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Jazy78  +   2958d ago
this article
is retarted
HCS  +   2958d ago
im so tired of hearing about the defective rate
and Xbox 360 is doomed in 2008.

Bring it on, it's not happening. If it does everyone should be very sad, xbox 360 has a gigantic library of solid and amazing titles and will continue too.

Microsoft aint spending $300 million in advertising for nothing and they didn't spend $500 million on acquiring viacom for no reason.

Watch we will see alot of big things coming from microsoft and nintendo next year if they intend to continue dominance, and you know they want to.

and this article is retarded, on a first year basis ps3 has pretty much evened out with 360's headstart given it's a one million more presence in japan and on the heels in europe.

What's sad is the Wii, i have absolutely no incentive to play it.

Im tired of playing Mario, Metroid and Zelda, can they create anything else? At least sony and microsoft try to make new stuff like crackdown, crimson skies, mech assualt, ico, shadow of the colossus.
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Trick Nolte  +   2958d ago
Sony has reached almost 9m in year one with the PS3 IMO its way on target to "catching up". The most amazing thing is they did it without having a line-up thats nowhere nearly remotely promising as their 2008 offerings. I literally went from wondering was the PS3 just an over priced POS and at times laughed and joked about the dismal state that the PS3 was in earlier this year, to feeling like it was THE must have console FOR ME.

It wasnt til HS came along that i begain to take a more serious look at it and then came Uncharted and I begin to really feel like I had to get one because it really felt like I was missing something sweet and so I did and I love it.

Its an amazing console from the psp esque interface to the quality of Blu Ray player, the ability to easily to swap out your standardized hard drive and throw in a 200gig'er if need be, and hey! did I mention that the latest games games like Uncharted and R&C are the best looking and most visually crisp games you can buy on any console. This is no longer subjective btw, its the truth.

Sony has finally pulled its head out of its ass and pulled it together. They have market appeal to every region which is a big plus and after 2 year if they havent surpassed Wii or 360 they are sure to be close on their heels. MS has possibly come close to tapping its market as Halo3 and Mass Effect were its Flagship franchises. Gears 2 will be a strong force to be reckoned with and rightfully so. Gears is one of my all times favorites and it saddened me that it didnt take the Flagship position from Halo because its just a better game IMO.

I'm happy to see that we all have something to look forward to and I'm glad I sat a PS3 beside my Wii and I will be happy when gear gears 2 shows up, I may get the core for that alone if it does'nt go multi-plat.

Sony however has the best looking line up for 08 and for me that includes not only the games everyone are talking about(MGS4, FF13, GT, GOW etc) but also games like Wipeout HD and Hot Shots Golf5.

I'm true to my roots so if theres anyone I'd like to see win this war it would surely be Nintendo. Thats my native era and I wont ever forget what a MAJOR influence the big N has had on the gaming industry. There will NEVER be a gaming Co. with a richer history than that of Nintendo's. Believe!

However, I respect all 3 efforts and wish them all the best but I feel Sony at the point is more than capable of not only catching up with but surpassing the competition. Numbers show that a HUUUUUUGE amount PS2 owners are MIA and MS has indeed captured and converted some but not over 120M of them.
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   2958d ago
sony will do's MS that needs help.let's see.......
let's look at this realistically.

10 million year one.4 million year two.once microsoft no longer had the market to themselves,they have sold 6 million less in it's second year.

let nintendo with NO ONLINE,a GAMECUBE zelda port,less games,no HD or MEDIA playback........PASS THEM IN SYSTEM SALES.

then sony sells ps3s with competition from 360,wii,ps2,psp,ds and a higher price.and is sitting aroung 8 to 9 million.because they announced 6 million back around july.

seriously,what game........what game will stop nintendo from staying in first and sony from catching 360 sales?halo?another halo?the last one didn't do it.never mind it was 640p.having square games but not "THE GAME" FF OR FFVS,means you lose.that's why fanboys cry over it.once sakaguchi didn't do it for 360 with LO and blue dragon,it's back to crying over FF.

the same with MGS4.konami is making 360 games.but not "THE GAME".and fanboys are still spreading FUD to acquire that one.still crying a whole year for it.

