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Colwyn  +   1456d ago
i thought this was about killzone devs guerilla games
Ultr  +   1455d ago
same here :P
doctorstrange  +   1455d ago
Bizarre, not one mention of GG or KZ in the entire article.
Perpendicular  +   1454d ago
Nothing in the summary nor the tags implied that the developer Guerrilla Games or their Killzone games (which I unfortunately haven't played) were involved. What made you think that they would be?
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Perpendicular  +   1454d ago
Did you read the article summary first? (just quoting the first paragraph). It sets up what the article is about.
doctorstrange  +   1454d ago
The title...
MizTv  +   1455d ago
ya i was thinkin about that also
NAGNEWS  +   1455d ago
dont get it

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