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tayz  +   1340d ago
i had several nosebleeds when i read this!!!!! it better come very soon!!!
Andreas-Sword  +   1340d ago
This game is coming also to Europe!

Day 1 buy game!
best Anime game!
tayz  +   1340d ago
me too! i hope this sells millions!!
nyobzoo  +   1340d ago
UltimateIdiot911  +   1340d ago
Nice, not really a fan of One Piece or Dynasty Warrior games but the game does look fun.
RandomGamer  +   1340d ago
SWEET!!!!! I love One Piece and Dynasty Warriors so this is pure win for me.
Inception  +   1340d ago
Ow yeah!
can't wait to play as Sanji, Zoro, Ace, and Boa Hancock! ^^
tiffac008  +   1340d ago

Now if they would also bring some Tales games as well (Xillia, Innocence R and Vesperia (Ps3)) :D
ElasticLove  +   1340d ago
*Grins uncontrollably*

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tayz  +   1340d ago
GraveLord  +   1340d ago
OMFG! Pls let this be true!
I would pre-order in an instant!

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