"look at our attachment rates."please make mgs4 for screw you kojima.we have splinter cell.........please make mgs4 for 360.............screw you.we didn't want it anyway...........please make it.please......we have 6.5 games per console.........

ps3 fans have spread ZERO fud about 360 games coming to ps3.we don't care one way or the other.we have games to look forward to.and media to keep us occupied inbetween.and most seem to be made by sony's exclusive we care lost planet is coming?no.that bioshock might?nope.we can careless about those games.even if EA gets mass effect made for ps3,we still don't care one way or the other.

sony planned ahead of time just like the build quality of the system.having devs working on exclusive games instead of relying on all third parties to support you will pay off over time for ps3 fans.

mag lev...........we don't care because we bought what we wanted to begin with.without settling for less.......a ps3.................
Skynetone  +   2958d ago
The xbot brand and all it stands for will be crushed in 08
you xbots will come to the dark-side sooner are later, then it will be game over for that piece of crap you call a console
HCS  +   2958d ago
i swear you guys are a bunch of trolls
and wouldnt know a good game if it bit you in the ass, keep waiting.

and you would be worried about bioshock, mass effect and lost planet or you would have never made a big deal out of it.

Metal gear solid and final fantasy arent the system sellers they use to be. It'll probably sell alot but if you think any of these games will make another obsolete and doomed, you got another thing coming.

Original Ip's like mass effect, bioshock, and gears of war are HOT.

Uncharted is NOT, Heavenly Sword is NOT, Lair is NOT, Little Big Planet will NOT be HOT.

and the reason i bought a 360 instead of a ps3, is cuz i didn't want to settle for less.

Gamecrazy offers 12 free rentals a year with a new game machine and a hundred dollars off one with a playstation 2. and i traded in my ps3 for the xbox 360. Ps3 and Wii have like hardly anything to play at all outside Mario(not anything special, Metroid(ugh........) and Zelda(once again ugh.........) on Wii. Don't give me Zack and Wiki, that game is crap. Ps3 has multiplatform ports of call of duty 4(superb), skate(superb), the darkness(decent) and assasins creed(i enjoy it). I am not impressed by the first party titles like Uncharted(actually got fooled into renting this even though i dont like the demo), heavenly sword(what a joke), rachet and clank(ive never liked these games). Lair(OMG the travesty), F1(Bah...... Forza Motorsport 2).

Their's no reason to own a ps3 if you have a 360.

However if i only had a ps3, i would feel like im missing out.(Dead rising, call of duty 2(i like it better then 4), gears of war(resistance is generic as hell and boring), halo 3(game of the year, multiplayer is undefeatable and single player(halo 3=halflife 2) graphics are not half as bad as some of you would say) just cuz we hear it's 640p, can you really tell? it looks freaking amazing on a HDTV(sky actually moves, trees sway, leaves sway, water ripples, dust and explosions look fantastic(eat your heart out dude raider). Also the fact remedy's next game is an exclusive outside the pc.(ALAN WAKE)

Max payne 1 and 2 are two of the single most enjoyable games ever made.

Splinter Cell sells just as good and is well known as Metal Gear Solid.

Besides Ninja Gaiden 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 are being touted as excellence in game design not system sellers like halo and mario, we will see.
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Perkel  +   2958d ago
Go buy yourself PS3 and 1st play it then review games. Second: There is a difrence between A ps3 user and x360 user. People who own Ps3 don't want to play Halo, Mass Efect, Bioshock etc. (I personaly want to play Mass Efect because i'm big fan of Bioware but Bioshock Halo mean nothin to me (yes I played them alredy) titles are good but no super perfect as people want to see them, and one more title Blue Dragon and lost oddysey i realy want to see them)

X360 = FPS and lots of POPOCORN games ;) (no offence)
PS3 = More friendly to JPN/EU user with jrpg's and nice exclusives like GT or MGS wchich sell in milions (GT in Europe is worshiped :D). Half of people who have a PS2, buy it for GT or MGS or GOW or FF
The Killer  +   2958d ago
u r bakemono
u like to waste more money huuh?
with 360 u will spend more than ps3 in every way, HD, online, wireless,wifi etc!
WilliamRLBaker  +   2958d ago
What is the first thing sonyfanboys do once reading the article?
instead of disagreeing or proving it wrong they atk the 360....oh but the 360 this, oh but the 360 that, oh but the 360 this and

Which is the common trend when sonyfanboys cannot prove something wrong, like a hormonal 15 year old boy they get angry and attack without logic.

