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jthamind  +   1433d ago
man, the reviews for this game are all over the place. lol.
TextualBeef  +   1433d ago
So far I've seen only one 7..
jthamind  +   1433d ago
i've seen a 4.5, a 6 or 6.5, a few 8's, and one or two 10's. lol.
TextualBeef  +   1433d ago
Haha well in this case the only one that can determine if the game is good or no is you..
Lucky for us there will be a trial available so we'll try that and see :D
DirtyMike  +   1433d ago
Great Review.... not a bad score either. Within my purchase range. Just hate that its delay on PSN. Trying to build my trophies score.c-mon ubi stop with the delayed stuff Capcom too..

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