different to from the days of ps2 but the ps3 just seems more "next-gen" to me. Well thats just my opinion =)
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2964d ago
They can't catch up
Well maybe if they sold the PS3 games on a 360 but sense PS3 fans don't buy games, they won't be going anywhere but 3rd. How can someone so mighty fall so hard? Oh I remember now, it was when you made movies a higher priority over games. Next time Sony sell a gaming console to gamers, don't give us a DVD players that happens to play 2nd rate games.
NiteWarrior  +   2964d ago
Ok so the only way to get you to perfer the ps3 is for sony to get rid of the blu ray feature the ps3 has? U cant hate all of the extra feature of ps3,Well when it comes down to it, the ps3:plays games=gaming console lol??
no_more_heroes  +   2964d ago
Two things will get me to buy a ps3
1. Lower the price below $400
2. Release Kingdom Hearts 3 (the real one, not any of the spin-offs)

Everything else is disposable. Maybe if FF Versus XIII looks enough like Kingdom Hearts will I think about buying it sooner.
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Darkiewonder  +   2964d ago
Starting at 399
You never mentioned which model :P

The proper Kingdom Hearts? Crystal Ball Says News and information will be slapped onto one of the KH Handheld. and it's not the Mobile ;)
TwissT  +   2964d ago
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