Thursday  +   2958d ago
Your comment puzzles me, since I've actually read how this thread started out. Where exactly do the "sonyfanboys" attack the Xbox 360?
EasilyTheBest  +   2958d ago
So its Waiting again then.
So what IF Sony does out sell the 360 in 2008. As far as I can tell the 360 has already won.
Sony was suppose to outsell 360 3 fold from day 1.
Hey guys, THEY DIDN'T!
Who's to say things will be any different in 2008. If Microsoft gets a much cheaper price I think they stand up well too what Sony has to offer.
Whats all this about MGS too, I just don't get it. Yes it'll sell a few but I really don't see it as a huge system seller. I rent DVDs and Console games and my customers are uninterested in MGS some haven't even heard of it in fact. Its this sight, the hardcore gamers, casual majority gamers is where it counts.
And 2009, well thats when the new Microsoft console comes out, again, way before the next Playstation.
As I have said, No one in 2005 - 2006 expected Microsoft to be where they are now.
Xbox is the BEST  +   2958d ago
I was like 9 I use to be fanboy of Nintendo. Been gaming since I was 4 on Atari 2600. 20 when the PS#2 came out ( outgrew fanboysim ) Most of these Sony fanboys are still young kids. Xbox is the best gaming system out deal with it
Perkel  +   2958d ago
Don't think that game below 9 is worse. Games are too overhyped this days and this make an influence on reviev like Halo where games got marks for graphic like 10/10 and graphic is a bullcrap in comparition with Gears of War :/

// N4g has a crapy reply system i posted upper text in reply to 7 but it's posted here :/
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Xbox is the BEST  +   2958d ago
9 Smackdown Commandments:
1. Flame unto others as you would have them flame unto you.
2. Thou shalt own the console you are promoting.
3. Thou shalt have an HD set.
4. Readeth the thread before you post.
5. Do not use VG Chartz.
6. Thou shall not post FUD without a link
7. Games below 90% on Metacritic shall not be considered AAA.
8. A hyped game which receives a rating that doesn't meet the hype is considered a flop.
9. Clicking "report" is like ringing the bell in G.I. Jane.

Hey folks... let's take a step back here.

There's no need for all this personal attacking, and false claims/judgments... this thread isn't about any of that, right?

I think it's just tough for extremely pro-Sony/PS3 folk to absorb the fact that the 360's a better gaming machine, when it comes to game features, innovation, graphics, and online community... not to mention, it's selling a boat load more than PS3... and selling more games than both the Wii and PS3 combined.

Tough pill to swallow for any strong PS3 fan... but those are the facts, whether they like it or not.
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Zhuk  +   2958d ago
fandroids cant accept facts because it goes against what they want to be true, the fandroids cant stand to hear the truth, so they would rather silence intelligent individuals such as ourselves who bring a different viewpoint to the console wars by reporting comments and silencing debate
Thursday  +   2958d ago
I agree, the behavior you describe is fairly annoying. But then again, you yourself do make claims et cetera that can't really be checked or even considered to be factual. You say that you only consider the facts, but earlier you also stated that everyone "knows" that the PS3 will end up last in the current console war, something I do hope you know for a fact isn't really decided yet.

Personally, I work with statistics and numbers for a living, so I know how to read them properly, in most cases. Pure numbers aren't usually that interesting, you have to interprete them correctly. For example, people might rave over a product that is "85% fat free", but that means that the product contains 15% fat, which is high.

Asking anyone to interprete statistics is sort of like asking anyone to build a bridge, it's not very realistic, because people simply can't do it. Statisticians handle the statistics, and engineers build bridges. That is why it always seems funny to me when people tro to compare sales figures between a system that has been out for two years and a system that has been out for one.

So, Zhuk, my tip to you is first of all to learn how to read numbers properly, don't exaggerate the ability to predict future events from them and most of all; learn from history. Unless you do that, the "truths" you claim to provide others with aren't really worth much of anything.
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Noodlecup  +   2958d ago
Xbox is the best
PS3 has beaten 360's first year sales and it's rising, what makes you think the 360 has got such a great lead? Your superior online service was offline for hours also, you get what you pay for I guess.

As for the superior machine, are you kidding me? A 33% failure rate does not make the 360 a good machine of any sort, it's people like you who microsoft takes advantage of, you just let them keep d!cking you until you're out of money.
JCITY  +   2958d ago
it's funny
that some people can see when the the 360 hit it's second year year...there were at were sony is at right now..around 8 to 9 million units's pretty crazy when u think gabout it. the 360 should be selling way more than it's selling now. If sony just keep doing what there doing they will do fine. Also when the consoles hit the 200 to 300 mark ..u think people are going to buy a 360 when they just had a ps2? thy first thing in there heads is to buy a playstation.. nuff said!
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2958d ago
the 360 should be selling more.
right now microsoft should be at or near 20 million systems sold.but that didn't happen.and it's been out longer.2 years and barely over 14 million.

and then they got fanboys like HCS that truely believe alan wake is going to blow the masses away.halo didn't.mass effect didn't.forza 2 didn't.bioshock didn't.what makes you think ALAN WAKE is the end all be all?

one final fantasy on psp,increased psp sales so quick that 360 fanboys are still calculating the numbers.first psp was written psp sells like hot cakes like DS.

but somehow alan wake will sell like final fantasy.........GET REAL.

and saying ps3 exclusives are not selling,but exclude the 250+ 360 games that did not sell over a million either is really spinning many games on 360 sold over a million copies?out of how many games on the system?you're not buying enough games 360 fanboys.

those other devs need love too.and free rentals aren't going to help in the long you save money by not buying ps3 games.i save money from not buying the 360 altogether.and i can play the top games on PC that look better over 360 versions.

still can't spin 10 million first year.4 million second year.momentum lost.japan lost.console war it's the year of the crybabies.

"FF means nothing.""mgs means nothing.""wii is a fad."keep spinning.that wii fad put nintendo in much for trying to downplay wii.downplaying ff and mgs will only make you cry longer.

one ff game on ps3 means game over for microsoft.doesn't matter which one.oh wait. ps3 gets "TWO" of them.well look at that.double bogey.

mag lev...........................
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cloud360-7th_account  +   2958d ago
TANOD - 4 Hours ago

Ignore1 - well SONY has done well in 2007 even without the biggies

cloud360-7th_account  +   2958d ago
Close_Second - 3 Hours ago

Ignore20 - What about the GTAIV Effect???

the only reason people bought GA was becuase there friends bought it. not many wil;l buy the next
vhero  +   2958d ago
such a fanboy article like talking about innovation the 360 has NO innovative games not a damn 1! and all MS ideas except the hard drive are copys of stuff Sony already had like HDMI and nex gen players. Now they copying them on montion sensor controls even though they claimed they was garbage stupid articles ah well i'll go back to playing dead rising now chow!
JBaby343  +   2958d ago
All The Above Comments Confirm...
This is very combustible material. Let the Flame-Wars continue.
AngryHippo  +   2958d ago
sony.... well on the right track at the moment to have a great 2008. Sony have improved greatly since the beginning of the year and so i would say just let them keep doing what they are doing, as long as the titles keep coming people will keep buying.....simple as that.
eddispider  +   2958d ago
Xbox is a sure winner.
First of all the ps3 is better with built in wireless adaptor + blueray + free online and internet. Microsoft are cheap bastards putting out a elite without wireless. I think uncharted is to slow. Gow 2 is going to crush the ps3, but i dont like the control. Gta 4 is the game of 08 and i bet its going to be better on the 360.
ScottEFresh  +   2958d ago
The fact that this dude references LAIR in like 4 of his points is a joke. Seems like an xbox fanboy. Sony is doing fine. NEXT!
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2958d ago
Even when someone writes a legit article requesting something all you sony nuts should want. You all cry like red headed step kids that got jack for christmas. Quit whining and demand your waitstation be fixed. Xbox may have or had (65nm) rrod problems but at least it wasn't launched halfassed with a few exclusive and by idiots in marketing. Which puts you fools in third place right under an Xbox 360 teabag session.
shrimpboat  +   2958d ago
3. Exclusives, Exclusives, and Exclusives!
Sony Doesn't need to buy third party exclusive because they own alot of 1st party Studios and already have a ton of exclusives. Microsoft on the other hand has to buy the games out but to be honest with you this is going to bite them in the but in the long run because it is expensive. As soon as one of these games bomb on the 360 the are going to be out of alot of money. The only 3rd party games I think Sony should buy if it came down to it is Final Fantasy games. I would say Metal Gear but this is the Last game and it is definitely coming to the PS3 first, at least and suppose to be exclusive so it doesn't matter.
wiizy  +   2958d ago
sony doesnt hold a prayer.. with the games nintendo has coming...08 is already in the bags... wii should be leading all system by at least 4 million around nov 2008
vloeistof  +   2958d ago
sony is doing just fine without any of its big titles yet
otherZinc  +   2958d ago
The article was correct......
except the Sony doesn't pay for exclusives, they started this crap with the PS1 & Mortal Kombat.
wiizy  +   2958d ago
maybe if sony starts giving away ps3 for free or bring it to 99 dollars the same price as there is no hope. they only pick up sales a month or two after a price drop then its back to being last..... cant wait for nintendo to drop the wii's price
Figboy  +   2958d ago
*WHEN was this article written? last year?
as far as i can tell from looking at the end of this year, and towards next year, Sony has addressed, *IS addressing these concerns.

"1.) Sony please release games that have little-to-no bugs, is playable, and is worth what you are about to fork over for it."

um, Heavenly Sword isn't buggy (ie, no random crashes and freezes, and only minor slowdown, though i've only encountered slowdown once or twice during my playthrough). the article sites Lair (of course, who doesn't when trying to downplay the PS3?), but neglects to mention quality titles like Uncharted, Folklore, Warhawk, Ratchet and Clank, and Virtua Fighter 5. all top notch games, with practically non-existant bugs/glitches, framerate issues, etc.

"2.) No more SKU’s, please?"

well, there are only two official SKUs now, the 40gig and the 80gig. happy now? outside of PS2 compatibility and memory stick readers, both SKUs are identical (ie, they both have wireless networking, hard drives, USB ports, Blu Ray players, Cell processor, etc). if PS2 compatibility is such an issue, get a PS2, or keep the one you already have. i don't see the problem here.

"3.) Exclusives, Exclusives, and Exclusives!"

Resistance: Fall of Man - exclusive
Motorstorm - exclusive
Virtua Fighter 5 - timed exclusive - 3rd party
Ninja Gaiden Sigma - exclusive - 3rd party
Warhawk - exclusive
Heavenly Sword - exclusive
Folklore - exclusive
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - exclusive
Gran Turismo Prologue - exclusive (and out in Japan already)
Unreal Tournament 3 - timed exclusive - 3rd party
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - exclusive

and that's all *THIS YEAR

next year

Infamous - exclusive
Haze - 3rd party exclusive
Little Big Planet - exclusive
Killzone 2 - exclusive
White Knight Story - 3rd party exclusive
Metal Gear Solid 4 - 3rd party exclusive
LA Noire - 3rd party exclusive
Final Fantasy XIII - 3rd party exclusive
Heavy Rain - 3rd party exclusive

i fail to see this guys point concerning lack of exclusives. there are plenty, with plenty more yet to be announced by Sony and it's first, second, and 3rd party studios.

"4.) Help developers develop games for the PS3"

earlier this year, Sony released the Playstation Edge development tools to all first, second, and 3rd party developers. not only that, but companies like Naughty Dog (of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune fame), and Insomniac (of Resistance and Ratchet and Clank fame), have been making their knowledge and technologies available to all interested parties (Insomniac even has documents for download highlighting their techniques). not only that, but most games this generation run on the Unreal Engine 3 (ie, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears of War, and numerous others). for those that don't know, a little game called Unreal Tournament 3, made by the folks that not only *CREATED Gears of War, but the Unreal Engine 3, has been released on the Playstation 3, and is proving that any kinks concerning Unreal Engine 3 on the PS3 have been ironed out (at least by developers who know what the hell they're doing). these strides will ease PS3 development for those who are using Unreal Engine 3.

"5.) Advertising is key"

i guess this guy hasn't been watching television lately, because the PS3 "Universe" ads have not only been highlighting all the numerous features of the PS3 for the uninformed, but they have been going over rather well with the populace, as evidenced by the continued growth in sales for the console. not to mention the ads are running *CONSTANTLY.

"6.) Innovation in games"

Eye of Judgement, Little Big Planet, Echocrome, Eye Toy games, Patapon, flOw, and more have shown that Sony's head are in innovation as well as casual and hardcore gaming. oh yeah, have you heard about that rather innovative new Eye Toy game, where the camera *ANALYZES your 2D drawings, then turns it into a controllable character on the screen that you can manipulate with the SIXAXIS? i'm guessing the writer of this article *HASN'T.

"7.) Release Home!"

can't argue with that, but it's *COMING. i'd much rather have a *FUNCTIONAL network service than a buggy mess (and a lot of the Home Beta users have been saying that kinks and features still need to be worked out and added). Home will most certainly be ready in 2008, but when, i don't know. when it *DOES hit, however, it will be functional and full-featured.

"8.) Fix-up and polish the PlayStation Network!"

this is almost an extension of the Home issue, as most of the PSN will be tied into that service.

as for the Playstation Store, yes, and overhaul would be nice, and i'd also love to see it done like the Cross Media Bar, but what *IS there for now isn't a complete mess or disaster. i guess you get used to it after a while, because i have no problem, say, clicking on the link labeled "Videos" and, lo and behold, there are videos there to download, separated by category (Game Videos, Theatrical Trailers, and Blu Ray trailers). it's so hard, i know, but i manage.

i've also seen the artwork done by fans concerning the PS Store, and i certainly wouldn't complain if Sony adapted that for the store.

as for the PSN label on the box, well, i don't know exactly how necessary that is. on the Warhawk box, for example, it says "Playstation Network Exclusive" and "Multiplayer Only". it also has a label saying "Requires Free Playstation Network Registration."

there are also notices on the back of the boxes, below the screenshots, declaring HDD space requirements, network requirements (ie, broadband connection), and PSN requirements.

i know it's hard to flip a box over and look at the back of it for necessary information, but, you know, thems the breaks.

in either case, this guys list seems like it was written circa E3 2006, when everybody was sh*tting in Sony's cereal about the PS3.

next year looks to continue what Sony has been doing all this year, and that's cleaning up the PS3's image with price drops, updates that improve functionality (ie, Divx support, Blu Ray 1.1 support, etc), and releasing quality software (ie, Uncharted, Ratchet, and Unreal, etc). this guy needs to keep up with the times, and quit spouting off the same tired arguments we've been hearing all year long. most of them don't apply (with the only exceptions being issues like Home, and some network functionality like XMB access and cross game chat; that stuff will come soon enough).
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prowiew  +   2958d ago
What Sony needs to do, for me at least, is make the psn better. I just hate the psn. Everytime I turn on the xbox the first thing I do is see what my friends are playing and browsing the marketplace. When I turn on the ps3 I never do that. They need to step up the psn. Also, they need a good fps online with matchmaking. If killzone dont have matchmaking, it will suck for me, at least online.
Mars Attacker  +   2958d ago
Here's what Sony really needs to do:

1) Get a time machine and send their chief engineers back in time a few years so they can stop the insanity before it starts.

2) Put a normal CPU in place of the Cell. The Cell is a disaster for everything, but Folding at Home. Developers would get much more from a normal multi-core Intel or AMD chip with much less work.

3) Don't use Blu-Ray. Blu-ray caused the PS3 to be TWICE as expensive and delayed the release a year. Require at least a 40 gig hard disk, so the rare game that won't fit on one disk can have a second DVD to load onto the hard disk. Gamers don't give a damn about Blu-Ray especially when it doubles the cost of the console. Proof: Less than 4% of 360 owners have bought the HD DVD add-on.

4) Use at least twice as much RAM memory and make it dual ported. The current PS3 is not "future proof" because of the kick in the nuts developers take from the tiny memory that isn't dual ported.

5) Get some help creating the development system from a third party who knows what they are doing. Sony is a hardware company. They are in over their heads here. Of course not having the cell and using more memory would automatically make the development system much better and let the PS3 hit the ground running with much better games and way fewer delays.

6) Because of 1-5 on this list, the PS3 would release a year sooner, at half the price, with a better tuned machine, and more/better software from day one. This would prevent MS from jumping out to the huge lead in both system sales and AAA quality games.

Sony has been lucky because of the explosion in the game market and the blind loyalty of fanbois. Compared to just a few years ago, there is actually room for three systems in this market. Otherwise the PS3 would already be dead as fried chicken.
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